Sunday, May 31, 2009

Can I Tell U What I'm Thinkin' That U Already Know?

Gomez trying to keep her dress up. Look ma, no hands!

So, this weekend has been wonderful and crazy and busy. Tonight I'll just talk about the nuptials I went to on Friday night. My friend and fellow Ottumwan got hitched and had her reception at the Eagles Lodge/Club/Center? or whatever it is. It was a great time.

Gomez had almost all of the guys from our town's rugby team in attendance, so there was no chance in hell that this would be a sedate affair. Thank gawd!

Lucky for all of us, my Girl Crush came back for it. She wore this fetching gown that made her look like a cross between Sandy and Cha Cha DiGregorio. How hot is that?

At some point during the festivities, a guy stopped me and asked me if I dated the guy I used to go out with last Winter. My response was, "Who hasn't?'

"Surprisingly, I haven't," he said. Then he went on to say he knew me, but in a more voyeuristic way. That one guy I dated had given him the link to my blog. He said he used to read it, because he now worked at some fancy schmancy school on the East Coast and it was his only link to Iowa City. I thought it was great and asked him if he wanted to pose for a pic with me and my girl crush, that I would then post on my blog and he said he definitely would.

There was a crazy mix of a bunch of people from different parts of my life. Since the bride was from Ottumwa, one of the guys I graduated with was there and his daughters, who are friends with my daughters, were also in attendance. We laughed about how weird that was, then we bitched a little about how crazy it was that our parenting has boiled down to becoming glorified chauffers and money dispensers.

My former classmate's son was a fiend on the dance floor. I couldn't get enough of watching him break dancing and doing the worm across the floor. Eventually, my classmate's wife came up to me and said, "Jeez! Who's kid is that?" I asked her where he got his mad skillz and she said he had three older sisters who taught him everything he knows.

The DJ was okay, but luckily my Girl Crush was there to suggest better dance songs. We were surprised, but they even had Prince's "Pussy Control" - the song the girl's pool league has adopted as their theme song.

By the end of the night, the dance floor turned into a giant mosh pit, and I couldn't have been happier. I had never been to wedding where there was a mosh pit before. I think it's a tradition everyone should uphold.


Remiman said...

I think your party was held here in the Massena Quqlity Inn. If not, both wedding bashes had the identical script.

DJSassafrass said...

Mosh pit it up...whatever keeps the party interesting. I'll put you in charge of that at our shindig.

NoRegrets said...

Mosh pit at a wedding - fantastic.

I like how easy going you are about meeting someone randomly who reads your blog and knows so much about you...

word verification for the day: sorgammy. sounds faintly illegal.

Ananda girl said...

Beats the heck out of any wedding I've been to... snooze! Usually I can't wait to escape, but that one would have been worth enjoying. Glad you had fun.

Susan said...

Note to self: If I ever get married, must have mosh pit.

mighty jo said...

i love weddings...maybe that's why i keep getting divorced. of course other people's weddings are more fun than my own (& mine were pretty fun--one mountaintop elopement; one park wedding with a dunk tank)....
so much hope at a wedding...sigh...& polkas!

Mnmom said...

Perhaps I'll have a mosh pit at my 25-year wedding anniv party!

laura b. said...

That may be the only reason to get married...the kickass party afterward. That looks the wedding recpetion of champions, for sure.

booda baby said...

Coadster should've been hired to DJ your wedding. Way closer.

Poptart said...

Looks like so much fun! (And that guy is hot!) Dancing is the best.

MrManuel said...

Why is girl crush pulling up her dress and not... EDITED. :-)

Churlita said...


Was that fun or just obnoxious for you?


I would be honored, but be forewarned. You have met me, after all.


A lot of my friends know him and told me what a great guy he was, so it wasn't like some hobo off the street with internet access approaching me after reading my blog. It was all pretty safe and harmless.


I've been pretty lucky with weddings in the last couple of years. They've all been pretty fun.


Since I'm never getting married again, I was thinking that I'd write that in my will for my funeral.

Mighty Jo,

I don't like all weddings - only the fun ones. And wedding with a dunk tank would be awesome.

Mn Mom,

You should. I bet your kids would love it.


That was the only reason I got married, for sure.

Booda Baby,

That would have been cool, but she works for her uncle who owns his business in the Quad Cities.


He is and really fun. His wife is even hotter. They are a great couple.

Mr MAnuel,

Behave yourself, young man.