Sunday, May 03, 2009

There Has to Be an Invisible Sun, That Gives Us Hope When the Whole Day's Done

The graffiti on this wall says, "misbehave", I took it as my weekend theme.

Wow, kids. It's been a crazy weekend. I did have some time on Friday to hang out and watch movies because Coadster was sick, but that was it.

On Saturday, I took Stinky to track practice and back and then I ran and then took the girls downtown to get our free comic books on "Free Comic Book Day" and to the mall where we got some stuff we needed. Then we went to the grocery store. Somewhere from the time I paid for my food with my debit/credit card and walked to my car, my magic money card disappeared. I checked all my pockets and the bags, then I retraced my steps and went to the customer service area to see if anyone had returned it, and had Coadster go do it all over again to see if she had would have better luck, but it was gone.

I had to run home and call the bank to have them cancel it. Of course, because it was me, I got the New Agey guy who worked there. He went on this long spiel about sun flashes and how they affected everything. He himself had just got his card stolen, and these sun flashes that guided all of our lives and experiences, can also mess with the magnetic strips on the cards and give erroneous information. "See, most people think astronomy is just a boring school subject, but it affects us all..." While he was going on and on, I was pantomiming for Coadster, banging my head against the wall, while making the "too much talkie talkie" signs with my hands and as he kept on, I grabbed a spoon out of the drawer and pretended to pop my eyeballs out with it. He finally stopped talking and canceled my old card and then ordered me a new card. He made it special and made sure it had flowers on it and then gave me some preferred customer status, before he hung-up. So, I almost felt a little teensy bit bad about making fun of him...But just a teensy bit.

This is the happy new baby couple. They don't look too sleep-deprived, do they?

Unfortunately, all that drama made me miss most of my friend's baby shower. I did get there for the end and went out with all the kids afterward. I was just a bit stressed-out, is all.

The girl crush was back, biting people's boobs and creating all kinds of other adorable mayhem. At one point we were joking about the bank card guy's talk about the bad juju caused by sun flares. Me, G., and my girl crush were feeling like we were in the mood to kick someone's ass. We decided that guy might be onto something.

Here's our hot friend doing a shotski. A shotski is great marketing idea. They velcro shot glasses to a ski and people all have to drink the shots at the same time. It brings in every bar crawl, bachelor and bachelorette party in town.

Our other hot friend who used to tend bar at the Dublin was back too. I hadn't seen her for almost a year, so it was a wonderful reunion.

Here's my girlcrush showing us all what the bartender's vag-ina must look like. He had been a surly little bitch all night, so he definitely had it coming.... Reason # 4,587 why my girl crush is my girl crush.


Remiman said...

You'll want to be careful when those sun flares occur. Ass kickin', boob bitin' ski-shots, and male vaginas. Ya just never know what'll pop up.

Ananda girl said...

Losing the card would have freaked me out. So my problem is sun flares? Who knew? lol. Maybe I'll use that as my excuse today. It's Monday... bound to have at least one screw up. Ha.

Anonymous said...

I can picture this guy at the bank just talking on and on no matter what. I wouldn't worry so much about sun flares as much as I would about Venus reflecting through the swamp gas. Luckily you got the card killed before anybody can use it.

Pamela said...

Ah, to be a fly on the wall following you around for a weekend. Wait, that's kinda what this blog is about. But still, would be interesting to expereince it in person.

mighty jo said...

now that im a stay at home mom with two midgits who havent yet learned social skills--im actually happy when i get the talky-talker guy on the phone. i have long conversations with that guy. hometowns, number of kids, what are ya doing this weekend--we swap all the information! pretty good for a terminally shy girl.

im glad you got out & got some fun with yur girl crush!

Mr Atrocity said...

I'm intrigued to know which vast corporate bank managed to let a bona fide fruit loop through their (hopefully) rigourous interview vetting procedures and then saw fit to put them on the help desk. Perhaps solar flares were at the root of it?

laura b. said...

That does sound like a crazy weekend! You always manage to bring the fun and I thank you for that :-)
How is Coadster feeling now?

girl crush said...

dude, check out g's face in the pic of her royal hotness rocking the shotski. the g look is priceless and pretty much sums up the ass kicking attitude going around!

i can't believe there was no dancing this weekend! fortunately, we will be in town in 2 weeks (the 16th i think) to see sunshine's band at the yacht club on saturday. i fully expect your attendance. they are so over the top your head might explode. can't wait to see you again! loves!

MrManuel said...

I love girl crush picture day!

I hot free comic book day too. I mean, I had to go and get my weekly comics anyway, but it was fun to get some extra.

Bummer about the card. Better than losing a driver's license. A lot of bad things can happen with that. <---from experience.

booda baby said...

I don't know. When Mr. Surly Bartender decides to smile, he's pretty hot.

I like when customer service cares enough to get friendly with me, but then almost immediately, I want them to shut it and take care of business. They should all have to be waiters first so they can practice the delicate balance.

Not Fainthearted said...

Now I feel like I was a complete slacker this weekend! Oh wait. I WAS!!!!

Anyways, glad the card drama wasn't too bad.

Tara said...

The new baby couple look more delirious than sleep-deprived. But then again that's what sleep deprivation does to people.

I'm sorry you lost your card, mine was in a bit of a trauma awhile back. Why? Because my mind registered my new card as junkmail and I threw it away. Then the responsible me took the trash out. I didn't get a hold of a new age guy, but talked to a lady who was hard to understand.

Churlita said...


It's frightening, isn't it?


Hey, I say use whatever you can. We're all in need of a good excuse.


Are you saying this is all part of an alien invasion?


If you ever come to Iowa City, you'll have to hang out with me and my crazy friends.

Mighty Jo,

The solar flares guy would have loved you.

Mr Atrocity,

I love the idea that they let a freak inside their world, I just didn't want to have to be the one he spoke to for WAY too long.

Girl Crush,

I noticed her face in that pic too. So funny.

I can't wait to see you when you come back. I haven't been to the Yacht Club in forever.

Mr Manuel,

We all love Girl Crush picture day and free comic book day too. What a great weekend.

Booda Baby,

I'd almost agree with you, if he didn't think he was god's gift. It makes him much less attractive.


Coadster is doing much better. She's still hacking quite a bit, but she isn't so weak and feverish.


I am so jealous of your slacker weekend.


That was the weirdest thing about the solar flashes guy, he spoke English as his FIRST language. How often do you get that?