Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Heart is a Bloom. Shoots Up Through the Stony Ground.

The boys riding behind the corn statue.

So, I'm a broken record, but man what a great weekend I just had. Friday night with The Guy was amazing. The Guy was already setting up the internet by the time I got home. I made some halibut breaded in panko and parmesan cheese and then fried, toasted almond rice pilaf, Greek salad and then bought some kalamata olive bread at the Co-op. We drank some wine and then had a wonderful talk.

Bry finding a way into our friend S.'s house.

On Saturday, I ran some errands and then The Guy and I got ready to ride. We met our friend Bry and his friend Timmer and rode our bikes to Riverside, Iowa - the future home of James Tiberius Kirk. It was a beautiful day for a ride and even though we had to ride over a few gravel roads, we had a great ride.

We stopped at a place called Murphy's to eat and drink a beer and then off to our friend, S.'s house to check out the progress he's making in all of his renovations. He was at work, so we went in and amused ourselves.

Here is the guy busting Bry's balls...Or something like that.

Bry decided it would be a great idea if we moved S.'s stuff all around to different places in his house and then we setup dorky photo shots with some of the tools. Thank god we're all stuck in second grade, or we wouldn't be so easily amused.

The Guy riding down an Iowa road.

We rode home and found a great cemetery in a town called Sharon Center. We stopped there and sat on the loveseat swing thingy and enjoyed the perfect weather, before we headed to Kalona and back to Iowa City.

Me all blissed-out on the ride.

We stopped at the Dublin once we were back in town to see S. and show him the pic of Bry throwing a brick through his window. Yeah. We thought he'd appreciate that. Then The Guy and I were exhausted. We rode home and ordered a pizza for us and cheesy bread sticks for Stinky (her fave). We watched Breaking Away finally. Of course, I dozed off a couple of times in the movie. That's how you know I'm tired - if a hot 70's Dennis Quaid couldn't keep me awake, nothing could.

The guy and friends - cat napping.

Sunday was another busy, but wonderful day. We got up and ate French toast before The Guy cleaned the back gutters and I raked the front yard. Stinky blew off her friends to hang out with me, while the guy tried to ride his bike in ridiculously high winds and then he went grocery shopping and ran errands. Of course, Stinky wanted to go to the mall. It wasn't the way I would have chosen to spend a couple of hours on a beautiful day, but I was just happy to spend them with Stinky at all.

Stinky went off with her friends and I came home and ran my 6 mile route. The Guy and I both did a few household chores and then went to The Mill for dinner and a nice walk around town, before I dropped him off to play pool with Bry and I went home to watch Picnic at Hanging Rock.

Now, I'm getting some rest at work, finally. I would gladly give up rest for such a great and busy weekend, though.


Pamela said...

Wow. Sounds wonderful!

rel said...

Although my weekend wasn't as jam-packed as yours, I did do my 6 mile route on Sunday too.
Got loads of raking done and other spring work started: yay beautiful weekends!

laura b. said...

haha! I do enjoy your creative photography. You guys are fun :-)

MrManuel said...

Sounds like it was another awesome weekend. Hell, I get tired just reading about it! No wonder you are in such good shape!

Tara said...

Awesome weekend, for sure! I love those photos.

Also love kalamata olives, and imagine the bread tastes just as good!