Thursday, March 08, 2007

Swinging Down the Street So Fancy Free

Here's my weekend wish for you: May all the snow finally melt off of your patio furniture in the next two days.

Oh kids, the weekend's here and not a minute too soon. I could really use some extra time to waste. It's weird to think that both spring break and daylight savings time start this weekend. It still seems like February outside.

I really like it right now on Thursday night, before it all starts. I have tons of plans and fantasies about what I'll do with my weekend, and nothing to prove to me yet, that I might just putz around and not do anything all that amazing, after all. I have always been a big fan of potential.

I get off work at 2 tomorrow to see Stinky perform in her school talent show. Getting off early on a Friday is one of life's greatest gifts. After the show, Coadster and I are going around to see about renting a space to hold her fifteenth birthday party. I know, I said, no more teenage birthday parties ever, already. But what I meant to say was, no more poorly planned, held at my house, teenage birthday parties ever. Coadster will have her golden birthday this year. On the Mexican side of her family, a lot of her cousins have quincenearas for their fifteenth birthdays, but even if I had enough money for all of that, I think it's a little too ostentacious for my blood. Coadster is happy with our no frills birthday party - even if we don't have enough money to hire a DJ. I'm sure I'll do a great job. So, do the kids still listen to Motorhead these days?

On Saturday I am faced with the beautiful cunundrum of either contacting some friends to see if they want to catch a movie and/or get a beer after, or just staying home and reading the awesome book I just started. The book is, White Teeth by Zadie Smith. Of course, I'm only about forty pages in, and I know Illiterati had some problems with it, but, like this weekend, it feels so promising now. I'll let you all know later, whether me and my new book totally lamed-out, or if we both, surprisingly reached our full potential.


Bice said...

My money is on that you'll lame out and stay in with the book. (Maybe that will push her to get out of the house this weekend)

Les Quinn said...

Swinging that a line from "hey there georgie girl" ?

Mr Atrocity said...

Motörhead at a fifteenth birthday party? Well as long as you stay clear of playing "Jailbait" you'll be fine I reckon. Ahem.

Remiman said...

It sounds like a snuggle in for a cozy weekend!
There is nothing like a teenageer birthday party to keep you young. Maybe younger than you really want to be. ;-)
Have a great weekend girl.

Carol said...

Hope you have a great weekend...and hey for some cool ideas on birthdays you can stop by my blog on Birthday Celebrations and check out all that i've posted there!!!

Margaret said...

can't wait to hear the book review... and the details of the teenager party

Q said...

Just a heads up I think the kids are listening to 'Slipknot' these days, you might want to put some of that in heavy rotation. I have never actually heard any of their music but they are all over the Yo MTV2.
If you need any advice on what music to play just let me know I am an expert on todays pop music scene NSYNC, IMX, Cantankerous McGee I know them all...

Dexter said...

That last ccomment was a bit surreal.

Anyways, I would recommend sticking with the Zadie Smith until the end. I have started her latest "On Beauty"...enjoying it and it is a little more breezier (academic/family/romantic comedy) than White Teeth, I still enjoyed the latter.

Brando said...

Nothing says happy 15th like, "We Are the Road Crew."

Enjoy your weekend, no matter what you do. My philosophy is to never apologize for doing nothing.

Not-faint-hearted said...

Here's back at ya on the weekend wish for the patio furniture! The melt has begun up nort' here, but I think it will take at least a week of 40+ to make a dent in it. I'd love to be wrong.

What ever you end up doing, find time for YOU and not just for everyone else. Enjoy and re-charge.

Churlita said...


Thanks for the reverse psychology.

Les Quinn,

You got it.

Mr Atrocity,

Hee, hee. I don't think the other parents would appreciate that song so much.


It will either keep me young or age me ten years.


I hate comment Spam.


The party won't be until May, but I'm sure I'll tell you all about it.


Thanks. Slipknot is from Iowa, so maybe they'll stop by. Just kidding. We've been talking about karaoke too, so maybe they'll pick out their own tunes.


I think Illiterati's problem with White Teeth was that she thought it was pretty predictable. I really like the writing so far and the fact that it takes place in London in 1975, so maybe I can get over the predicatbility factor.


See, that's why I like Motorhead for her party music.

I totally agree. I love to do nothing. I'm just thinking it's about that time of year to start doing something...Eventually.

fringes said...

I could have sworn I commented on this post the day you published it. Where is my brain?

Churlita said...


It could be the differences between Blogger and Word Press. Sometimes, Word Press blogs won't let me comment on them. I do love your comments, though.

Killer said...

White Teeth is a very good book. I have read all of Zadie Smith's books, and have liked them all. She has a unique style.

Churlita said...


I really like her writing so far. She read here last Fall, but I had the girls and couldn't attend. I heard that she was great.