Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Hundred Miles an Hour in My Mind

Here are some weird things at my daughters' high school. I'm thinking they are used for football somehow?

I am so ready for this three day weekend. It will also begin a 6 week streak of having at least one extra day off a week. Can you imagine having an extra day off a week? I can't wait. We'll start doing Summer orientations at work soon too. I usually go and round-up parents and students and lead them around and eat lunch with them and ask them if they have any questions. Parents usually want to know what the drinking is like on campus, and I'm always tempted to say, "Oh man. It's awesome! Most of the kids are really, really good at it." But then I give them the usual spiel about our commitment to end binge drinking and alcohol education. Anyway, I have to dress-up a little more, but it sure breaks up the days.

The problem I can see for me right now, is that I've already checked out for the weekend. It felt like Friday when I left the building. Then on my way home, I was starting to pass this group of college boys drinking beer and throwing the football around. The guy getting ready to throw it asked me, "Hey, do you want to be impressed?"

Since I would love to have someone try and impress me every second of the day, I said, "Hell, yeah." He told me to stay where I was, while the guy standing a few houses down put an empty beer can on his head. I figured he'd either hit the can, or hit his friend in the face, and either way, it would be entertaining. He threw it over the guy's head and the beer can fell off all by itself. Needless to say, I was unimpressed.

Everyone keeps asking me what I'm doing this weekend, and I don't have much to tell them. Which is exactly how I want it. Coadster is babysitting for a friend of mine tomorrow night. She made school ambassador for next year, and it's a real honor and looks great on a resume, but it means she'll be working the high school graduation most of Sunday. Plus, both of the girls will be attending copious graduation parties all weekend. I plan on watching movies and drinking a beer or two tomorrow night. I'll go out with some people on Saturday night. A friend of mine is a lawyer in the Twin Cities and she said she wanted to hook up with us too. The rest of the time will be spent cleaning, reading, resting, running, and relaxing.

Soooo, how about you all? Do you get three days off? And if you do, how will you fill them?


Remiman said...

I have Mon. the 25th off.
Otherwise I'm working and on call 7 out of the next 10 days. But all this EXTRA work will enable me to take the summer off!
I did agree to cover a week in June and one in Aug., but other than that it'll be kayaking, hiking, and hell, anything I want to do.

DJSassafrass said...

I didn't know you got to lead parents around? What a great way to get outside and break up the brag on our quirky little Iowa paradise.
Enjoy your weekend! I have 3 days off from both hasn't sunk in how excited I should be!

NoRegrets said...

Climbing! yay! And scavenger hunt of course...

Ananda girl said...

Your job sounds nice. Got a kick out of the let us impress you guys. lol dorks. I've got a 4 day weekend. a no school day too. Teacher's comp day I think. I do not need a reason, just glad it is.

Chrulita, you have to let me know what those odd things are at your daughter's school. I cannot imagine! Sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead for you. Enjoy to the fullest.

Brando said...

Getting some writing done and taking it easy.

Enjoy those extra days off. When I worked in publishing we used to get half-day summer Fridays, and those were more precious than gold.

mighty jo said...

if i can get out to the house im house sitting & get there without nate guilting me into tagging along--then i will get three days off--from nate.

Mnmom said...

Have a great weekend!
My family and I are traveling to a friend's cabin in northern Wisconsin - it'll be so great to get away from everything!

laura b. said...

You should maybe just skip the cleaning, because it doesn't go along with all your other "R" activities.

Hope you're having a great weekend.