Sunday, March 11, 2007

Where Everything Was as Fresh as the Bright Blue Sky

This was my alley a little bit earlier. Now, almost all the snow has melted. Bring on Spring.

Remember how on Friday I said we could check and see if I ended up being lame or not this weekend? Well, it's time to add it all up. Are you ready?

1. On Friday I went to Stinky's talent show. I know, I already talked about the scary kids and the hormones, but I forgot to tell you the best part. Two girls did a tap dance routine to Guns and Roses', "Sweet Child O' Mine". How rich is that?

2. After the show, Coadster, Stinky and I went to the rec center to rent a space for Coadster's birthday party. We were able to get the Social Hall there for the 5th of May. There's a $100 deposit on it, so all the girls' talk of a cake fight was quickly squashed. Hey, anyone want to volunteer to be a bouncer? How fast are you reflexes when you see a 15 year old with a handful of cake?

3. When I put up the post on Friday, I had forgotten what happens when we hit a certain temperature - I get all kinds of energy and I don't even want to hibernate. That temperature must be about 50 degrees, because I was rarin' to go this weekend. I got my recycling done on Saturday along with a few other cleaning projects that I kindly won't go into on this here blog. If you've been having trouble sleeping lately, I'd be happy to e-mail you a detailed list of everything I cleaned, and it will be so mind numbingly boring, that it'll put you right out.

4. On Saturday night, I decided to go see a movie after all. I asked Coadster if she wanted to watch something, and she suggested that we see Zodiac. Stinky was going to see Ghost Rider with some friends, but they got confused about the time and missed their show and played hide-and-seek at Target while they waited for me and Coady to get out of our movie. I liked the movie a lot, but then again, I'm addicted to Cold Case Files, so I don't know if any normal person would find the length and the material a bit tedious.

5. I had originally planned to go home and read White Teeth, after the movie, but the whole snafu with the movie time, and the idea of Ale' and her friends playing hide-and-seek at Target, while Coadster and I were in the theater, made my head hurt. So, after I drove all the kids home for close to an hour, I wrote a very quick blog post and went to bed.

6. I lengthened my running route from four miles to six this weekend. I was tired for the last mile both days, but I didn't stop, even after a bird shit on my head on Sunday.

7. Running around town with bird shit in my hair, made me engage in deep philosophical thought. One of the things I wondered was, what happened to all that talk about the Avian Flu? Is it not a threat anymore, or did it just get overshadowed by other more important issues like Anna Nicole's death, Britney's melt-down and subsequent shaved head, and the diaper wearing astronaut?

8. Here are the things I didn't get done: Get my oil changed, read my book, wash my car and determine the paternity of Anna Nicole's daughter.

So, was I lame or was I not? I like to think that I was only a little bit lame.


mist1 said...

Oh yeah, washing my car...I forgot. Maybe it will rain. Maybe it will rain on the inside.

Remiman said...

My vote is for "not lame". Sounds like you had an awsome weekend. Two long runs and bird shit on your head makes it good by themselves. 50 degree days...whahoo! A movie, a
concert/talent show, and tons of cleaning. Cripes girl you need a day off. ;-)

Bice said...

Sounds like a lame-free weekend to me.

It was so nice in Des Moines Sunday that we grilled out for the first time this year.

Not-faint-hearted said...

Not lame. At least that's my vote ;-)

Margaret said...

i think a bird shitting on your head might mean good luck

broinlaw said... it fair to assume that bird knows you?


broinlaw said...

You are right to be wondering why most of your friends didn't die this winter from the Pandemic Avian Flu.
As someone who has spent many hours (and countless government dollars) hyping the doomsday /perpetuating the conspiracy, I must say I'm a little disappointed at the lack of bodies piled up curbside.
(We even had a planning meeting to discuss resources for dealing with up to 40% mortality rates.)

The real reason you haven't heard much about it lately, other than the fact that it didn't happen,
is the federal grants that paid for people like me to do all the hyping ran out February 1st.

On a related note, have you recieved your very recently updated "What To Do When The Lights Go Out" handbook from the power company yet?


Brando said...

That sounds like a splendid weekend, although the Guns n Roses tapdancing should have been the climax.

NotCarrie said...

I am NOT ready for spring. I wish things were still frozen:)

dmarks said...

Broinlaw: any idea how we can stop Captain Trips?

Churlita said...


I would love for it to rain inside my car too and wash all the scum off the seats.


Thank you. I do need a day off from my two days off.


We did too. What did you guys grill? We had cheese filled brats and they were very, very good.

Not FAint Hearted,

Thank you for your support.


I've heard that too, but it didn't feel very lucky.

Bro In Law,

What are you trying to say?

Did you really do all of that for the avian flu? Wow. Talk about creating hysteria. I didn't get a new handbook from the power company, yet. Of all people, I should be the first on their list.


You're right. It would have been awesome to come home after grocery shopping on Sunday evening and have two 13 year old girls wearing matching camouflage outfits, tap dancing in my kitchen and lip synching, "Where do we go? Where do we go now?"

Not Carrie,

Why? Whyyyyyyyyyy?


This could be an interesting conversation between you two.

Les Quinn said...

Agh welcome to the jungle...can't see any monkeys...they must be hiding....cheeky monkeys!

Brando said...

Or better yet, tapping to Mr. Brownstone.

Bice said...

Dogs & burgers. Missy likes to do steaks and such on the grill but I'm all about the dogs & burgers. Simple man. Simple pleasures.

Churlita said...

Les Quinn and Brando,

Either would have been way more maniacal, and therefore, better.


Mmmmm. Hamburgers on the grill. There's nothing better, unless you put cheese on them.