Monday, June 02, 2008

Now Bo Diddly Didn't Stand No Mess

My friend Rory was getting all artsy when taking pics of us on Saturday night. I look a little befuddled there, don't I?

Okay, this one makes me a little dizzy to look at.

My big goal tonight is to go to bed as early as possible. So, we'll see how quick we can make this. I'm sure you'll all appreciate that.

The girls are supposed to go to their dad's on Monday nights, but for the last few months it either hasn't happened, or they had choir concerts or last week, Stinky needed me, so I haven't had the night off. It was all fine, except that tonight when they actually went to their dad's at 8, I really appreciated a few hours to do with whatever I wanted.

My friend J. emailed me this Sunday and said our friend C. might be back up from Fort Madison and wanted to know if K. and I wanted to meet them at the Vine for all-you-can-eat wings. We actually tried to organize this in May. Our friend J. has been so great about hanging out with us and watching the Steelers on Sundays in the Fall and Winter, that I figured we'd try to be cool about watching a St Louis Cardinals game with him in the Spring or Summer. The big problem with that, is that Iowa City is apparently Cubs territory, so the only time you can really go to a bar and watch the Cardinals is when they're playing the Cubs, and it didn't work out last match-up and the next time they meet is during the July 4th holiday.

So, we decided to say screw watching a Cards game and we watched hockey instead...Well, we kept an eye on the game and ended up paying more attention to our friend C. sweating and his legs spazzing because he ordered the hottest wings they had, and they were seriously kicking his ass.

Anyway, it was a nice mellow night. We all drank soda instead of beer and talked about such interesting topics as Bo Diddly's death, all the movies coming out based on comic books, the last time and the first time we tried psychedelics and if there was any way in hell we'd ever even think about dropping acid at our current advanced ages. The answer was a resounding hell no. The boys went to The Picador to catch Buckethead, and I made it home by nine. Perfect.


Mr Atrocity said...

Sounds like a great night. That's a really pretty skirt by the way. Buckethead is a he not a them - he plays amazing guitar whilst wearing a mask and a KFC family bucket as a hat. Awesome. I think his name is Brian, or that's what his mother calls him anyway.

evil-e said...

That second photo made me feel dizzy as well, but I digress....

I tried to stay up and watch the hockey game last night and glad I went to bed despite the Pens win last night....triple OT on a school night does not fly.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

A very nice evening away from kids and choirs.. The wings sound yummy

NoRegrets said...

It's nice to have a night off...

I must say, I love diagonal photos. They don't make me dizzy at all.

Anonymous said...

very artsy, but sounds like a nice evening.

I watched to the end of the second OT and then had to hit the sack. I'm dragging this morning.

The Penns won???? dammit. that means there's another game, doesn't it?

Joe said...

Wow, if everyone stayed up to watch the hockey game then nobody got to bed early last night.

erm...were there any leftover wings that you can send my way?

booda baby said...

Ohmygosh. You're SO cute!

I never understood that Cubs thing, either. IC FELT like it should be White Sox territory, but I guess that's just because I was a White Sox nation gal. Shit. I'm ALWAYS in the wrong place on the side of the wrong team.

Apparently, I like it that way. It's easier to ignore the game, drinking the pop and talk Bo Diddly stuff.

Tara said...

I've seen hot wing eating contests before and have seen interesting and gross reactions from guys who go for the hottest they can get their hands on. I think they had to wear gloves in order to handle the wings. That's not right.

minijonb said...

i like the dizzy photos. any thing blurry or dizzy or with crazy lighting effects - bring it on!

and Bo's passing is very sad. i will already remember the Nike commericial with him and Bo Jackson where he says, "Well, Bo does know Diddley!"

laura b. said...

Perfect is right. Your karma must be top notch :-)

Churlita said...

Mt Atrocity,

Yeah. I totally lost any cool cred I may have had, with that. But I fixed it, thanks. I knew that at one time and then got stooopid.


I know. My daughter came over later and told me it was still going on, and I was amazed.


They were yummy.


I like looking at things from different angles too. I get dizzy pretty easily unfortunately.


There's always another game, isn't there? it's crazy.


What is this "left over wings" you speak of?

Booda Baby,

Thanks. I'm more of a White Sox girl too - it's that whole Southside thing.


Maybe it's because I'm a girl, but i don't understand that need to eat food so hot that it almost kills me either.


Oh yeah. I forgot about that commercial. It was pretty cool.


I don't know if I'd go that far. Like all of us, I'm still wading through tons of crap everyday. I just try to focus on the good stuff for the most part. I'm sure I'll have plenty of whiny posts on the horizon.

Brando said...

Don't you love it when things go according to plan?

Churlita said...


Yeas. After I get done being shocked and amazed, that is.

booda baby said...

Just talked to my friend driving back to IC so I know you're under a BIG FAT bunch of rain. Or in it. Or bobbing along. I hope you're inside and telling those beauty girls of yours: NO, I AM NOT driving any one anywhere, especially not Dubuque Street.

Oh, yah, that was good, giving traffic instructions from a billion miles away. I can't stand professional basketball, so I've got a whole night to type away. Ha.