Wednesday, May 13, 2009

They're Looking to the Sky, Daddy-O

So, today was much better. I thought I'd put up some beach photos in keeping with yesterday's theme. The first two are from Coadster's camera when we were at Carmel. The top one doesn't even look real, does it? The bottom two were taken at Half Moon Bay with my camera. The last one is a little more eye candy. I can't remember if I posted it last Summer or not. If I did, I'm posting it again. Sue me.

After such a hectic week so far, I'm feeling a little random. I still haven't had time to process things, so it's all coming out in little digestible bits...For the most part.

Well, here's a little more information than anyone really wants or needs, but I'm a giver that way. Also, if anyone reading this has teenage girls I hope they can get a little chuckle or a good cry in recognition. Anyway, I found out what was up with the girls the last few days. Turns out they were both PMS'ing at the same time. Jaysus, Mary and Joseph, it's lucky any of us are still alive. I was a little concerned about my girls' overreacting, spazzing and disrespect, but now that I know, I'm just relieved I didn't end up like the mom in the movie Carrie - staked to the wall with knives.

Coadster's soccer game got rescheduled to tonight, after Tuesday's lightning storms that began precisely two seconds before her game was supposed to start. Tonight, they were actually able to finish their game precisely two seconds before the storms broke. When I was hurrying to my car with ominous clouds and thunder raging just behind me, I heard a cheery little exchange yelled at each other by two men, above the parental mass exodus. the first guy said, "Hey, Jim. How ya doin'? I hear you were really down for a while there..."

"Yeah, things are a lot better now. Thank god for drugs." Then myself and most of the people around me, smiled and nodded knowingly. I'm glad people are so much better about admitting they need help and then going and getting it, than they used to be. Personally, it took me almost thirty years to finally go get my ass some migraine meds, and they have changed my life.

I go to this place called the Can Shed to exchange my bottles and cans for cash. I hate using the machines at the store, so every few weeks I drive down to the Can Shed and someone sorts, counts and gives me money for recyclables. The people there love to see me coming, and they all exclaim about how I have the cleanest and dryest cans and bottles they've ever laid hands on. When I went there last Saturday, I said, "I can only imagine, how dirty some of them come in..."

"Oh, yeah, " the woman with about five teeth still in her head said, as she batted cans into a box. "Most of them are real bad. I got my first rodent in a bag yesterday." Ew. I was so grossed-out, I didn't think to ask her if it had been alive or dead, or what kind of rodent it was. Remind me never to bitch about my job again.


NoRegrets said...

And what's amazing is that the person admitting to the drugs was a man. wow. yep, better living through drugs.
what does it say about me that I liked the top two photos better than the bottom one?? no, I'm not going over to the other side, playing for the other team, or whatever you want to call it.

mighty jo said...

its nice to hear men admit to & show concern about depression as well. (at least that's what i understood the exchange to be about?)
regarding yesterday's post: i hope to become more direct in communication--ive picked up a lot of bad habits from my parents & exes. but i did try direct communication with finian. when he was being disruptive at my counseling appointment, i said, "im feeling overwhelmed, finian, can you let me talk to the lady?" eh...he's still a little young, but it's never to early for me to get in the habit, right? (finian is still not dealing well with separation)

Susan said...

I'm out of migraine meds and have to go to the doctor to get my prescription refilled. I'm sure I'll find the

Ananda girl said...

Ooooh Carmel! So fabulous, your photos. Makes me want to be there.

I used to have that can job...yak! Someone brought in a big bag... I opened it and it had vomit all over the cans. I handed it back to the guy and said "I'll quit before I count these." and walked away. I felt ill all day long.

Remiman said...

Drugs are great; without them I'd be outta work.

laura b. said...

Thank you so much for those beautiful beach photos. I feel more relaxed already.
And...oh. my. gawd. You know how it is with women living together. My daughter and I are in sync, so to speak, and it can be a nightmare. haha!

booda baby said...

I'm all for recycling (like we have a choice, which is a good thing, because can't say I wouldn't give into laziness), but crap. A rodent is way worse than PMS. PMS doesn't have little teeth and a tail, now does it?

Churlita said...


I know. I love it when men can admit they have problems and get help for them. So refreshing.


That's what I assumed from what I heard. I know so many guys who would be such better people if they would just work on their issues. That goes for some women too, but I know more women who are doing just that.

It's tough to do at first. I had to work really hard at it, but like I said, it's what I want from other people and so then that's would I should give them.


I wouldn't be caught anywhere without them. I hate being knocked out by my migraines.


I loved Carmel.

I bet you're so much happier at the library.


Oh, that's true. They are great when they're used the right way.

Booda Baby,

Na ma'am. My PMS'ing daughters have very large teeth.

Tara said...

I kind of wish we had a can shack nearby, I'd be more careful about saving up my cans and bottles!

Thank you for those beach photos and for the eye candy.