Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'll Eat When I'm Hungry and Drink When I'm Dry

Since I chose this week's word, I figured I better actually play - even if I am a day late. This week's word is opportunity.

On Saturday my friend K. had an extra ticket to see Steve Earle at the Englert Theater. It was an awesome show, except that the guy sitting next to us was pretty obnoxious. He had to yell, "We love you Steve!" as loudly as possible a couple of times and he "Wooed!" like he had Tourette's and kept startling the woman sitting in front of him. He also wouldn't stop saying, "Look. He's right there. RIGHT THERE!" My friend K. said it was like he'd never been to a concert before.

I wanted to tell him, "Dude. That's what happens when you go to a show...The guy actually shows up and plays his music on stage in front of you. Now, kindly shut your fucking yap so the rest of us can enjoy it!" Instead, I just stayed with my immature ways and told my friends that he was my new boyfriend. Then my friends would tell me how annoying my boyfriend was being throughout the show - as if a girl can actually control her real boyfriend, let alone her imaginary one...

After the show, we stopped at Quinton's bar for a drink. We had taken the opportunity to sneak whiskey from a flask during the concert, (which, I'm sure is exactly what Steve Earle would have wanted from his audience) so it wasn't like I needed much more alcohol, but a cold beer was definitely a nice chaser.

I left my friends from the show who were headed to a cookout, and met some people at The Dublin.

It was my friend J.'s brother's bachelor party and they had been whooping it up for a while before I got there. J.'s dad was even there, so I finally got the opportunity to tell him what a great job he did with his kids. I've loved J. forever, but I just met her brother a few weeks ago, and he is just as great as his sister.

As you can see from this photo where he is showing us his best side, both J. and her brother inherited their sense of humor from him.

By the end of the night, we kind of sorta got J.'s brother to dance, but he would only do it to The Beastie Boys or Public Enemy and none of those pics came out very well. So, here's my favorite end of the night photo of J. and her brother.

Although he was a trooper and outlasted all of his friends, he finally took the opportunity to head up those daunting Dublin stairs and call it a night....And the soon to be ex-bachelor lived happily ever after - or at least that's what I predict after hearing about how wonderful is fiance is.

Oh, and it' s my turn to tag someone to pick the next word. I can never remember who did it last, but I think I'll pick Not Fainhearted. I don't think she's been tagged in a while.


evil-e said...

Quite the weekend adventure you had there. I always hate, no matter where it's at, the guy who must yell out constantly and make your night less than it can be. At least he was not a jubilant beer-spiller.

Good job on the had many opportunities it appears.

Tara said...

To even get a guy to dance to select songs is a mission accomplished! Great photos!

NoRegrets said...

Very nice, and glad you had a great time. Nice way to deal with the loud guy... Could have also bought him food or a big wad of gum to keep his mouth occupied. though, he might have spit the gum into the hair of the poor woman in front of him...

fringes said...

Nice post built around what could be a very boring word. I enjoyed reading it all the way through. Was that guy drunk?

Gyuss Baaltar said...

I am totally moving to this town. All the men are hideous looking and all the women are gorgeous.

Poptart said...

Oh, doesn't gyuss know that that is the story in *every* town? Plus, the most hideous-lookin looking guys at least in this town think they should only date the extra super gorgeous of the gorgeous broads... it's ridiculous.

Anyway, back to your post. A) How did Stinky do at State? and B) When Steve Earle plays here he talks so much during the shows that people who are republican-ish get all up in arms and sometimes walk out. It's funny.

Cool that you went to that show!

laura b. said...

You had an opportunity for some fun and you took it! Your friends look like they can keep up with you ;-)

booda baby said...

Steve Earle!! He's a big fat favorite around here. I couldn't tell you Steve Earle from a hairy rat, but everyone ELSE knows and loves him. What a great night you had!!

joshua said...

steve: F the CIA. yay!

MrManuel said...

You always look like you have so much fun on your weekends....but I still have no idea who Steve Earl is.

Churlita said...


Luckily, I didn't see him drinking anything at the show.


He was a total trooper all night long.


He's the kind of guy you just leave the fuck alone. Who knows what other crazy shit he'll do next.


I hope so.


You're funny. It's like a Woody Allen movie here.


He made a joke about that too. But you know how it is in Iowa City, Republicans are hard to come by here.


My friends can usually way surpass me.

Booda Baby,

I think you'd like him. He's done duets with Emmy Lou Harris and Iris Dement before.


Exactly. He's awesome that way.

Mr Manuel,

Steve Earle is a musician from Texas. He plays more country/honky tonk kind of music and is politically very left of center.

Brando said...

Very nice. The singer-songwriter setup works so well at the Englert.

Churlita said...


I saw DBT there too and it was a nice spot for that show too.