Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spitting in a Wishing Well

Here is a messed up bike in a rack I saw on my way to work one day.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, I was grouchy and I don't know why. I may have been sleep deprived or I might have had a little Spring fever, but whatever it was, it made me all spaced-out and irritable. I wasn't the only one. I walked into the bathroom and one of my co-workers was hiding in there by the sinks. I asked her how she was, and she said. "Churlita, I don't know, but I think I hate the whole fucking world right now. And obviously, it's bad enough for me to drop the f-bomb at work." I told her, that to me, there was no better place to drop the f-bomb than at work. It's almost always justified.

I got crankier as the day progressed yesterday too. In that frame of mind, I decided to put my futon back together. I'm sure I've said this a million times, but I'm not very mechanically inclined. I actually did okay with that part, but I could really have used another pair of hands because it was not only heavy but cumbersome. Next time, I'll be smart enough to wait until I can get my neighbor, who is always very good about helping me with mechanical fixes or heavy lifting projects, to assist me. I actually did kick it and swear at it at one point, and yes, it did make me feel much better, thank you.

Tonight though, things started turning around. I ran for a long time after work, and then later in the evening, I did a wonderful thing for myself. I took in about an hour's worth of Jackass. I'm telling you, it's the perfect antidote for grouchiness. If watching sixty minutes of grown men farting, crashing into shit, and kicking each other in the balls doesn't perk you up and restore your faith in the world, I don't know what else will.


Sarah said...

oh my god I had the same week you did, without the running. Tuesday was the worst. I woke up late and f-ed up at work and eventually got so pissed and everwhelmed with the bad day stuff that I screamed, "Aaah! I want to kill everyone!" really loud with my roommate in the room when Lois tore up half a box of dryer sheets and I was trying to take a shower and the doorbell rang.

I am still tired, but maybe it will get better for me tomorrow if your week is getting better. Maybe it's some bullshit midwest weather thing?

Or we're on the same cycle.

xoxo Happy Friday...!

Remiman said...

Now that I know what it takes to make you smile......
This week I've farted (hey I'm a man you know.)

Fell off my bike trying to climb a steep hill. Only injured my pride. Heh heh...No one saw me that i saw. ;-))
Have an awsome weekend girl!

Mr Atrocity said...

I find that "Pimp My Ride" is the perfect antidote to any malaise. I just need to hear an Xzibit "hurgh hurgh hurgh" laugh and all is right with the world.

Hope your weekend is delightful.

dmarks said...

I remember seeing junked bikes like that in the bike racks at college. The other bikes would come and go, but the banana-wheeled junkers would stay, slowly losing all removable screws, bolts, and other parts.

Evil-E said...

The middle of the work week is always the crabbiest time of the week.

Interesting ways of making yourself feel better...kick the crap out of a futon and watching a bunch of guys kick the crap out of themselves and each other. If it works...

mist1 said...

I have a crush on Steve-O. I'm pretty sure that he does all that stuff to impress me.

Margaret said...

i'm glad the world is looking up!

booda baby said...

So, I scrolled down to yesterday's post and saw that/thought that you jumped on the gas station dingie-thingies and - naturally - didn't get that you were still a little one. I thought you were a big one, between futon reconstruction and work. Coooool! thought I. They still HAVE those! Easily as good as Jackass.

But I guess not.

In the absence of gas station dingie thingies, I've taken to getting big thrills by making myself get on those TVs that capture people waiting in bank lines and coming into Cantwells. It always makes me happy to pretend I'm on tv. Consider it a recommendation.

egan said...

I like it when people fart and kick each other in the family jewels.

I don't think you and I are on the same cycle.

Churlita said...


I'm sorry things sucked for you this week. I hope it goes better this weekend. At least you had a real reason, I think I was just cranky for nothing.


Thanks. you always know what to say.

Mr Atrocity,

And Pimp MY Ride has cool cars on it...Eventually, anyway.


I think it would be awesome to have an old 70's bike with a banana seat on it.


You should try it sometime. You might be surprised how well it does work.


You and my daughter both. Should I be worried for her? You can both have him, as long as I get Johnny Knoxville.


Thanks. it is. I'm feeling really good about things in general today.
Will I now get hit by a bus for saying that?

Booda Baby,

That's a great idea. There are cameras everywhere. I could walk around in banks and certain parking lots pretending that I'm on a reality TV show.


I'm pretty sure I crashed my cycle into something, so probably not.

Brando said...

What makes Jackass so special is the new ways they find to crash into shot and hit themselves in the balls. I can't remember if I was watching the show of one of the movies, but they had a whole segment just on giving Johnny Knoxville paper cuts between his fingers and toes. It was hypnotic.

Rachel said...

Have you seen that YouTube video where the guy pimps his grocery cart? It was fantastic.
Jackass is funny but gross too.
I prefer watching Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe on Discovery channel to get me out of my bad moods.

egan said...

Call me a jackass if you want, but I don't get the appeal in Jackass.

egan said...

Oh, that kind of "cycle". My bad.

Mike Rowe is so hot.

fringes said...

Grouchiness wards away evil.

Churlita said...


The mixture of Johnny Knoxville and creativity is hypnotic.


I haven't seen that. I'll have to troll for it.

I get why people don't get into Jackass. I just got stuck at 12 years old, so it appeals to me. A woman I work with is really into Dirty Jobs.


I know. A lot of people say that. It's because you are mature enough not to find kicking guys in the nuts entertaining. Plus, you're a heterosexual male, and don't recognize how appealing Johnny Knoxville can be. (in that scary white trash way he has)


I must have cleaned all the evil from my house on Wednesday night, then.