Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ice Age Heat Wave, Can't Complain

Here is a picture of my reflection in the windows on the backside of Halsey Gym.

So, this will be another one of those quickie posts. I think my natural disaster hangover is finally lifting. I slept way to much the last two days, but I'm going to try to change that starting tomorrow. I am finally old enough to realize that being in denial about negative emotions I have will only come back ten fold and bite me in the ass later. So now I try and let myself feel that shit, until I'm back up and laughing and otherwise acting like a total dork ass. Coadster and I also went to a movie, because as I've said a million times, escapism is one of my favorite coping mechanisms. We saw the M. Knight Shamalamalama movie, The Happening. All I'll say about it, is that the premise was way more interesting than the actual movie.

Tomorrow I have to get up early. I think Coadster and I will try to go down and help load our unused sandbags onto trucks so they can take them to communities down river who are now eating the same shit sandwich we were just served up for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the last couple of weeks. I hope it helps them.

Okay, that's all for now, kiddies. We'll see how sore I get from lifting sandbags and if I'm able to type tomorrow night. Have I admitted to you that I have no upper body strength before?


Remiman said...

Nice reflection! Serendipity can be soooo rewarding.

evil-e said...

That is a great photo...very artsy

The trailers for "the Happening" looked interesting but in the back of my mind I kept thinking "it's that M. Knight has to be a slow and kind of boring movie". I did laugh because the ads tell us that it is his first R-rated movie...ooohhh

Hopefully you can chase that shit sandwich with a mint-Oreo shake and relax finally.

Mr Atrocity said...

Try substituting the word "Shyamalan" for "Mah Nà Mah Nà" in the Muppets song. Hours of fun.

That's a great photo by the way.

fringes said...

What a cute skirt!

Mrs Pouncer said...

Dear Mrs Churlita, I simply had to drop by to say how thrilled I was to read in your personal details that you "don't do crafts". Many a time and oft I have chanced upon a charming blog, become engrossed and then plunged into gloom as I am encouraged to knit a dainty pair of reins for my doggie, with full instructions. It is absolutely unbearable. I send you cordial good wishes from the Thames Valley, Mrs Pouncer

Susan said...

I have zero upper body strength too. I guess I should keep the pool boy around purely so he can pick up heavy things for me...

Poptart said...

shamalamalama... you crack me up!!

Good luck lifting - that could be fun! - way better than a gym.

Anonymous said...

The no upper body strength is a genetic flaw. I have no upper body strength. It drives Tom nuts because I can't lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk most of the time. Have a good rest of the week off. I have to clean out the gross stuff that got wet in the basement of the old house when it flooded last week.


booda baby said...

Can you lift them with your legs? I have none of that upper body stuff, either. Never have. It's a good thing it doesn't take upper body strength to hoist a cocktail.

Brando said...

All I'll say about it, is that the premise was way more interesting than the actual movie.

He should just make trailers and forgo the actual movies.

I hope things get back to some semblance of normal soon. And that it stays dry as a bone for a while.

Tara said...

Considering what you've all been through over there, getting lots of sleep is a good thing. Probably one of the reasons your natural disaster hangover has lifted!

I'm glad you'll be able to share your unused sandbags, and I'm sure the freshly devastated communities will appreciate them too!

laura b. said...

I think sleeping and going to movies sounds like a perfectly legit way to deal.
Enjoy your workout!

minijonb said...

I always vote for escapism. It works great for me.

AlienCG said...

I saw only a small sampling of this disaster and it left me speechless. I saw a lake where there was no lake. I do hope you guys can get back to normal soon.

Churlita said...




Mmmm. Mint oreo shake. My daughter and I went to DQ on Monday and had caramel Moolattes - they were awesome.


Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head. I will quickly go insane(r) now.


Thanks. That one guy I dated this Winter came into town for the wedding and kept calling it my mojito skirt.

Mrs Pouncer,

Thanks for stopping by and being so cordial. It is always appreciated.


yes, and then you get to watch him bend over to pick up said heavy things too. Double bonus.


Exactly. Stinky went to weight lifting instead and we laughed at her.


I'm sorry. That sounds like a really nasty project. Hang in there and then you can go to the zoo on Friday.

Booda Baby,

I can left with my legs, but the little sandbag line is all at chest level and that's a bit awkward for me.


I know, right?

The weather has been wonderful all week so far. Thank god.


I know. I hope they serve them well.

Laura B.,

It has always worked for me.


I heart escapism. It's my favorite thing besides comfort.


I haven't been anywhere near Cedar Rapids. I can only imagine how awful things are there.

Jonathan Joseph said...

Churlita, that's a truly brilliant reply. I'm serious. Kudos.

Jonathan Joseph said...
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