Sunday, June 08, 2008

What's That? Who's Driving? Where We Goin'? Who Knows?

Okay, kids. All this vacation time is exhausting me. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome, but it's action packed and busy and I never get on the computer because my girls are always on or I'm not at home, or whatever. I'm trying really hard to get to all your blogs, and I'll continue to try again tomorrow, but that's my lame excuse.

I was also picked to choose next weeks Saturday Scavenger Hunt word. I thought about it, and then forgot about it, and then remembered again and now I think I'll choose the word season. It's another one of those words that you can take a few different ways, so have at it.

I'm going to do a quick, lame weekend update post and then crash. So, here goes:

Friday night was Arts Fest downtown. Stinky went to a sleepover, and Coadster babysat for some people that I only know through my blog. Well, they know my blogging ex-neighbors, so I knew they weren't serial killers, but I'd never met them in the real world. Weird, this whole blogging thing. Coadster declared their boy, the happiest sweetest child she had ever met. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, with the girls busy elsewhere, I mosied downtown and caught a bit of Sam Bush's performance. If you like bluegrass at all, you would love him. If not, it's a good thing you weren't there. I also went down to the Dublin for my friend Libby's birthday shenanigans, and it was all very fun.

On Saturday, Coadster and I drove down to Ottumwa for my niece and nephew's combined birthday party. Strangely enough, both Coadster and I forgot our cameras, so we were not able to document all the stuff we would like to have documented. Damn!

After I got back into town, I ran my four mile route, because it was too hot and humid to go much further and headed downtown for those wonderful mojitos I talked about yesterday. Mmmmm.

On Saturday night CJ Chenier and his band (they play zydeco music) played for Arts Fest, and after the show, some of his band came down to the Dublin Underground for a drink. The washboard player was still wearing his apparatus/instrument, and my favorite bartender S. asked him if it was his night to do the laundry. See? That right there is exactly why S. is my favorite bartender.

At this point, I need to sleep. Hopefully, I'll come back tomorrow, well rested and not half as lame.


Remiman said...

When there is no time to blog, you know you've had a great weekend.

evil-e said...

You are never lame...sounds like a great weekend. You had the arts, the mixed bag of tunes, and the usual haunts...sounds not lame at all.

Meeting bloggers is kind of weird at first. It was like that when I met Tara the first time. I think the Alien knew her from his trade school already.

evil-e said...

Oh, PS..good word. I will list it now.

dmarks said...

"The washboard player was still wearing his apparatus/instrument"

All it takes is for one passerby to rasp it with a spoon, and soon everyone is doing it.

Evil-E: I've only met one of you guys (meaning my blogger friends), so far. At this rate, that will be the only one.

Mr Atrocity said...

Sounds like a mixture of music and mojitos is just what the relaxation doctor ordered.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Ah, Zydeco. The fact that you can write about a washboard player puts the biggest grin on my face.

I sure miss dancing at the Twist-and-Shout

fringes said...

I love that even at the combined birthday party, the kids had separate cakes. Great idea.

Tara said...

Oo, great word! I'll get right on that!

Art festivals can be so much fun.

NoRegrets said...

Ha, it's so funny. You chose season, and I could have sworn we already had that word, but it's only because it's the other half of the phrase I used to illustrate the reason word. Jesus is the reason for the season... Thought I'd share, since it might make you think of snow.

Susan said...

Is that a Jasmine cake??! I totally know what my cake will look like this year...when I turn 27.

I used to play the spoons at the bar I worked at while the owner played the washboard. It was fun until too many customers started playing the cowbells.

booda baby said...

I'm really glad to read that you're unimpeded (I don't even know what that means, but it seems to have something to do with feetsies) by all the rain.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Busy doding stuff isn't a lame excuse for not blogging.. its the summer practically so you can go out and have a great time..See ya when we see ya...

laura b. said...

Your summer is off to a great start. More mojitos por favor!

stepping over the junk said...

ha. i sometimes need a vacation from my vacation

AlienCG said...

I have heard CJ Chenier and like his stuff. It sounds like you had a busy weekend and really need some sleep. I did find out that I will be in your relative neighborhood next week (Cedar Rapids).

MrManuel said...

Another weekend, another great time!!!

Churlita said...




I've had pretty good luck meeting bloggers in the real world.


I know. I'm surprised no one came up to him and tried to play the washboard.

Mr Atrocity.,

It was a nice combination.


I love Zydeco too. It's so happy.


I can't imagine my sister could have gotten away with making them share either a pirate cake or a Dora one. There would be some issues for sure.


I agree. I didn't get to spend as much time checking it out since I was out of town most of the day.


Thanks. I have almost recovered from my snow phobia after this Winter...Almost.


it was Dora. The kids all seem to be crazy about her.

Booda Baby,

They've closed down several streets, but I just have to drive further to get to certain things.


I still feel bad when I can't check out everyone's blogs the way I want.


That's exactly what I was thinking.


I would kind of like one mellow evening to myself, that's for sure.


That is close. Be careful of the flooding. If it keeps raining like this, it could be a problem.

Mr Manuel,

Yup. It's great.