Friday, April 22, 2011

We Wanna Wait, But Here We Go Again

The guy riding down the bucolic stretch of road.

Last night was hectic but very nice. Paul Harding is a great reader and very down to earth and funny and self-deprecating for a Pulitzer Prize winning author. I highly recommend seeing him read...And definitely read Tinkers.

Tonight there will be more thunderstorms, but that's okay. I kind of like staying in and eating, having a glass of wine and watching a movie.

Tomorrow we'll meet our friend Bry at the Hamburg Inn for an early lunch before our 50 mile bike ride to the Sutliffe Bridge and back. I have no idea what we'll do Saturday night, but I have a feeling after the ride, it will involve resting.

How about you all/ Do you have a wild ride planned for the weekend?


rel said...

50 mile bike ride! wow, you guys are amazing. 22 did me in.
working tonight and tomorrow.

laura b. said...

You two are lucky you found each other...surely no one else can keep up with you! Have a great weekend...Happy Easter!

Mnmom said...

Love the Hamburg Inn. But all the calories I've eaten there have not been biked off like yours. You are much smarter than me.

SkylersDad said...

I had a great ride today. It rained the whole time, but wasn't a really cold rain, and I rode all over the place checking out homes that were being built. It was fun!

Brando said...

I think it would take a 50-mile ride to burn off a pie shake.

booda baby said...

It JUST dawned on me. I realized I'd plan as much as possible on a weekend, too, if I worked for someone else, in their place. It's gratifying, deeply and truly, to get as much of life in when you have a chance. And it's gratifying to READ about you doing the same. Yay.

Tara said...

We're supposed to have a few days of storms, but I don't mind them either if I can stay in and enjoy the atmosphere.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Grrr. Git some followers, girl. God bless.