Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You Show Us Everything You've Got

Here are some chives.

Today was my first day back to work after a week, and it was a little rough. I'm trying to get back into the old sleep schedule, but my body just naturally wants to go to sleep around one in the morning and wake up closer to nine. Sometimes you just can't fight city hall.

Last night I finally got to sleep and then received a text from someone at 2:30 a.m. letting me know of George Carlin's passing. I don't remember hearing the text noise from my phone, I just recall going to my phone to turn off my alarm and realizing it was a text and then accidentally calling the texter back instead of opening the text and then quickly hanging up. I almost felt bad, but then I was wide awake and the guy who sent me the text used to go out with me, so he knows I use my phone as an alarm clock and therefore don't turn it off when I go to bed and I figured we were close to being even on the annoyance scale.

I finally got to sleep, and woke up when my alarm went off for real in the morning with a nasty migraine. I don't wake up well, and so I'm one of those horrible people who hits the snooze about a zillion times before I finally haul my ass out of bed. Instead of going back to sleep between snoozes, I decided to try to relax my migraine away. I did that thing where you lie still and go from your head to your toe and tell yourself to relax each body part on the way down. The crazy thing about it, is that it worked. I got up and my migraine was gone and didn't come back the rest of the day. Even though it should have, because work was crazy. We had over a week's worth of mail to open and process and phone calls up the wazoo.

Most of the people were sympathetic to our plight, but there were a few who my friend J. always calls the "precious people", who apparently don't understand what an inconvenience a natural disaster can be. The worst part of the day, was that my favorite co-worker John wasn't there to be ridiculous and make me laugh. Normally, when I'm having a bad day, he'll come by my desk and do dorky little dances or he'll stop over with some work and when I ask him what he has for me, he'll reply by saying, "herpes" and it's never not funny.

I hope he shows up tomorrow, because I'm going to be super tired staying up this late and I'm going to need someone at work who is at least as inappropriate as I am.


Mr Atrocity said...

Even without natural disasters I seem to have an overabundance of work to do at the moment. Maybe it's time we all had another week off?

Remiman said...

As a hypnotist, I've used that progressive relaxation technique to some great results. Glad it worked for you.
Hope your wazoo gets a bit of a break by week's end,

evil-e said...

...."you keep on dancing and the room gets hot" (I saw KISS lyrics--sorry)

I was wondering how much of an unnatural disaster you would have to deal with once you got back. I am sure the general population was extremely sympathetic and sensitive to the situation. (right) They always seem to think that the work gnomes come by and do stuff when people are not there. Good luck digging out.

AlienCG said...

I've always wondered, where exactly is the wazoo? Glad to hear that the relaxation technique really works, I will have to try it myself. Now, get some sleep.

Tara said...

A comedian (Birbiglia) described himself as a lame cow in the road when trying to wake up. He's not a morning person and describes his inner sleep guy as "Sleepy Carl".

We have a receptionist at work who is so funny. I would love to stand up at the reception area all day just so we could chat, but that stupid phone keeps ringing and work must go on.

Susan said...

I'm sitting at my desk, head propped up on an empty water bottle. People keep asking if I'm ok--I keep telling them I'm just very comfortable this way.

Minyo said...

Congrats on kicking the migraine out of your head. I'm a night owl too and totally understand the snooze thing.

NoRegrets said...

You know, relaxatino can do wonders for migranes. Twice when I was taking yoga classes I went with a mild migrane and it went away by the end of class.

Hope your class clown came back. :-)

booda baby said...

Yah, that's why someone you used to go out with is someone you USED to go out with.

Yes, I'm having one of those 'if it were me' reactions. I really hate people calling at times when they're not supposed to. It took me FOREVER to educate my pals - just because I went to clubs and pubs and parties did not mean I wanted my private space to operate by the same rules. Shit. Years later, I'm still pissed off at how stupid they could be. NO I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU AT 4 IN THE FRICKING MORNING.

Poptart said...

The George Carlin news is super sad but worth the text in the middle of the night? I think someone was missing you.

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

Hear hear. How do we make that happen?


It's weird but kind of great how well it works.


I wish there were work gnomes. If you see some, send them my way.


You should try it. It can be hit and miss though.


That's hilarious. I think I could be described the same way.


Are you feeling any better yet?


I knew we were kindred.


He came back in full force, thank god.

Booda Baby,

I know. I try not to call anyone before 10 in the morning or after 10 in the evening, unless I know they're up and playing.


I think it was more that someone was drunk and just got home from the bars and didn't remember that most people have to work on MOnday morning.

Anonymous said...

I'm just as bad if not more, and it drives my bf nuts because I'll have four separate alarms in the morning to get my ass out of bed. He's one of those special people that wake up either before their alarm goes off or the second their alarm goes off. I don't have such capabilities.

Everyone needs a John at work. It makes everything...just good. :)

laura b. said...

It is sooo hard getting back into work mode. I bet by now you're all there though, right? Right? Churlita?