Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I've Been Waiting for This Silence All Night Long

Here are some benches with caution tape across them. I guess sitting can be very dangerous.

A lot of stuff went down today:

1.) I got up and went to work. I had a little bit of a migraine hang-over so it took more energy than usual.

2.) After work I picked up Coadster from track practice and we went to Hy-Vee to pick out a boutonniere for her prom date. Neither one of us had ever done anything like that before, so we were happy that two of her friends worked there and could help us. Her friend M. thinks I'm great (probably because I'm not her mom) and loves giving me tons of shit. Her friend H. worked in the flower area and was very helpful.

M: I just ordered a flower for my date. I got him a gerber daisy (she meant gerbera) with a ribbon and some glitter.

Me: And you know how much high school boys love glitter...

M: What? Oh, I don't care if he likes it. I love glitter. Coadster, who are you taking to prom? (without waiting for an answer) Whoever it is, tell him if he hurts you, I'll kill him.

Coadster: I'm pretty sure we're just friends. And I'm also pretty sure he's gay, so you don't have to worry about him hurting me at all.

H: I love him. He's so much fun.

M: (after Coadster picked a white orchid with a silver ribbon for her date). You should also get glitter for his flower too. (Insert HUGE eye roll from Coadster here and finally directed at someone other than me) What?! You said you thought he was gay....

3.) After recovering from my high school girl conversation about prom dates and boutonnieres, I dropped Coadster at my house so she could do her homework, and I headed to the Hilltop for Supper Club and cheese fries dipped in Ranch dressing. Although I thought after the above exchange I really deserved a beer, I was migraine shy and went for a soda instead. Supper club was hilarious as usual, and I was actually able to speak to adults I had something in common with. That doesn't always happen during the week.

4.) At 7:30 I got home in time to take Coadster to fake bake. I have real issues with fake tans, but I do understand it's kind of important for her to try and even-out her ridiculous soccer tan made by wearing long socks and shin guards right before prom. Plus, she got a free introductory week.

5.) Stinky finally got home before I had to pick Coadster back up. She had track practice and then open gym for basketball, even though the season doesn't start until next Winter. By the time I got the girls to their dad's house, it was almost nine and I was pretty much brain dead. The crazy thing about it all, is that this was their dad's night to have them. I better rest up for tomorrow. There's no telling how busy I'll be when I don't have "time off".


Ananda girl said...

What a full day. Aren't they fun... these prom folk? I get such a kick out of our kids and their prom issues.

My school didn't have a prom...just a huge party. It wasn't the same thing at all. Fun, but not a prom. I hope she enjoys it.

Remiman said...

I put an epidural in a sixteen year old girl the other night. Boy they sure can talk up a storm can't they?

another good thing said...

Seems there are more and more prom "friends"... why back in OUR day, it seemed like more of a practice wedding.

DJSassafrass said...

I need to try those cheese fries--even though they are on my "do not consume" list. Better than a camel light though, right?
I was anti-fake bake, but soccer tans (okay-let's be honest in my case--soccer burns) are awful. I had one for like 12 years.
I fake bake now--most people would never know, I only do it so I can look like th rest of society not some pasty white goth chick who ran out of evergy to dress goth. Plus then I am able to be outside for more than 20 minutes which ill come in handy when I have time to do some outdoor drankin'!

mighty jo said...

im guessing the ex isn't very helpful at taking the girls out for prom errands, etc. hp likes to tell me, "well, you're better at it."
prom memories--ah, i was a freak in a small, farming town highschool, but i went to EVERY dance because i LOVED to dance! i went stag to my jr. prom & the guy i took to my sr. prom wore more make-up than me & had fancier hair as well.
i hope the coadster has a blast.

Tara said...

That supper club sounds like so much fun, but I think I've stated that before on here. It's the truth, though. And the cheese fries dipped in Ranch sounds extra special.

Mr Atrocity said...

This whole prom thing is a complete mystery to me. We just don't have them in the UK. Either that or none of the girls would talk to me so I never found out that I missed it. Both are possibilities.

booda baby said...

I'm thinking I know how you got yourmigraine. Oh. I guess you had the migraine BEFORE the prom stuff. It's the flowers on the lapel that give me the creeps. You can forget a lot of shit from high school, but NEVER those flowers.

Churlita said...


I only went to prom with some girlfriends my junior year. It wasn't like all this date stuff Coady and her friends are doing.


You're telling me. Sometimes I think my head will explode when they both get going at the same time. But I guess it's better than them not talking to me at all.


It wasn't for me, but my high school years were very different from most people I know.


You should. I only have them about once a month but they are so worth it...And they are so damn cheap too.

Mighty Jo,

He probably would be, but he doesn't contribute financially at all and he doesn't have a car, so he can't really help out in much of anything. Sigh.


Supper club is a nice way to break up the week. When I can afford it. Since the place we go to eat cheese fries is very reasonable, I almost always make those nights.

Mr Atrocity,

It does feel like a very American tradition. Just another excuse to spend money we don't have, I suppose.

Booda Baby,

Since I never had a prom date, I don't have that bad memory. Maybe I can give it to Coadster though. Ha ha.

laura b. said...

My third son, Social Animal, went to every dance available from the time he entered high school. It got expensive sometimes, but it was so fun...I mean even for me :-)

Funny how "dad" nights are somehow not really theirs if there are things to be done...