Friday, April 29, 2011

40,000 Stars in the Evening

I could give a rat's ass about the royal wedding and I totally poo-poo'ed my co-workers' reception for it in the break room today, but I have to say, I sure didn't mind eating crumpets with cream cheese and homemade violet jelly.

Here is Heidi. Coming for me. Watch out!

This was the post I started on Friday, but never finished. I took a half day off work and got a lot done. I figure I'll just write about it on my lunch break and get back to you.


Tara said...

Apparently I'm not quite awake yet, because when I saw the names on the cake there, I just assumed it was someone from your workplace, and didn't connect it with the new royal couple.

I watched a little bit of the wedding on Friday just to be able to say I watched a bit of it. Also, I was curious about what the wedding dress would look like.

laura b. said...

Even though I wasn't into the royal wedding, I do believe any excuse is a good excuse to have free food at work!

rel said...

There was a wedding?
And I wasn't invited?