Friday, April 08, 2011

The lean and hungry Type

Bracing myself for the weekend.

Well, kids. It's the weekend again...And this one I'm starting with my tax return in my account. Hurray! It's one hell of a good way to start the weekend. We don't have internet at home yet, because we were all busy last night and no one had time to install it. I'm sure we'll get it up and running sometime this weekend.

The plan tonight is to go home and chill. I may or may not run, but I'll definitely make some halibut breaded in panko and parmesan cheese, with rice pilaf, veggies bread and salad. I'm hoping some wine will be consumed and then a movie watched. (according to my sentence structure it will all be very passively done)

Saturday morning we'll run errands and then at noon we're riding our bikes to Riverside, eating at a place called Murphy's and then riding back home. For the first time in a while, we don't have any social obligations on Saturday evening...And that's just fine with me.

I'm not sure what I'll do on Sunday. I have to buy a lawn mower at Sears, for sure, but everything else is pretty weather dependent. If the rain holds off, I'm assuming I'll run and ride.

How about you, blogging buddies? Will you be running, riding or getting refunds?


rel said...

Rake leaves.\Plant spinach.
suck up sun.
Drink wine; less than last weekend.

Tara said...

This weekend will be the end of my week-long vacation.

My mom and I are going to try to re-create a cookie that was taken off the grocery shelves years ago. Have you ever heard of the Piccadilly Jellies? They were sooo good.

laura b. said...

I haven't gotten a refund in years, bah! Tomorrow morning I am taking Handsome Lad to run in a 5K Fun Run, but the rest of the weekend is wide open!

Hope your weekend is great, Churlita!