Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life is Funny, Skies are Sunny

So, kids. It was another insanely busy weekend, made a little more difficult by my relentless migraine that hung around on and off for most of the weekend. It was so bad today, that my meds didn't really work on it. Mother's Day was a bust for the most part, but I'm not a big Hallmark holiday kind of girl, so I didn't feel any worse by not being able to do something special. Of course, it would have been really nice if the girls had washed the dishes and cleaned up a little while I was lying down trying to deal with my brain pain...

With all this prom business on Saturday, I just had to suck it up and deal or drive or whatever else was required of me for the occasion. In the morning I drove kids to soccer and track practice, and in the afternoon we ran a bunch of errands to be ready for the big dance.

By three, I took some time out for myself and ran and took a long hot bath, while the girls' friends came over and helped Coadster get ready.

I went to a prom once in high school, but it was just with two of my friends who had to go because we were juniors and they were in student council, so it wasn't a big deal like this. Luckily, Coadster's good friend goes to the other high school in town and just went to prom the week before. She also has an arsenal of make-up and hair care products that almost made my head hurt even more.

Here is Coadster getting her hair did by her friend. There was enough hair spray to kill our ozone and maybe a few other planets' too.

Here is Coadster's friend who did such an amazing job. She's pretty interesting. Her mom was raised Amish, but left the community before she was officially baptized. I was asking her a bunch of questions about it and what it's like to go back and visit the community. That poor girl had to do double duty between Coadster and me.

At 5:30 we went to Coadster's friend's house for pictures. Since the ex doesn't have a car, I offered him a ride. I knew it was important to Coadster, so I had to suck it up again. I took a ridiculous amount of photos. As you can see, they had some amazing lilac bushes as a backdrop.

There was some clumsy corsage exchanges that made for adorable photos.

Here's the whole gang. Can you tell they're all in show choir?

I tried to get a few photos with more natural expressions, but those were hard to come by.

Here is Coadster and her date. he's a really nice kid. She said he was a little awkward at first about dancing, but I told her a lot of high school guys were like that. Since she asked him, we just assumed they were going Dutch and she had money to pay for her meal, but he insisted on paying for hers. He later admitted that his mom gave him the money, but I still thought it was a sweet gesture.

Here is Coadster and her dance partner for show choir. They found that hat in the backyard and thought it would be funny to do a couple of gangsta type poses. Whatever. I guess it's sometimes fun to pretend that you don't live in an overeducated college town in Iowa.

Later that night, I met a few friends for a drink. One of my friends was in town from Seattle and I hadn't seen her in a year. We started off at the Dublin, but it was insanely busy there and then all of the sudden a bunch of guys in suit jackets and shorts, all somersalted down the stairs (some of them hitting their heads on the wall). It meant that the rugby team had arrived. They were all insanely drunk and I stupidly got into a discussion with one of them, who tried to tell me that guys were smarter than girls. Really? Were you one of the guys who just sommesalted down the stairs practically killing yourself? I'm pretty glad I'm not that "smart" then.

Anyway, we ended up at the beer garden at the Picador had a great time. It was a good way to wash off all of the prom business.

I hope your weekend was headache free and that you all had nice Mother's Days.


NoRegrets said...

I have no idea how you can do all that stuff with a headache. I'm very very impressed and it makes me feel like a wimp. Headaches just are horrible to me.

Ananda girl said...

What a weekend for a migraine. Yikes. I am sorry! Coadster looks gorgeous. I had a ball helping my Bear buy her dress and all the hoopla of getting ready on the day of her prom. But it is a lot of running around.

mighty jo said...

kudos on being a conquering mom while sporting a migraine. i know how that goes.
rugby players, ha! i have a soft spot (in my head) for guys who are the epitome of masculinity...i once married a redneck--he could open a beer bottle with his teeth! in the end, they are more tolerable to me than the so-called sensitive guys who look good on paper & end up being emotional abusers.

Susan said...

I watched the Star Trek movie with my mom and got her a wireless thing for her xbox. I'm pretty sure this might be the best Mother's Day ever in mom's eyes.

Tara said...

They look so nice together!

I love that makeup arsenal. I used to be so into the makeup kits in high school. Now, though, I stick with the "less is more" theory.

laura b. said...

I can't believe you had this sort of weekend PLUS a migraine.

Coadster, her friends, and her date are so, so, so cute!

The bar pictures...less cute...but fun :-D

Anonymous said...

With everything you did this weekend, that headache should have been scared away really quickly.

movin down the road said...

I had a migraine on friday. IT SUCKED. I looove the dresses in the photos!

booda baby said...

Ohmygosh, she's so beautiful. Good thing you had a headache, or your heart would've been hurting thinking about it. Oh. Maybe I'm more sentimental than I thought. Except I can almost guarantee it'd all evaporate if I watched teenagers doing the IM'ing/texting/disconnecting with technology thing. I'm turning into a crazy quit-that-shit bat.

Churlita said...


I didn't have the full-on headache all weekend. It was a lot of waking up with one, taking meds, waiting a couple of hours for them to work, and being all spaced out while I drove around. Sunday I did have the full-on headache most of the day, but then I didn't do shit.


It was a lot of fun, but I'm glad it;s over for this year.

Mighty Jo,

I'm right there with you. There was even one guy who was hitting on me last Summer who was there tonight, that I would have been interested in if he weren't 24. There was just the one who was bugging me.


You are the best daughter ever.


I didn't wear any make-up until my 30's. It's still kind of mystery to me.


It was such a normal high school experience. I never really had any of those, so I'm glad my daughters can.

My friends are definitely fun.


I wish I could scare my headaches away. That would be so great.


Sorry about the brain pain.

The dresses are the best part of prom as far as I'm concerned.

Booda Baby,

That's the crazy thing about teenagers - they're all over the sprectrum. One minute they're breaking your heart with their sweetness and beauty and the next they're annoying the hell out of you with their obsessive texting and im'ing.

NoRegrets said...

It would still get me so frustrated. But maybe you've been living with it longer and have thus learned to live with it better.