Sunday, May 18, 2008

Maybe Your Attention Was More than I Could Do

So, yeah. We went to the bowling alley on Friday night and celebrated our friend R.'s 40th birthday. Bowling wasn't half bad, but the best thing about the bowling alley is what I call the blowy thing, but what everyone else likes to call a hand dryer. Whatever. I still like my name for it better.

You know how I get all giddy every time I run across an industrial fan or anything that will blow my hair back so I can pretend I'm Stevie Nicks in the "Stand Back" video? Well, those little hand dryer things are perfect for that.

I made everyone I could, pretend to be Stevie Nicks, and as you can all imagine, it was wonderfuckingful. The first photo was me doing it. Of course, I looked more like the gangliest weirdo in the world doing the chicken dance, than Stevie Nicks, but then we all got to have a good laugh at my expense, so it was worth it.

My friend GW was a perfect Stevie Nicks, because she has the hair for it. If only she had been wearing a caftan...

Our friend P. didn't have as much to blow around, but he definitely got points for giving it the old college try.

My friend Eggo thought it was really funny to tease me. She'd go up and say, "Look Churlita!" and then when I'd go to get my camera ready, she'd laugh and walk away. It was very mean, but then when she wasn't able to knock all the pins down, I told her it was karma for being mean to me. She finally let me take her picture and you wanna know what? After she did, she bowled a strike.

I think A. looked the naughtiest and therefore invoked Stevie Nicks the most accurately. All that was missing was some cocaine and Lindsay Buckingham.

K. was probably the most adorable.

...That was until I got the cutest little boy in the world to do it. He had no idea who Stevie Nicks was, and he was still able to channel her.

H.'s photo turned out a little blurry, but I think it helped to give her that gypsy feel.

And nobody, but nobody was able to master it with the same intensity as Libby. I mean seriously, right there, she is Stevie Nicks.


-RM said...

'wonderfuckingful' is my new unbefuckin'lievable, which I can say so seamlessly. 'Wonderfuckingful'will be my next seamless fanfuckin'tastic word to say! Thx.

Poptart said...


NoRegrets said...

Though you might not do cocaine, I think you channel Stevie very well. I want to hang out with you. But you'd drink me under the table...

Mr Atrocity said...

Everyone should channel Stevie Nicks some time. Who hasn't belted out a version of "Edge of Seventeen" into a hairbrush whilst standing on their bed eh? No one, that's who.

evil-e said...

Hey that stuff looks familiar...we bowled some on Saturday night.

That was quite a zephyr coming from the

Anonymous said...

Everyone here is hilarious! You and your Stevie channeling friends...and evil-e and his insistence on keeping you in line with the photo scavenger. What a hoot!

And, like Noregrets, I'd love to hang but know I'd never keep up. Guess I"ll have to continue to live vicariously through the pics. ;-)

Churlita said...


I love dressing words up by inserting the word fucking in there somewhere.


Thanks. I bet you would do an awesome Stevie Nicks.


You'd be surprised at what a lightweight I am. I've never met anyone who couldn't drink me under the table. The sad thing is, I did all that Stevie Nicks stuff completely sober.

Mr Atrocity,

Exactly my point.


I know. I should really have made this part of the scavenger hunt thingy. I just wasn't thinking.


Like I said to NOR, everyone could easily keep up with me.

minijonb said...

now i need to go bowling! maybe i can "score" if i stick around long enough.

Churlita said...


Ha ha. I bet you can. I bet you can.

AlienCG said...

For some strange reason, I never thought much about the hand dryer (or blowy thing). Easily amused are you and your friends by such technology.

laura b. said...

You guys should be careful channeling Stevie...what if she decided to stay with one of you? Do any of you really want to be Stevie forever? haha!

Churlita said...


I'm easily amused by everything, and I just drag my friends down with me.


You're right. I'm sure no one wants to be Stevie Nicks 24/7...Not even Stevie herself.