Sunday, March 04, 2007

You Got to Lose to Know How to Win

Here is a picture to prove to you that they really did perform an Aerosmith song for show choir. I'm sure that a bunch of Iowa high school kids wearing, matching outfits and flashing overly dramatic, jazz hands was exactly what Steven Tyler envisioned while he was writing it.

It might take me a while to get back into the groove of blogging again. I've been resting on lame-ass computer updates as blog posts for so long, I've forgotten what I used to write about before that. It's certainly not like I ever really do squat on any given day. With as much as I write on here, I keep arriving at the same conclusion - man, I talk a lot of shit for someone who doesn't ever do anything.

This weekend in particular, I had two whole days off, and my house is still a mess, I didn't take care of my recycling, get the oil changed in my car or even do my big grocery shopping for the week. What exactly did I do? Who the hell knows. On Friday I made a ton of Mexican food. It's kind of labor intensive, but I made more than enough for BK and me and the girls for the next week.

On Saturday, we did a lot of show choir preparation. Every time I deal with all the hair and make-up for Coadster, I remember why I'm not high maintenance - normally, I just couldn't be bothered. As you can see from her expression in the next photo, Coadster feels the same way.

I ran by BK's place and dropped off food and beer and grabbed my computer right before Coadster's show. The performance was a tad long, running at about two hours, but Coadster handled her solo just fine.

I slept almost twelve hours straight on Saturday night. I'm usually lucky if I get six or seven hours on any given night, but I woke up with a migraine, which explains it. It's also the excuse I'm using for not getting anything done today. Oh, and what the hell, I'll blame this tedious blog post on it too. Is there anything anyone else needs an excuse for? Did you forget to turn your library books back on time? Please feel free to blame it on my migraine. I'm really generous like that.

This Tuesday, Coadster has a mathletes competition in Des Moines. Because I'm going to win the mother of the year award this year, the first thing I said, after she told me she was going was, "You big nerd." And because she's inherited the gene pool she has, she laughed and responded,

"I know, right?"

I'm not quite sure how all the attitude and flare she learned in show choir is going to work for her in a mathletes competition?/program?/event?/sparkle spectacle? What the hell do you call it?


Remiman said...

I just love your quick and witty mind!

Not-faint-hearted said...

I find migraines to be an excuse to get out of just about anything. Sorry to hear you get them.

booda baby said...

When a nerd with attitude and flare gets any stage at all, we call it Opportunity. I don't know why we call it this, but we do. That's apparently what blogs exist for, to share shit like that.

fringes said...

You'll get back into the blogging swing of things soon enough.

Hey, are you guest blogging with me this week?

dmarks said...

That scarf looks a little like a "Doctor Who".

egan said...

You're very spunky.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I love these pictures, you can totally see her personality that goes with your blogging about her...seems like a cool kid!!! Can get a good feeling of your relationship with her and that is awesome. I hope I do with mine and continue to.

Margaret said...

yay, your back with the regular, random, funny post!

love the picture of the not-high-maintainence coadster

Churlita said...


Thank you. There are many who are not so appreciative.


I'm sorry too, but I know a good excuse when I see it.

Booda Baby,

I thought that was the whole reason to have a blog - for nerds with attitude and flair to have a stage.


I'm not sure I'll have time to write an extra post right now. I'll have to see how things go with these needy children I have. Can I get back to you on it?


You're right. And now I like it even better.


I am, and I love that about me.


It gets tricky after 13, but we have more good days than bad.


Thanks. Her attitude is definitely showing there. It's how you know she's mine.

David in DC said...

I think its EXACTLY what Steven Tyler had in mind. Remember, he was doing a lot of experimentation with mind altering drugs and alcohol at the time.

By the way, did I mention I'm going to Atlantic City from Wed-Sun this week. I don't know what made me think of that. Oh yeah, I remember: "doing a lot of experimentation with mind altering drugs and alcohol"

Churlita said...

Have fun in Atlantic City. I bet that's good spectacle, there.