Monday, April 25, 2011

We Could Steal Time. Just for One Day

Me in front of the Sutliff Tavern sign.

Whew! But I'm tired. I think I might finally have worn myself out this weekend.

Friday night The Guy and I made shrimp fajitas and drank some wine and then tried to watch the movie, Dead Man. We got about halfway through before we both started dozing off. It's a good movie...Just a little on the slow side.

The boys hitching up the bikes across from the Harley's.

After going to bed at 10 the night before, I still slept in until after 7. It was a good thing I got so much rest, though. I did a very few things around the house and took Stinky to work before The Guy and I met Bry at the Hamburg Inn. We ate and then headed to The Mill. I'm not sure why went there. A bunch of cyclists met there to start their ride, but we didn't ride with them, because they seemed like they were going to stop at every bar in the world, and we only wanted to stop at a couple of bars.

Bry pointing toward the dangerous bridge.

We rode one hell of a hilly 55 mile bike route around Lake McBride and all the way to the Sutliff Bridge. We did stop at a bar or two and when we got to Sutliff, Bry started playing pool with the locals and we stayed way later than we thought. I was happy because I was able to handle the hills and both The Guy and Bry gave me some great riding tips. We were out so long, that we rode country roads around dusk. It was a little scary watching out for the deer that were bounding around all over the place, but we did get to see a fox too and that was cool.

The bridge - half washed away from the flood a few years ago.

We finally got home around 9, ordered a pizza and ate it while watching an Andy Griffith episode. Yeah. We sure know how to party on a Saturday night, don't we? But I really wouldn't have it any other way.

On Sunday I putzed around a lot and went running. The Guy took my car and got it washed and shop vac'ed the hell out of the inside. I can't believe what a lucky girl I am sometimes.

We went on another ride on Sunday. That one was almost 38 miles. It was lovely. Then The Guy took himself out for a nice dinner and to play pool with Bry, while I had some alone time with Stinky. We went out for breakfast for dinner and then came home and watched the most recent Harry Potter movie.

Needless to say, I am taking the day off from any kind of exercise.


laura b. said...

You two are biking fools! I mean that in a good way :-) Hard to believe that anything could wear you out, but riding almost 100 miles in two days could be the ticket.

rel said...

My legs are aching just contemplating all the miles you biked, and then a run on top. WHEW!

MrManuel said...

93 miles in two days? Hell, I get tired from driving that much! Kudos to you like always!

NoRegrets said...

Needless to say??! You? Taking a day off?? I'm shocked.
A good bike is a great thing. I'm sad my got screwed up in the move....

booda baby said...

Ha.I'd like to 'like' what Mr.Manuel said.