Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I Am Something That You'll Never Understand

I am sick. Just sick I tell ya, of all this rain. it makes me go right back into hibernation mode and now I'm tired, tired, tired as well. So, in order to combat my rain induced crankiness, I'm posting photos of flowering trees and daisies. Believe me, if I had some pics of rainbows and unicorns, I'd post them too.

Can you tell I wasn't able to run today after work? Yeah, I could use every one of those endorphins right now. Actually, I'm doing just fine for the most part. I just really wanted to go running tonight. But here's what I have to look forward to this month: I'm giving myself a four day weekend starting on Friday. I'm not sure what all I'll be doing, but I'm seriously thinking about writing a list so I don't forget to do important things like buy a season pool pass, pay bills and get my oil changed, in addition to lying around reading comic books. The girls' last day of school is Thursday, so we'll see if they want to hang out with me at all any of those days.

Then next weekend is my friend Rory (Ruadhri, if you really want me to spell it correctly) and his lovely E.'s wedding. I'm excited for the people watching part. There should be tons of folks coming into town for it. I'll know some of them, but others I've just heard stories about and I can't wait to put a face with the deliciously ridiculous behavior. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll take tons of photos.

The weekend after the wedding, is my girl crush's bachelorette canoeing party. Camping, canoeing, beer drinking and some of the bawdiest dames you'll ever meet? It should be the best time ever.

Okay, all this talk of fun and adventure is really lifting my spirits. Here's hoping for sunny days where I'm able to run every day after work in the future...And if you happen to spy a unicorn or rainbow, point it out to me and I'd be happy to photograph it and post it right here on this blog.


Mr Atrocity said...

Sounds like a great plan. I don't think it's unicorn season yet though. If you get one now you have to put it back otherwise the authorities will get nasty.

evil-e said...

You got some weekends laid out there...

Back when I was running, I used to enjoy running in the rain, but I guess trying to run in a monsoon in a bit different.

I have been finding this spring hard to stay awake during as well.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

wow you have your work cut out for ya.. Canoeing and drinking and weddings.. always tons of drinking there too.. have a blast.. and lots of pictures....

Tara said...

Those photos life my spirits! I love the daisies and that last one with the tree blossoms!

I'm excited for your four day weekend, it sounds like you'll be busy and having fun.

fringes said...

Life jackets for everybody!!

Best wishes to your girl crush. May she forever rock the green bandeau top even after three kids.

laura b. said...

You've got lots of fun stuff coming up. That plus flower pictures would cheer anyone up! I am amazed school is ending already. We are all ready for summer vacation over here.

booda baby said...

I don't know if those photos helped you, but they definitely were great for me. Sure, it's nice to have things blooming all year long, but where's the thrill of the first appearance?

And a canoeing parteeee! Wait. I was going to get all envious until I remembered that it would NOW take about a month to recover. Eek.

stepping over the junk said...

I cant run today either and already feeling it. Ugh. Rain. I can take one day of it but we are getting more on Friday. Love the photo of the daisies!

NoRegrets said...

I got lost in the first flower photo and then didn't make it back to comment. Stop sending the rain over here, will ya?

My latest indulgence is reading three Nora Roberts books in a row. what trash. what wonderful trash.

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

How many unicorns are we allowed to hunt anyway?


In some rain, is okay, but when theres thunder and lightning I feel like a running duck.


Yeah. the drinking is the hardest for me. I've never been able to build up a tolerance. I have to be so careful.


I'm definitely a flower girl. They always make me happy.


I have a feeling she always will.


My girls are going crazy. THey had to tack almost an extra week on for snow days. ugh.

Booda Baby,

From what I hear, there will be a lot more floating than canoeing. It's the drinking I'll have to recover from.


I know. This is the 3rd day of rain, and we're supposed to get more the rest of the week.


We all have our secret or not so secret trash. personally, I like almost all trash.

Poptart said...

Yea for 4-day weekends! I might do that too - good idea. But I don't have a canoing bachelorette party to look forward to - now that sounds fun! And I love weddings, too. Plus, aren't you coming to Chicago sometime?

Tera said...

I hate the rain...it truly depresses me as if I'm not already depressed enough!

What a beautiful tree in the last photo!!!

P.S. That's funny my blog wouldn't let me comment yesterday, because for some reason, I couldn't even view yours at work for the past couple of days!

Liz said...

Sometimes I'm cheered up by other people's misery. Tomorrow I have to GET UP at 4:30 AM.

You're welcome.

Minyo said...

I hear you about the tired thing. Man, this weather has to calm down sometime. It seems like our weather radio is just as annoying in the night as a baby crying.

You do have some fun stuff to look forward to though. Will you still go canoeing if it's raining?