Monday, May 26, 2008

Until One Day When the Sky Turned Dark and the Winds Grew Wild

Here's me trying to dance like Paula Abdul and Scat Cat in that one video from the eighties.

I was going to try to write last night, but the storms were so bad around here, that I turned off the computer and unplugged it, so I wouldn't have to worry about power surges with all that lightning.

So, this weekend has been excellent, and made even better because it's not over yet. On Friday afternoon, my friend A. messaged me and said she'd love to hang out with me sometime this year. So, I sought her out at work at 126 and we planned to hang out after she got done later that night.

I went over to K.'s boyfriend's cookout, which turned out to be just the three of us and our other friend W. It was really nice that small. A. grilled chicken and made potato salad and I brought a green salad. They were in the process of making rhubarb crisp when I had to take off and taxi kids all over hell.

Later we all met at the Dublin and my friend A. and my beautiful friend S. both met us when they got off work. It had been a long time since we'd all been together like that without getting interrupted by our kids during every conversation.

On Saturday night, I stayed home for a while before Stinky went to her dad's house and ate grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and watched Titanic together. Eventually I got a call from a woman who was in from out of town telling me to meet her and our friend Shecky in her backyard for a beer.

It was bit chilly, but still nice and we had a really great talk about how little self-esteem we all had when we were younger and how great it is to be older and finally feel good about ourselves. Then I walked down to the Dublin and met a bunch of folks and tried to distract people from making shots during pool games, and then ended up having another wonderful/ridiculous dance party.

Here are the girlys doing their Captain Morgan's pose.

Sunday was supposed to be the backyard jazz, but it turned out that it was way too muddy and humid for that, so we all went over to Libby's for croquet.

Here is Libby's dog in his house which is a replica of Libby's.

We also ate good Summer food and watched her dogs look really sweet.

Then her husband got all manly on us and built a big old honking fire, that helped get rid of some of the bugs.

I left around 10 to pick up and drop off kids and then finally went home and watched Children of Men to the sound of loud thunder and rain beating down outside. It was a great combination.


Mr Atrocity said...

Oh I'm glad that storms left you alone. I heard about them on the news I did wonder how close they'd got to you guys.

Poptart said...

I loved Children of Men! Perfect for a stormy night. We had 'em all night, too. The dog is adorable. Your weekend is sounding awesome!

Gyuss Baaltar said...

How did that guy manage to lay an egg?

And you had me at Skat Cat. Cuz I take--2 steps forward
I take--2 steps back

evil-e said...

I saw on the national maps that the really bad stuff stayed well away from you. Glad to know that you are well and in one piece.

Sounds like a great weekend. Food, friends, beers.....all that stuff.

Tara said...

That is such a cute dog house! Looks like the pup is loving it too.

Was that 80s song called "Opposites Attract"? I think that was the video that showed her dancing with a cartoon cat.

AlienCG said...

It sounds like it was a good weekend. The photos reveal a good time and a happy dog. Time to go back to work tomorrow.

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

We made it out unscathed. Unfortunately, some towns around us weren't so lucky.


My weekend was awesome.


An egg that looks exactly like a cue ball. I love it that you knew exactly what I was talking about.


We definitely got lucky here.


Bingo on the song title.


I know. I hate it when it's time to go back to work tomorrow.

laura b. said...

Sounds like one of those weekends that make the weekday stuff all worthwhile.

egan said...

Yo, it's MC Scat Cat. You can't forget the MC part.

Did you like Children of Men? I loved it, my pregnant wife (at the time).. not so much.