Sunday, May 17, 2009

Watching Through Windows, You're Wondering If I'm Okay

Once again, I was caught up in a whirlwind weekend. Friday after I got off at noon, I met a couple of friends for cheap sushi lunch. It rained all day, so I went home and took a much needed, if not very quick nap.

The rest of the evening was for Coadster. I picked her up from soccer, and then went to Red Lobster for dinner. She loves that place for some reason. She had her beloved shrimp scampi, Stinky had steak and I had crab legs and steak. We had a great conversation and it all seemed to make Coadster very, very happy. We dropped Stinky off at home so she could go to a neighbor's house where they were sitting around a fire, and Coadster and I went to see Star Trek. We were both very happy with the movie. Of course, we both got a chuckle out of Hollywood's version of future Iowa, but we do most of the time things "take place" in Iowa.

Here's me and the girl crush dancing like idiots to her friend's band.

We hit the ground running on Saturday. I had to get Coadster to a soccer game by 7:30. Then I had to go buy bagels and bring them to the high school for snacks during the show choir workshop. Since Coadster had a soccer double header too, she was going back and forth all day. I made it to her second soccer game. Since Coadster made varisty this year, she doesn't get to play much, so me going to her games is a lot of me watching her sit on the bench. I like watching soccer, so it's fine, it's just that Saturday was so cold and windy, that I was thinking I could wait and watch her sit and watch sports on our couch in the warmth of the living room anytime I wanted. A friend of mine was working taking money at the gate, so we had a good talk. She's one of my Dublin friends and her daughter's in soccer too.

By Saturday evening, I was ready to stop running kids all over hell, and blow off some steam. There was a free movie called Drop Evil at the Englert Theater. It was a play at cheesy old slasher type films made locally, for the most part. I went with my friend K. We knew a lot of people involved and acting in the film, so it was pretty fun.

Here is a bartender safe from the craziness, behind the glass.

My girl crush was back in town again. One of her friend's bands was playing at the Yacht Club. I met some Dublin kids there after the movie and a quick trip to George's to see another friend who was in town.

Here are some cute girls working their "I'm a little Teapot" routine.

After the band played, we checked out the Dublin, but it was full of people we didn't really know and there was nowhere to sit, so we went across the street to a bar called the Deadwood.

The Deadwood was full of people we did know. Many of them, we hadn't seen for a while, so we settled in.

My friend Rachie was back from the UP of Michigan. We tried to give her all kinds of extra attention to help her recover from the Winter up there.

Then Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" came on the juke box and we dropped everything to do cheesy show choir moves to it. I'm sure you all know how that goes.

It got to a point where I was laughing so hard, that I had to sit down for a minute, or I'd fall down. I love nights like that. I think every night should get to that point. Okay, not every night, but any night that I go out with my girl crush. Thank god, it usually does.


Remiman said...

We partied Saturday evening. Man I've got to give that shit up!

Susan said...

That looks like it was a crazy good time! Glad you had a good weekend!

Tara said...

I love that kind of night too, where the laughter can be debilitating. One of those natural highs.

NoRegrets said...


mighty jo said...

okay--i love cyndi lauper (she's partially responsible for my hair cutting fetish, i think)...& that's a quote from my favorite song. "confusion perfume" is a comic i did named after the line "confusion is nothing new"...nothing to do with your blog, really. im glad you had such a blast & were able to blow off some steam.
i hear the deadwood is having a reunion early june?? maybe i'll be able to make it over....
i could use a night (dare i dream) out.

Ananda girl said...

Sounds so wonderful... a real unwinder kind of fun. I have to laugh at myself here. You once before mentioned "Don't Stop Me Now". At that point I was thinking Vandals... who did it as a cover. I knew there was a reason I'd heard it before... Queen. Love that song.
Glad the weekend was such a success and all were happy.

laura b. said...

It sounds like you gave Coadster a really nice birthday :-)

I love the pictures from your night out.

dmarks said...

Is that Stephen Speilberg guy from the UP too?

Churlita said...


haha. I'm sure you could party circles around me.


Thanks. I need it.


Exactly. It's one of my favorite highs. The good thing about me, is that I don't even need alcohol to make me laugh that hard.


It was.


Is is June or August? I'll have to check the FB stuff.


And I don't think I've heard the other version. I definitely need to check it out.


She seemed really happy with it. The rest of the weekend was so crazy for her, that I'm glad we could slow things down and have a nice evening.


Is he? I thought he was from Arizona or somewhere?