Saturday, March 17, 2007

All the Young Dudes (Hey You There With the Glasses)

This is a picture of a large, glass building downtown.

I thought I'd do a fun little post where I make sweeping generalizations about indiscriminate men. Since I think this might be something I'll want to do again, I'll call this, "the futon store edition".

1. Guys who work at the futon store are hot.

2. Guys who work at the futon store are surprisingly, not hippies.

3. Guys who work at the futon store are too young for me, and so they're totally safe.

4. Guys who work at the futon store are just rough enough around the edges for me. Being churlish, I don't like my eye candy to be too tidy looking.

5. Guys who work at the futon store tell me they'll fix my frame for free, and therefore, they're perfect.


Jane said...

Damn, somehow I missed out on the futon store when I lived in the IC. And on the big glass building. My, how the skyline has changed! (By becoming a skyline, specifically)

Ondine said...

Is that the futon store downtown? If so, you're right, he is hot. And married. With children. Unfortunately.

a said...

If it didn't say Iowa City Fitness - I'd say nope not Iowa City - very urban.
Ya on the futon

booda baby said...

WHERE the hell did my Comment of Yesterday go?! I hate that.

Oh. But Back to Iowa, packed with hot guys. Per capita, I think Decorah rocks and I wish you'd make a weekend of it there.

Yesterday, I had to say that your plans for the girls are so great! You can always use us as a resting place for a way out west trip. Still. Giving them the conceptual tools to live big and great on their own HAS to be way better than giving them stuff.

Churlita said...


I know. That big glass building really changes the way the downtown looks.


Yeah, downtown. There are several guys who work there, so far, they've all been hot and I haven't even see the owner guy who I think you're talking about. I'm just window shopping, so whether they're all married or not, it's a look but don't touch situation no matter what.


It does look more urban with that building. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Booda Baby,

Maybe we'll have to check Decorah out this Summer.

Wow. It would be fun to show the girls Santa Barbara and I would love to meet you in the real world. Maybe we'll extend our proposed trip a little further South.

Not-faint-hearted said...

Fix it for free=hot

Churlita said...

Not Faint Hearted,

Exactly. How much hotter can a guy get, than if he promises to help you for free?

Lynnster said...

I love sweeping generalizations!

dmarks said...

Any of the futon guys ever offer to assist you with "two-human horizontal active-motion load capacity testing" of the futon at your house, after the sale and delivery, just to make sure that you are completely satisfied.... ahem... with the purchase?

bice said...

Hot AND economical, a winning combo!

Churlita said...


Me too.


That would have been nice, but they were too young. I'll have to look for someone at least over 30 to make sure I'm completely satisfied with the purchase.


I think that might be my new saying.

dmarks said...

But they will "fix your frame" for you!

Slick said...

Count me out...I don't even know what in the hell a futon store is

Churlita said...


That's what they tell me. You make it sound so dirty.


It's a store that sells, and apparently fixes futons.

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