Friday, May 30, 2008

For Those About to Rock

I'm making a special Thursday edition of "it's late and I'm tired, so this will mostly be a photo post". Usually it's on Wednesday, but since FMDM was playing his first gig in forever, I changed my schedule around in order to gawk at the RAWK.

I asked FMDM to act like a rocker right before the show, and this is what he gave me. Pretty convincing, huh?

Then I took some more photos so you could all see what metal really looks like. Apparently, when you can't find a fog machine, you have to resort to cigarette smoke to get the right effect.

This kids xylophone must be the new phase in metal. It actually sounded pretty cool.

It's also important to wear your wrist bands, if you want to convey to all the world just how absolutely metal you can be.

If you can incite the crowd, that helps you look like a total RAWKer. As you can see, wearing a black shirt is also very necessary.

Also, remember to drink your PBR, for maximum metalness/tude.

The other important thing to remember if you want to be truly authentic, is to flip me the bird when I take your photo. Nothing ensures your RAWK! status like giving me the finger...At least in this town, anyway.


Mr Atrocity said...


Pirate T-shirts + Marshall Amps + the dude with the the Jackson Randy Rhoads V + FMDM + his Les Paul + xylophone + Rickenbacker (tres Lemmy) bass dude = RAWK clearly.

Face melting guitar solos ahoy!

dmarks said...

Forget cowbell. More Fisher Price xylophone!!!

Mr Atrocity: Face melting? Now I picture those "Raiders of the Lost Ark" nazis toward the end of that movie.

evil-e said...

no, it's like that everywhere, not just there

I will be RAWKIN' T-shirts and PBR 22oz tall boy cans for me this evening.

Hopefully I decide to take some photos...I get lazy at shows sometimes.

Indie Guy said...

Nice RAWK guide!

DJSassafrass said...

Is it just me or does the guy giving you the bird kind of look like Screech in that picture?

Tara said...

Rockin on the xylophone. Ehhhxcellent.

I love that photo with the smoke, it looks all mysterious. Actually, there are some photos I need to post up later today. Your smoke photo made me think of them.

Susan said...

I had a guy in a band tell me it isn't really rock without a tamberine.

Poptart said...

the fingers in your photos do crack me up every time!

Churlita said...

MR Atrocity,

Boy, did you peg that. How are your face melting guitar solos going?


oh yeah. That part of the movie was pretty cool.


I know. You do miss some of the show when you photograph it.




That's Randy Andy. Do you know him?


I can't wait to check out your pics.


a tambourine and a cowbell, I thought...


I know, Just think how many times you've felt like flipping me off and multiply that by all the people I know.

NoRegrets said...

How many people were in the audience?

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Is there any special meaning to the upside down finger?

Anonymous said...

Abby was looking at your pictures and noticed the xylophone and said mommy, we have one of those. I hadn't noticed yet so I couldn't think of what in these pictures we could possibly have. Of course she was right as usual.


emmaenlighted said...

I love those RAWKER guys. :)

laura b. said...

What great photos! I am rawking vicariously ;-)

Poptart said...