Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sometimes I Don't Speak Too Bright, But Yet I Know What I'm Talking About

Man, this weekend went fast. It was amazing and fun as usual and I feel like I was actually able to achieve that balance between, spending a lot of great time with my daughters and having fun with grown-ups...Oh, and of course the weather was perfect so I ran every day too.

On Friday night, another friend's band was playing at the new club in town called Industry (for those Iowa City ex-pats, it used to be The Q bar, or if you were here even longer ago, The Copper Dollar). It was a great live music venue. Plus, my friend P. was in town from Seattle and my friend C. was in town from Fort Madison. It was a great night.

Coadster went to the Quad Cities for a DJ'ing gig and Stinky was offered a babysitting job from my friend K.'s boyfriend, A. Stinky had just been saying how I should let my friends know that she would love to watch their kids, so this was perfect.

When the show was over, we came home to this. How Awwww inspiring is that sight? It was such a sweet contrast to all that noise.

During the day on Saturday, both Stinky and I went running on our own and met back home. We got ready and saw a girl movie. Since Coadster was still gone, we got some alone time and I used it to tell Stinky how amazing I thought she was and how lucky I felt that she was my daughter. I know I've told you I do that to people I love and why it's so important for me to express how much I love them. The upside of it, is that my girls can both take a compliment graciously. I still need to work on that myself, but it doesn't make my girls the least bit uncomfortable. So, if nothing else, I've done that right.

Okay. After I dropped Stinky off at her end of the school year party at the rec center, I met my friends at my friend Eggo's house. As you've probably already guessed from the above photo, my girl crush was in town. Yea!

After the deck party, we went down to the Dublin where we discovered it was the eve of my friend H.'s birthday. H. is one of my favorite people and we even got her to stay for one more drink with us.

Even though my girl crush tried to prevent them from leaving and make them stay and dance with us, both H. and her boyfriend eventually had to make their way home.

So, we were left to have our dance party without them. As you can see, we were total little troopers, and soldiered on.

On Sunday Stinky went to hang out with with her friends, so I got to have most of the day with Coadster. We got ice cream coffee drinks and walked around North Linn St area and she told me all about her weekend and her DJ'ing gig. I love it that she'll still make time for me. Especially since I know she'll be gone in two years.


Mr Atrocity said...

That sounds like a pretty much perfect weekend. Good work.

evil-e said...

You had an eventful weekend as well. It is good to balance the family stuff and the loud stuff.

My weekend went by really fast as well...too much to do.

fringes said...

I like Girl Crush's green top thingie. I could never pull that off.

Tara said...

I've had babysitting gigs in the past, and there's nothing more content than having the kids fall asleep after a long day of play. Good times. That's a great photo. Stinky must've done a great job!

Poptart said...

I like girl crush's top too, and I also could never pull it off. I guess that's why she's your girl crush. Plus, I am sad that C is so grown up. What is this DJ thing?

Minyo said...

What a great weekend! I agree with you that it's important for girls to be able to accept compliments. That's something I've had to learn to do too.

laura b. said...

You always have the funnest pictures and weekend stories.

It is nice that your girls can take a compliment gracefully. That is a rare skill.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

whew! thank goodness the dance party carried on.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

That top picture of your girl-crush makes me want to run out this very second and have my stylist cut me some bangs. Kee-Ute!

nihilistic optimist said...

What was the bar that was above the Copper Dollar? I saw a couple bands there back in the late 80's.

Where you in IC for Stiff Legged Sheep? I remember them playing at Amelia's.

MrManuel said...

Another weekend of fun! Awesome!

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

Thanks. It was.


I know. doesn't it always seem like there's too much to do?


I know. She looks good in everything. I couldn't pull off half of it.


yeah. Stinky is really good with kids. She loves it too.


Her uncle Alex has a DJing business and he's been training her in it. It's pretty lucrative too.


I know. I'd love to be more gracious about everything. I guess I'll just have to keep working at it.


Exactly. I'm really good at taking insults. I can flip that shit right back with the best of them. But compliments? I suck at that.


I know. CAn you imagine if we went a weekend without a dance party? We'd all just shrivel up and die.


I know. I had bangs when I was younger and I sooo couldn't rock them. But she sure does, doesn't she?


I can't remember the name of it.

I saw the Sheep many times. I used to work at Amelia's (or the deli is what all the cool kids called it). The Sheep can still really rock. They did a great job at the punk rock reunion in March.

Mr Manuel,

I know. it was awesome.

Trevor Jackson said...

Hey, if Stinky's looking to expand her babysitting client roster, I know a certain 16-month old fiery eagle who's always up for meeting new girls. He's a dreee-eeeeaammm.

Churlita said...


Let me know. I'm sure she'd love to watch the Fire Eagle. Who wouldn't?