Friday, March 02, 2007

Stranded in Iowa

Here are some snow covered hay bales that I happen to think look like frosted mini-wheats.

It's Friday and I'm only capable of a random drive-by.

1. I used to always think that periwinkle was my favorite color, but lately I've been partial to sea foam green or sage. What do you think that says about me?

2. I went to Stinky's band concert last Friday. (she plays the trumpet) It was weird that they played the theme from Star Wars just like I did in junior high band - except they mixed theirs with the "The Raider's March" and we paired ours with the "Cantina Theme".

3. Coadster has her last show choir performance tomorrow. It's my very last chance to see her with big, poofy hair, wearing sequins and flashing jazz hands this year. It's making me a little teary-eyed.

4. "I just want to be able to go outside wearing a tank top, sandals and a cute skirt. Wah, wah, wah," I whined as I pulled on my big man boots for my walk to work in the snow and wind on the second day of March. "Iowa, you suck today."

5. On a happier note... I got an e-mail from BK this morning saying that he thinks he fixed my computer and I can pick it up anytime now. Hurray!


Rachel said...

Those DO look like frosted miniwheats. It made me laugh out loud.
YAY for the puter being fixed.

Lynnster said...

You can come down here... it's about 60 degrees and sunny out today. Please don't hit me. ;)

One of my neighbors a couple of hours to the north tells me they're predicting flurries in West TN tomorrow, but I don't believe it.

Mr Atrocity said...

1. Your eyes have become over-sensitive to saturated colour?

2. Ahh, you can't beat the classics. I played the cornet as a kid and the brass band I was in did "Star Wars", though I don't remember us mixing it up with anything else. Hmph, I feel cheated now.

3. It's more than a body can bear.

4. It's been monsoon season in London this week so I feel your pain with the boring weather.

5. Huzzah! The human scarifice worked after all then? Super.

Not-faint-hearted said...

mmmm frosted mini wheats...

We've got us a marshmallow world up here. Over knee high to me before the shoveling. And the dog thinks she MUST be out swimming in it while the boys shovel.

um, yeah, I should go out and help...heh.

David in DC said...

Those are a new item from Ralston Purina for King Kong, Mothra and Rodan, silly.

They're Frosted Maxi-Wheats.

Bice said...

Hooray for fixed computers! I'm dancing around with jazz hands over here! (Which makes it very hard to type this comment BTW)

egan said...

I sure hope your computer is back in normal operation soon.

Frosted Mini Wheats were just okay for me. I had to make it my own. I mean they were just alright for me. (end American Idol speak)

Brando said...

The IC has been way to icy this week. I think Dick Cheney must have been raised in a wintery environment because I'm ornery enough to shoot an old man in the face right now.

Great news on your computer. And love that photo.

Churlita said...


I know, right? Double yea!


Shut-up. No, I'm happy you guys are nice and warm and you didn't get hit by any tornadoes.

Mr Atrocity,

There really is nothing like a good human sacrifice to take care of all your computer woes. Just don't start digging around in my backyard.


I've seen pictures from my friends who live in Minnesota. it looks much like marshmallow world.

David in DC,

I think Mothra needs his own cereal. He needs more energy to fight Godzilla.


I would love to see your jazz hands dance.


Thanks. you are so American Idol right now.


Have you considered shooting Dick Cheney in the face? it's all about karman, man.

Churlita said...

Yeah. Karma. I meant to say, karma.

fringes said...

Thanks, BK!

dmarks said...

In Bavaria, they cover those with white plastic.

So yes, the landscape is dotted with marshmallows fit for Godzilla.

booda baby said...

WoW! You've got the perfect life this weekend! The computer fix is the best but, please - a beautiful excuse to wear big man boots, puffy hair and sequins and miniwheats. Is your head nearly exploding?

Mine would be.

Remiman said...

Frosted miniwheats. You are something girl! That is perfect.
1. I think it says you like sea foam green.
2. I played the trumpet in band. Never played the raiders march though.
3. We want to see poofy hair and sequins.
4.take a pic of your self in tank top, sandles and cute skirt standing in the Iowa snow.
5. Hip Hip Hurray
Churlita can blog from home today!

Margaret said...

what big cow piles those maxi-wheats could make!

big thanks to BK!!!

Churlita said...


I think we need a national holiday to give thanks to BK.


And doesn't Godzilla deserve marshmallows just like everybody else?

Booda Baby,

Oh, my head exploded a long, long time ago.


I am blogging from home today, but there's no way in hell I'm going outside in a skirt and tank top when it's 14 degrees outside.


Shudder to think.