Saturday, July 05, 2008

I Know You've Been Eager to Fly Now

Hey, kids. This will be a mostly photo post of my 4th of July. It was an action packed adventure, after my hangover finally left me. I went out to the Radillac Farm where the girls and I used to live for a while and watched some bands.

I missed seeing FMDM's band play, but I made up for it by flipping him a bunch of shit when I got there. As you can see from this photo where he's walking away from me and I think flipping me the bird, he may not have thought it was a fair trade off.

Anyway, the farm had all those things you generally associate with the 4th. There were cute kids playing with gigantic beach calls.

There were lots of big dogs getting tons of attention from all the humans.

And there was also someone getting hooks pierced through his chest.

So, he could be strung up by them just like in those Native American sun rituals. I have to say, it was pretty tough to watch. I'd have to snap a photo, and then look away, and then snap a photo and then look away. I don't really get why anyone would feel the need to do this, but I guess that's why they call this a free country, huh?

After I got back from the farm, Stinky and I were just hanging out, eating dinner and watching stupid TV before we went to watch the fireworks, when I went out to my car to grab something. I walked outside to the sight of 15 cop cars blocking off our street for about a block each way. There were also two bike cops and an undercover police car, plus two more in the alley behind our house. We live in about the safest, most residential neighborhood you can think of, so I was very surprised. I went out to ask one of the cops if I should be worried and lock my door, but he said they just caught the guy. Apparently, some total asshole was all raged out and threatening to shoot people. Awesome.

You wouldn't think we'd need anymore spectacle or excitement in our day, but we went to watch the fireworks anyway. Hey, it was the Fourth of July. What else were we going to do?


Poptart said...

Wow - sounds like a fun day! Is there a chance the would-be shooter was the other guy, just realizing he'd stuck hooks in his chest? That was some kind of party. Also, did I miss the glossary? What's that acronym (the guy in the pic) for?

Remiman said...

You're beautiful.
that's all I'm gonna say.

Margaret said...

oooo, those chest hooks pain me and i'm not there

Mr Atrocity said...

Fireworks, self-mutilation and an almost siege all in day? Yeesh, that sounds like a lot.

dmarks said...

I would not trust that guy around fireworks.

I finally got my scavenger hunt post up!

evil-e said...

Hey, mine was fun as well...just no photos. I got lazy and did not feel like taking pictures.

Churlita said...


ha ha. I don't think so. The shooter guy shot before the guy put hooks in his chest.

FMDM stands for Former Date Man - the guy I was hanging out with last Summer.


Thanks. But I know you're jsut saying that so you don't have to comment on the hooks guy...


It was pretty unexpected and bizarre, for sure.

Mr Atrocity,

I know. It was a lot to process. See why I never get bored?


I know. I finally got mine up too. I'll check yours out.


I hear you. I didn't bring my camera for the hooks pic, so I had to use my phone. Even I get tired of taking photos sometimes.

laura b. said...

Sounds like you enjoyed one of the more, uh, colorful celebrations around ;-)