Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summertime

This is supposed to say "best friends". Apparently, they couldn't get all their feet in the frame.

Kids, I am exhausted. I've gotten so much done the last couple of days and I've been running at least six miles every day, that I'm wearing myself down a little. That's okay. I'll take it. I know better than to look a gift week in the mouth. I've had tons of time to hang out with my girls, I got new tires and my car realigned, I got new running shoes, I got the battery on my phone replaced (for free, I might add) and tomorrow I'm going to try and clean the hell out of my house. Whew. See what I mean?

Stinky and her friends took these funky shots the other day. They also drew all over the driveway in sidewalk chalk. My girls will probably never grow up either. Awesome.

This weekend though? This weekend is mommy's fun time. We were supposed to go to Elkader for canoing and camping for my girl crushes bachelorette party, but I think we all know what a bad idea that would be right now. So, instead, we're going to meet at a friend's house for Summer hijinks. We'll have a kiddie pool and Slip and Slide and Twister and I'm sure, tons of food and drink. We may end up downtown for a bit in the evening, but then we'll go back for a fire and camping in our friend's backyard. Seriously, how much fun will all that be? Tons. I know.

Here is Stinky in mid-cartwheel.

Now. All you all's job is to help me with the iPod playlist. What are your favorite dance songs/ Summer fun songs. I'm looking for happy, cheesy, faster songs that we can dance around like total idiots to. Got it? Please feel free to be as shameless as possible. You know I always am.


dmarks said...

summer song: "Going Up the Country". I forget the band, but it sounds like Kermit, doesn't it?

Remiman said...

" first you put your two feet close up tight.............."
Followed by the beer barrel polka.
Just kidding.
Have a great time.

evil-e said...

I am going the less popular road...

Rockaway Beach by the Ramones (Or just about any other Ramones songs)

Rock This Town - Stray Cats

TV Party - Black Flag

Time Bomb - Rancid

Jammin' - Bob Marley

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

sounds like you are on a marathon of funtimes.. Anything by the beach boys that is fast...or the chicken

Mr Atrocity said...

OK here are few of my summer favourites:

"Start Me Up" - The Rolling Stones
"Dancing in the Streets" - Martha Reeves
Anything by Southern Culture on the Skids
"Crazy Crazy Crazy Nights" - Kiss
"I Feel Love" - Donna Summer

and of course there has to be one by...

"Dance The Night Away" - Van Halen

matt said...

XTC's album "Skylarking"

Any Beach Boys greatest hits album.

Black Sabbath "War Pigs"

Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" album for the evening.

Tara said...

"Let's Get it Started" by The Black Eyed Peas

"Under the Boardwalk" always reminds me of summer, but not sure if it's a big dance tune.

That's an awesome mid-air jump the first photo there!

Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like it's gonna be one fun thing after another!

booda baby said...

I'm obliged to warn you of the dangers of Slip and Slide. Or maybe I had one too many cocktails when I gave it a shot out at a barn party and spent the next three months hanging at the chiropractor's. Oh yeah, it looks all wet and innocent, but ... those things hardly ever are.
Have fun.

girl crush said...

probably, saturday will be the most fun ever. i'm thinking "cold beverages" by g love and the special sauce will fit the theme nicely.

p.s. reading your blog is the highlight of my unemployed day! it's as important to my day as when i lay out in the sun and read anne of green gables. that's pretty awesome, too.

NoRegrets said...

I really like the mid cartwheel photo! Partly because it looks like she has a stumpy arm. And also the muscle in her leg is great.

.j.william. said...

"goin up the country" is canned heat, and a good song. A summer song definitely, maybe harder to dance to.

As for dancey? here are my suggestions. I'm feeling sorta 70s/80s pop today.

"I just can't get enough" - depeche mode
pretty much any prince song
"rebel rebel" - david bowie
"just like heaven" - the cure
old michael jackson
motown songs just scream summer (except without the screaming)

Poptart said...

I love the pictures in this post.

Man, I had a whole list of cheesy dance songs for you and then my computer battery died.

I'll think of the rest, but for now there is:

Adam Ant - Goody 2 Shoes
Bow Wow Wow - Wild in the Country and I want Candy
New Order - Blue Monday
Tom Tom Club - - Genius of Love
Salt and Pepa - Push it
MWOH - Safety Dance
MJ - Don't Stop til you get enough
Anything by the Go-Gos, the Bangles, and the B-52s (girl power!)

Have so much fun!!!

girl crush said...

duh! how could i forget our anthem? pussy control by prince if you please!

laura b. said...

Love the action shots!!!

Cheesy, dancey goodness:

Everybody Have Fun Tonight - Wang Chung
Waterloo - ABBA
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

.j.william. said...

can I second the safety dance? I'm gonna have to find that on youtube

Dexter said...

Wave of Mutilation (U.K Surf Mix)-Pixies

Cruel Summer - Bananarama

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Just as I was wracking my brain, onto my ipod popped "Take on Me" by a-ha

Perfect cheesy dancing, and ya gotta sing along in a falsetto

Tera said...

You run 6 miles per day! That made me short of breath just to read that!

Without a doubt..."Summertime" by Will Smith.

Minyo said...

I love the photos. The feet should be framed.

Shiny Happy People - REM
The Finer Things - Steve Winwood
Who Knew - Pink

One more...not a dance song, but a cool song, none the less... Don't Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin or Bob Marley help get over those post flood feelings.

minijonb said...

R.E.M. has some great songs that fit this bill. "Stand," "Pop Song 89" and "It's The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Fine" are just three examples. Enjoy!