Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Across a Crowded Floor, They Worked From 8 Till 4

Hey, look what I saw when I walked out of my house first thing this morning. I know it's a crappy picture, but I take a long time to wake up and I see things all blurry and over-exposed like this until about ten o'clock. The weird thing about these guys, is that I've lived here for four years, and I've never seen flowers grow on this side of the house before. I think they might have bloomed this year because the tornado took all the trees away from the East, and now the sun gets in there in the morning.

I know I've been writing about the office a lot this week, but I honestly don't have much of a life outside of it right now, so it's what I got.

The guy who sits behind me at work, reminded me that it's almost the one year anniversary of the tornado. He told me he thought the people in my neighborhood should all get together and throw a huge party and play Twister, watch The Wizard of Oz, and serve all the cocktails with a twist. After I told him to get the hell out of my cubicle and leave me alone, he pretended to hock a loogie into my gigantic ceramic mug full of tea. I acted like I was going to wipe snot on him and he finally ran away to his own cubicle, where he thought up creative ways to flip me off for the next hour.

I retaliated by singing, "His name was John. He was a loser..." to the tune of "Copacabana". (try getting that song out of you head) I also read aloud a fake e-mail to his wife, telling her that he drank tomato juice and ate oranges for lunch. (he has really bad acid reflux)

Did I mention that all our supervisors were gone for two hours at a meeting today?


evil-e said...

Looks like office life is the same in Iowa and Cleveland....

Nothing wrong about writing about work, we spend what seems like 90% of our lives there, why not. I do it all the time. Matter of fact, I am headed there soon.

mist1 said...

Sometimes, I wish that I still worked with real live people.

dmarks said...

This web site truly is the hottest spot north of Havana. Speaking of such invasive songs, you probably don't even want to go anywhere near my blog right now!

Not-faint-hearted said...

Show off! I suppose I could go take a picture of the teeny tiny tips of the day lillies that are coming up on the west side of my house...

Co-worker sounds like "my inappropriate friend LN" We were (and are) always getting into stuff like that. Makes work tollerable.

Mark my words, you'll be friends long after the job disappears if this keeps up. (YEAH! FRIENDS!)

Churlita said...

Evil E,

I think office life is universal for better or worse.


I'm so jealous. I would love not to have to work with real live people most days.


There is no way to get me to your blog faster, than to offer the promise of invasive songs.

Not Faint Hearted,

I thought I was inspiring hope. You're only 5 hours North, after all.

I hope John and I will always be friends. Who else would I trade Warner Borthers cartoons, Cheech and Chong and Three Stooges lines with? His wife is super cool too.

Rachel said...

I have no flowers. None. No bushes. Nothing but a small tree in my yard. Oh.. and grass. With lots of weeds that I can't seem to get rid of.
I hate yardword. My neighbors love it and their yards are gorgeous. Then mine sits there all forlorn and sad.
I guess I am supposed to care, but I don't.
I used to have fun like that at work. Now half the people that sat in my cube farm area have left. I only have 1 person to talk to. We are talked out at this point.

booda baby said...

Aren't those the BEST office parties? The ones you're not really supposed to have, the ones when you can hardly control the momentum of mouthiness?

I like those.

Remiman said...

Wow oh wow, spring has sprung for you...what a lucky girl you are.
Don't ya just love it when the boss takes a hiatus (doesn't that sound like a dirty word?) so you can have a little fun?
Good to see you smile. ;-)

dmarks said...

I just ran across this blog. I could not ignore it with its hilarious title:

However, I noticed in the profile that she insists it is not a mommy blog, and she says she swears too much. Reminded me of someone else's profile...

Sornie said...

Thank God I don't work with someone as prickish as that but I do live dangerously close to an area that was practically wiped out by a tornado about 10 years ago.

Nice blog too

dmarks said...

First time I went to Iowa, a tornado greeted us. Saw it trash the town.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

we saw crocus' today too! they werent open yet though. maybe tomorrow when it is in the 60s! Hard to believe we got hit with a huge storm last weekend!

Margaret said...

orfice life, haaaa

Churlita said...


I wish I lived by you. I love to do yard work and I would totally come over and make it look all pretty.

Booda Baby,

Momentum of mouthiness is my new favorite phrase.


You mean hiatus isn't a dirty word?


Hmmm, I wonder who that could possibly remind you of?


He isn't a prick, he's just goofy and bored, so he comes over and bugs me.


A tornado is the state greeter here. Did it make you feel welcome?

Stepping Over the Junk,

When they do bloom, I hope you take better pictures of yours than I did of mine.


Thanks. That's how I like to think of my workplace - one big hole.