Friday, June 13, 2008

The Tide is High

Okay, kids. I promised you flood pics and now I'm going to deliver. Like I said, we aren't as soggy as Cedar Rapids. Most of our flooding (at least for now) is contained to right by the river. They are predicting that the water could reach the Pentacrest by next week sometime.

Here are some National Guard guys talking to the kids who just found out their dance camp was canceled. They were showing them what their C-rats looked like.

Here are some more guardsmen. I haven't been this close to that much camo since the tornado. I still have total respect for the work they do during natural disasters.

The finally gave up on securing the student union and moved the sandbagging efforts over to the University Services Building and the brand new Communications building. I know that lots of people spent most of the day moving books out of the library and into the Old Capital too.

Here is the student union. See why they gave up?

Here's a big ol' pile of sandbags not doing any good and an unnecessary sign letting everyone know that whatever sidewalk used to be there is now closed.

Here's a family taking their kids to witness all the water by the laser center.

Danforth Chapel next to all the sandbags that probably won't save it.

If you look to the back of the photo, you can see the old Art Building about halfway engulfed in water.

Okay, that's what I got so far. The only good thing that's come from the flood, is that they closed the University down for a week and that means I get a week off with pay.


jeci said...

Oh, wow. I hope everything turns out okay. Seeing beautiful old buildings and trees threatened by natural disasters always makes me a little sad. Enjoy(?) your week off, I guess?

NoRegrets said...

Oh, I feel so sad for that chapel...
I talked with a colleague at the university today, and unfortunately she has to work from home rather than have the week off....

Minyo said...

SAD! When you say water would reach the pentacrest, do you mean all the way up the hill by the Old Capitol?

Moving the books out of the a task.

Keep taking pictures where you can...your pictures are of good landmarks and shows the vastness of the flooding.

I also heard about the Sutliffe bridge tonight. That was such a cool place!

Susan said...

Thank goodness they pointed out the sidewalk was closed. People probably would have been using it hardcore right now.

Remiman said...

It seems that life is never dull in IC.

Mr Atrocity said...

I remember when I was at art college and the river in the town flooded, it flooded most of my street though our sandbags saved us and they didn't close the college - we just had a 50 minute walk to circumnavigate the floods rather than our usual 10 minute walk up by the river.

evil-e said...

Again, I hope nothing bad comes of all this and you and yours come out with everything in tact.

laura b. said...

Wow, those are amazing shots. Mother Nature can be a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow. that brings back memories of sandbagging when I was in college in the early 90s when the Mississippi flooded (and everything else) in Illinois/St Louis area. I hope it subsides!

Joyce V said...

holy crap. i hope you and yours stay high and dry.

we've been watching it on the tubes and it looks really bad.

Kinda like Katrina and way worse then '93.

Good thing that global warming thing is a bunch of made up Al Gore stuff or we'd really be in trouble.

LA said...

Poor Danforth Chapel. :(
I can't remember if it got slammed this bad in '93 or not.
To the Pentacrest??? Holy shizz.
What a week to have off! Ugg.
Poor IC.

AlienCG said...

I hope I'm able to get up to New Hampton on Monday. I do hope that the waters recede soon and you are all able to get back to normal.

Poptart said...

I'm so sad to see that!!! But glad you are documenting - thanks!

The campus will be totally different if they have to ake everything flood proof and/or rebuild away fro the river.

Have a great week off though! Do you have big plans?!

dmarks said...

I am a day late again, but I do have my post in my blog for your Saturday Scavenger Hunt - Season. word.

Stay dry and safe.

MrManuel said...

I saw pictures in our paper of houses floating down a river. Scary!

.j.william. said...

I never understood why the word "sandbagging" meant dragging behind and not doing your work. Seems like crazy hard work to me.