Monday, May 04, 2009

Nibblin' On Bacon, Chewin' On Cheese

Hey, I thought I'd do the Saturday Scavenger Hunt tonight...Since it's Monday already and everything. K-Sra chose the word up. It just so happens that I've been looking up at all the flowering trees lately. If I'm not careful, I might need a neck brace.

Stinky just got first place in the shot-put at the JV track meet tonight. She threw at least 3 feet over her personal best. She's a beast. (the kids assure me this is a good thing)

So, yeah. Remember how two years ago, I got that bad stomach flu and lost 7 lbs in 3 days? Then throughout the Spring and Summer, I just kept losing more and more weight until my doctor freaked-out and told me I should eat as much butter wrapped in bacon as I needed to in order to gain the weight back? Yeah, that was a wonderful time in my life, but those days are over. Last Summer through this Winter, I've gained all that weight back and then some.

The hard part at gawking at the flowering trees, is remembering to see past them, even further up to the cool clouds.

Now, I'm not one of those women who has to be super tiny, or she freaks-out. If anything, I'd rather be a little overweight, than under. I can't help it. I like my junk. I just don't want to get too carried away with all of this weight gain, and I also like being in decent shape, no matter what I weigh.

So, I'm trying to eat better and do a little more comprehensive exercise. (besides running and dancing around like a dork) I've decided to start to train for a triathalon without actually competing in one. I don't race anymore, since I've been running for 33 years now, and I'd like to continue to run for another 33, thank you very much. Racing is too much wear and tear on my legs. Anyway, I added bike riding a couple of times a week onto my running, and then in June, I'll start swimming laps another couple of days too.

I mentioned my new work-out strategy to Stinky and she told me she'd actually like to do a triathalon. I promised to pay the entry fee if she can prove to me she's serious, by doing regular work-outs for the next month or so. My brother has done one before and so has my friend Poptart. I'll probably bug them both for pointers. My boss also does some and he's on a mailing list of triathalons and mini-triathalons (which is what I'm sure we'd start Stinky on if she actually does one). I think it would be great for her to develop some kind (any kind, really) of self-discipline.

It's also not a bad idea to look down from time to time. You might find a delicious surprise.

As far as eating better is concerned, I love food, so I'm not going to do anything totally crazy like give up cookies or cheese fries or anything. I'm just going to try to eat a lot more fruits and veggies (which, I should be doing no matter how much I weigh). The problem with fruits and veggies, is that they take some prep time and with chips, all you have to do is open a bag. I decided to fix that by cutting-up a bunch of veggies and putting them in their individual bags. Now, all we have to do is open them up too. It seems to be working so far. It just sucks that the days of having a free license to eat as much butter wrapped in bacon are over. Wah!


Ananda girl said...

Wahoo Stinky! No wonder she's such an athlete... mom is too. Good for both of you.

DJSassafrass said...

I gave up LOTS of yummy foods at the start of the year...along with smoking (okay-well, that one took a little longer than the start of the year)...I have to say-it sucks.

NoRegrets said...

Swimming is indeed the best for you. I hate swimming in pools though so don't do it. It's good you're rounding out your body - exercise wise - you get into trouble otherwise, though realize that biking is also your legs. Get some upper body too. Try yoga?

Since I'm taking a short break, I have to remember I can't eat anything I want. It's gonna suck. I want your cookies.

Tara said...

I found an entire bag of rotted salad fixings in my fridge. It was in my vegetable drawer and I had forgotten to eat the salad once I bought it. I looked in the other drawer and found a rotted cucumber.

Anyway, good luck with training for the triathalon and eating more veggies! If you dip them in a little Ranch, they're more tasty.

Susan said...

Good luck girlie! I'm back to trying to get my "junk" in line as of Saturday. Until then...come to me Philadelphia food!!!

laura b. said...

You have nice things to look at, both up and down.
I like vegetables, especially raw, and most fruit can totally work for dessert. But if you lined up carrots sticks next to those cookies, I'd choose the cookies without even hesitating :-)

Anonymous said...

Good job, Stinky! Keep up the good work and stay active. Good UP pictures, by the way.

mighty jo said...

dried fruit is easy & yummy & chock fulla stuff. im addicted to dried mango. i also like dried pineapple.
ive got some lingering baby weight. like, 30 pounds! i have a love/hate relationship with my back fat. im mostly vegan (i eat cage free eggs--i figure the chicken's gonna lay em anyhow) & i don't eat any sugars except agave in my coffee. but i still can't seem to lose any fat. i did have a stomach flu today, so your post gave me some hope! i work out when i can--i love kick boxing aerobics & power walking (jogging kills my knees) & biking. i think training for a triatholon would be a blast. have fun with that! it sounds like you have a healthy relationship with your body.

booda baby said...

So, let me get this straight. You're not SO enthusiastic that you agreed to train with her?

No. I didn't think so. You are one smart chocolate chip cookie.

Churlita said...


Thanks. Like you, we just try to be strong and healthy.


I'm so glad I never started smoking. I don't think I'd have the strength to quit.


Actually running really works my arms. I don't think I could do yoga. There's a lot of sitting still and holding positions - not my strong suit.


I worry about wasting veggies too. I'm trying really hard to check what I have and use it. It does take some extra work. Oh, and boy do we think alike. I just bought a new bottle of Ranch.


Enjoy you Philly food. Then maybe we can eat veggies together.


Me too. that's why I'm trying to fill up on carrots, and have a cookie or two after. Instead of filling up and cookies and not getting around to eating carrots.


Thanks. On both counts.

Mighty Jo,

DRied pineapple is like candy it's so good. It took me years to relax and like my body, and now I'm finally happy and comfortable in it. Another reason I'm glad I'm old.

Booda Baby,

Oh, I'm sure I'll train with her. My girls know I'm weird about running by myself, but I'm happy to ride bikes and swim with other people.