Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Can Read the Writing On the Wall

This Saturday Scavenger Hunt word was brought to us by the AlienCG, and he chose letters. An excellent choice to follow-up numbers from last week.

I'm definitely more comfortable with letters than numbers, because using numbers usually means you have to do math and as I've stated on here many times, I think math is bad.

I decided to use some graffiti photos I took. Most of them came from the Deadwood bathroom during my friend E.'s bachelorette party.

Since I love taking pictures of public restrooms and I heart graffiti a whole, whole bunch, I thought it would be the best use of letters that I could think of.

This last one was written on the side of the Sheridan hotel downtown. It cracks me up that people will do anything possible not to use their letters correctly when writing graffiti. As I'm sure you can all tell from reading my blog. I'm by no means a purist in any sense of the word, and I appreciate how purposely creative people can get with their spelling.


Tara said...

Ohhhh, Evil-E's gonna love that graffiti!

Letters are much less painful and challenging than numbers...and math. That's cuz we have artistic temperaments. ;) Yeah, I'm going with that answer.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the letter play, and the random graffiti you're able to find!

Danny said...

I love this blog. It's so real and poignant and I feel like I'm getting to know the characters like in a great novel. I am incapable of writing a blog like that. I try but I always end up writing endless essays about topics ranging from the Armenian Genocide to Charles Nelson Reilly! If I were teaching a class on (good) blogging, I'd point people to yours.

evil-e said...

Tara is so right!!!

Great job on the word "letters". I would have used graffiti but I use it at some other time of the week. Way to continue endearing yourself to me my far away friend. I might have to get to Iowa and start doing a road series for Tuesday Tags.

You have inspired a post out of me for later tonight, by the way. I am picking up on the "for those about to rock" thing.

AlienCG said...

Another interesting take on this word. It almost looks like an Evil Tuesday post.

Churlita said...

Thanks to everyone. I always appreciate the nice things you say.

Graffiti is always fun, and there seems to be tons of it everywhere...Especially in public bathrooms.

laura b. said...

I love your letter shots! And I agree, math is bad...exzacily.