Monday, May 11, 2009

I Might Be Great Tomorrow, But Hopeless Yesterday

Here is Coadster doing more gabbing than stretching before her run today.

Don't worry. I know you're just as sick as I am of listening to me whine about how busy I am, and how I just need a day to rest, or a good swift kick in the ass, or whatever the hell else I'm always yammering about. The good news is that this should be my last REALLY busy week for a while. Hopefully, after that I'll have a little more time to try to process things and maybe actually write a halfway thought out blog post that's more than just me listing off all the bullshit I've been doing. The bad news is that you'll have to wait about a week for that.

Stinky wouldn't let me take a photo of her throwing shot, as it's not the most flattering looking activity ever. I totally understand, so I took some pics of her playing with an adorable puppy instead. What could be more flattering than that?

Here is a photo of the puppy getting so excited, he's biting the fence. Awwww.

Today was the girls last track meet. Tomorrow will be the cross town rivalry soccer match. Girls varsity match starts a little later, so I get the luxury of running before I drive over there. Coadster will miss her last select women's choir concert in order to attend the game. Her choir director is apparently not amused. Oops.

I seem to have taken a lot of chain link fence photos today.

This Is one of those weeks where I get to take a half day off on Friday. Of course, it's all eaten up. The second I get off work, I'm supposed to meet my friend Chris and his boyfriend who are in town from New Mexico to get married. Then I'll try to go running before I take Coadster and Stinky out to dinner for Coadster's 17th birthday. Yeah, 17th. How the hell did that happen? It still sounds weird to me.

Okay, I suppose that's enough rambling about all the crap I did and will do in the next couple of days. But you know as soon as things slow down, I'll have all kinds of time to process all the nothing I'll be doing. Sweet.


Ananda girl said...

Yes, it sounds weird and is weird! I cannot believe that my baby is this old.

I like your posts on what you do daily. It's nice to know that other people do things I do and what else is out there to do that might be fun.

Remiman said...

17? Wow, pretty soon she'll be older than you. ;>)
So how far did she put the shot?

Tara said...

Your girls make me almost regret that I didn't get into any sports when I was in school.

Early Happy Birthday wishes to Coadster!

dmarks said...

Puppies! How cute.

Too young yet to chew through the fence.

NoRegrets said...

nice chain links...

laura b. said...

Your chain link photos make me remember how much I enjoyed my oldest son's track meets. Out of all the sports my kids did, I think I enjoyed watching track events the most.
Your Friday sounds like something to look forward to, in spite of the high activity levels :-)

MrManuel said...

Puppy pics are always appreciated.

Churlita said...


Thanks. I just hope they aren't too detail-y or mundane.


Ha ha. She'll definitely be more mature than me. She putted the shot 29' 4". It was just below her goal of 30', but 4 inches past her personal best.


Sports keep them out of trouble, but take a lot of time.


But he's a lab, so it shouldn't be long until he can chew through everything.


I didn't realize I had taken so many chain link shots until I posted them.


I like track meets too. They just seem to go on forever.

Mr Manuel,

I just wish I had a ton more to share.