Monday, May 12, 2008

It Comes Upon Me Without Warning

So, on Saturday we celebrated the birthdays of two of my favorite people the only way we know how - with a huge fucking dance party. My girl crushes birthday was on May 7th and my friend D.'s was on Sunday.

I would like you to recognize how smart I was by taking a nice, clean girl group photo at the beginning of the evening, because dance parties get sweaty and dirty in a hurry.

See? Like here, D. and J. and T. all still look pretty respectable and cute.

You know, but then we start the sandwich dancing, because apparently we never get tired of it.

Then maybe someone gets a great idea to stick their head in someone else's shirt and button around it so that it looks like some kind of freakish, sideshow appendage.

And other people start getting surly and flipping me the bird just because I very invasively and annoyingly want to take their picture.

The dance party begins in earnest and we get in the way of all the people trying to play pool.

My nicely straightened hair gets all unraveled and starts curling and frizzing just to spite me.

I'm left by the end of the night trying to figure out my IQ on my two fingers... Or am I counting the brains cells I have left?

Then we get to the "ashes, ashes, we all fall down" part of the evening and the chance to take any nice clean photos of ourselves will just have to wait until the beginning of another night, since this one is essentially over.


dmarks said...

The last one looks like they are getting ready to make out under the pool table.

evil-e said...

Isn't always funny how somehow your own camera gets used against you over the course of an evening? I always love coming home, opening up the photo program, and seeing pictures of me acting like a giant dork-head.

Looks like fun, I am jealous.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Looks like tons of fun.. and screw the pool players.. A fucking dance party is way more fun..

NoRegrets said...

Ha. I thought in the second photo that that guy's arm was someone's leg/foot.

Tara said...

A dance party..I love it.

That one guy, T? He is very cute.

Happy Belated Birthday to your two friends!

Poptart said...

You look like such a badass in the 8th pic! Love it!

OK, the dance party craze kills me. Who is playing the music? Is it just whatever happens to be on at the Dublin, or is there a DJ? Is it a jukebox? more info please.

laura b. said...

What a cute little black dress! Long live dance parties! Woot!

Churlita said...


Nah. They're more like brother and sister. I think they're just goofing off more than anything.


Exactly, but that's what I get. I take pictures of all my drunk friends. Karma is always there to bite me in the ass.


Actually, the pool players were way more understanding than I would have been.


It does kind of look like that.


He is cute. I think he's also pretty young.


We play songs on the jukebox. There are some that we play every single time...Oh, you know, like PYT and Poison by Bell Biv Devoe. That night we danced to Come On Eileen and that made me very happy.


Thanks. That dress is very well engineered. I think it would look good on anyone.

Not Fainthearted said...

looks like awesome fun. One day I swear I'm going to drive down for the weekend...just because.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

I have got to find me a pub this fun. Oh wait, I spend my weekend nights around a firepit with skydivers. Nevermind.

We gotta merge our parties.

MrManuel said...

Are you ever not out partying and having a good time on the weekend?

Churlita said...


You should. You'd have a great time. I promise.


That would be great. How are skydivers about having dance parties?


I try to have a good time every way I know how, as often as I can. Sometimes that means staying at home and watching a movie or playing video games with my girls and sometimes it means going out with my friends and having dorky dance parties.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Churlita, we do, but mysteriously everyone some how ends up naked around the fire dancing about 2am. Does that happen at the Dubliner too?

AlienCG said...

I love the way people seem to deteriorate over the course of an evening.