Monday, June 01, 2009

Come On, Come On, Let's Go and Again and Again and Again

Here is some gorgeous Iowa prairie. Maybe you have to live here to appreciate its subtle beauty, but I'm a huge prairie lover. If you ever want me to help you with a prairie burn, let me know. I've had tons of experience with them.

Well, kids. This weekend was really nice, for the most part. I ran my eight mile route for the first time of the season and the heat and the extra couple of miles definitely kicked my ass. Because I am obviously very, very ill, it also made me want to do it again once or twice next weekend, to see if I can kick its ass instead.

Here is some kind of wild flower remnant leftover from last year.

Saturday night I told my friends' G. and D. that I would meet them out and I tried, I really did. I got ready, I walked downtown and had a beer and heard fun stories from the night before (after I had already gone home). I was feeling like I was getting a migraine, and I was kind of annoyed with the world in general anyway. Then G. and D. went out to smoke and I was left with some great kids who were in their twenties and so not understanding any of my cheesy pop culture references, when I realized I just needed to go home. So, I said my goodbyes and took-off.

I decided to watch a movie. I figured I probably just needed to be entertained. I hadn't really heard much about it, so I tried viewing Henry Poole is Here. Um, it just wasn't my thing. It was all about having faith and about how you just needed faith. NO. MATTER. WHAT. FAITH! Over and over again. I felt like I was being bludgeoned with it. Don't get me wrong. I'm all about faith, but it would also be kind of neat-o to have that faith served up with a little plot too. It reminded me of the overkill at the end of La Bamba where they showed you every person in the world's reaction to Ritchie Valens dying in that plane crash. His mom, his brother, Donna, his second grade teacher, his dentist, the pack of stray dogs that roamed his neighborhood. I get it. I'm supposed to be sad... So, wait. What was I going on about? Oh, Henry Poole. I didn't even finish it, because I was completely faithed out.

Sunday was such a gorgeous day here. I couldn't stay inside or I turned into one of those cats that sit on back of the couch and swat their paw at the window. So, I ran my six mile route and went on a long bike ride.

I didn't take one of those kick-ass "ride as fast and as far as you can" kind of rides. I did blaze up a couple of hills, but for the most part, I wanted to meander and look at and take photos of stuff. It was so nice. As you've probably noticed, I rode by some prairie. Then I passed this sign, and figured I should really check out something called a "Visionary Stone".

In case you were curious too, this was what the "Visionary Stone" looked like. It was a big rock on a hill with a bench next to it. A little anti-climactic, but then again, nice and restful with a beautiful view.

I couldn't get a decent shot of the view for some reason. I think the sun was hitting it wrong, or maybe I just suck. Anyway, this photo doesn't do it justice.

After my run and ride, I was suddenly very hungry. The girls and I decided to eat dessert first and went to Dairy Queen before we went grocery shopping. Bad idea. I forgot what sugar does to Stinky. It makes her insane and overly silly. At one point she was being so obnoxious that Coadster and I ran down the aisle with the cart to get away from her. Lesson learned.


Remiman said...

Love those beautiful sunny days when you can meander about and recharge your batteries.

NoRegrets said...

All in all sounds nice.
Ya gotta have faith.
Or George Michael.

Susan said...

I have an issue with DQ banana cream pie blizzards. They're both evil and good because they make me happy.

Poptart said...

I wish I had seen the grocery store scene! (Though I can see it in my head...hilarious!) Love the pics, Churl.

Ananda girl said...

I like the Visonary Stone. Perhaps if you sit there long enough and think, you'll have an epiphany. Or maybe you just get a nice rest. Ha.

Nice sounding weekend.

laura b. said...

At my old house, I kind of wanted to get a prairie thing going on in the backyard, but was voted down.
Your weekend sounds really fun. Henry Poole doesn't sound like something I'd enjoy, but I think sitting on that bench by the Visionary Stone could inspire great thoughts!

booda baby said...

OOoh, so many treats in one little blog. Dairy Queen. I miss Dairy Queen on a regular, very sad basis.

Another treat is finding someone ELSE who just could hardly stand the Henry Poole thingie. I DID watch the whole thing - something like paying penance for assuming that Luke Wilson would be in a comedy. My bad. And I paid for it.

Pretty pretty pictures, thank you very much.

And that's my round up or your weekend round up. :)

MrManuel said...

Hey now, the ending to La Bamba rules!

Churlita said...


Me too. It was exactly what I needed.


I have faith, I just don't think George Michael and I are each others type.


For me it's those damn moolattes - either the mocha or the caramel. Mmmm.


And it only made things worse, because Stinky thought it was hilarious and kept fake whining about us abandoning her.


An epiphany might be too much for me right now. I'd settle for a nice rest though.


It would probably be pretty dangerous to do a prairie burn where you live. Here you have to do them either in the Winter or in the Spring so it's still wet enough.

Booda Baby,

Thank you for the round up of my round up.

Mr Manuel,

I did like the movie, I just thought the end was too much. I didn't need for them to milk my tears, I was sad enough about it already.

Tara said...

I haven't been to Dairy Queen in such a long time. Maybe I'll grab a bite tomorrow during lunch...and dessert.