Monday, June 08, 2009

Hey, I Wish I Had My Way, 'Cause Everyday Would Be a Friday

Here is a street musician putting her fiddle away and wearing an Iowa flag.

The rest of my four day weekend went pretty well. I've done a ton of running and even more cooking. On Sunday night I made chicken enchiladas, fried tostada shells, cooked frijoles and arroz and made de gallo salsa. I took a little break to have root beer floats with the girls. You know, I needed the sugar as fuel. I tried to watch the new version of Get Smart, but the constant storms cut the satellite signal about halfway through. I'll have to try again later.

Speaking of the weather... It has stormed here a lot this weekend, but it's been kind enough to do it mostly at night and in the morning. The afternoons and evenings have been great.

Here is some art sitting around outside at night during Arts Fest this weekend.

Today was my last day of freedom until next weekend. I spent most of it with Coadster, since Stinky went to a water park in Waterloo for her friend's birthday. She said it was really cold up there. It's funny what a difference an hour and a half can make weather wise.

I ran while Coadster started her Summer job. She's working at a Summer day camp. The same one she went to when she was a little girl. She got CPR certified this evening, so she's all ready to go on Wednesday when it starts. It will be a great job for her, since she wants to go into education and she loves working with kids.

The money will also come in really handy. Especially since we just went on a consult for her senior pictures today and they are going to be extremely PRICE-y. I told her I'd pay for the sitting fees, an 8 x 10 for me and a portion of the wallet fees. The rest she'll have to come up with, and if her dad wants a pic, he'll have to pay for it himself. She was really happy with my offer and has no problem putting up some cash for what she wants. I'm trying to walk that line with my girls, where I help out, but make them work for stuff too. I know people who's parents gave them everything when they were younger, and I don't think they did them any favors. Sometimes I'm almost (that's a BIG almost) glad I don't have a ton of money, because I would be tempted to give my kids too much. I don't want them to have to work as hard for everything as I did, but I also want them to learn how to budget and work for the things they want. It can be a tricky little line.


Ananda girl said...

I think having them work for at least a portion is great... you really are a good mom, Churlita.

My kids have to earn the money for insurance if they want to learn how to drive. It's so expensive for boys that I cannot afford it... so they can earn it if they want to learn.

Kudos to Coadster for realizing her role with a good attitude.

You menu has me starving!

Remiman said...

I agree with you about raising your daughters to rely on their own earnings to get what they want. We did the same with our kids and they're good money managers now as adults.
I grew up in a family which had enough to get by but anything above an beyond was on our own shoulders. I never felt deprived, but I did alway feel the necessity to work. Started earning at 13 and I'll be working 'til they shovel dirt in my face.
In my book, you are a very loving and savvy mom, woman; ahhhh, well you get my point. Don't you? :)

Anonymous said...

You had me at enchiladas. Sounds like an excellent dinner.

I guess the day camp will make or break Coadster's career choice. She will either love working with kids or they will scare her away.

NoRegrets said...

Seriously. I want some of your food.
The only thing I learned about money when I was younger was not to spend it. Which isn't a bad lesson I suppose.

DJSassafrass said...

...and you could even speed on the highway.
I would play ghetto games, name my kids ghetto names...

Poptart said...

I wish I learned about money. I've earned my own since I was 14 and still am terrible about it. Who knows why - I don't even blame my parents. But it sounds like you have a really fair and thoughful system with C and I am not worried about her - she'll be good with $$ I think.

Tara said...

I think I paid for all of my high school yearbooks, or at least the last two years.

Wow, that meal with the enchiladas and salsa sounds so good.

Mnmom said...

I'm with you on the money thing - I would have spoiled them absolutely rotten. We didn't have much as kids, but somehow I still let money just slip through my fingers.

So, when can I come over for dinner?

In answer to your question in my comments, I lived in Iowa City or Cedar Rapids 1982-1997

laura b. said...

Your Sunday night dinner sounds amazing. *drool*
I'm glad that in spite of the storms you were able to get lots of running in.
I have similar feelings about my kids and money. If I had more, I could give them more and would..and yeah, that wouldn't necessarily be a good thing. You're right, it is a fine line. I think you're doing great :-)

mighty jo said...

that's a good money lesson for her as well. seeing all the spoiled college kids while working in college towns, i know what you mean about kids who got everything they wanted--they seem to value nothing. i try not to give my kids everything (yes, having no money helps), but it's hard to resist them.
i always planned to, & have set it up so they do not get the money i have invested for them until they are 21. im going to make them work for whatever they want from 18-21 & then let them have their "future" money to do whatever they want with after they experience working for what they want & need.
it might work.

Susan said...

I really really like that art. I'm glad your weekend was good.

MrManuel said...

Your Sunday dinner sounds awesome.

I remember Senior Pictures WERE expensive. My folks paid for them, but man, were they ever pricey!

Brando said...

Definitely good for Coadster to earn it. Even though I wished at the time my parents had given me more, looking back on it I am glad I got a job and worked when I was in high school. It was very rewarding.

Churlita said...


That insurance thing will be a big thing for us too. I may use your idea about that in the next year.


I definitely want my girls to have a good work ethic and find something they love to do as well.


I think she'll love it. She's had quite a bit of experience working with kids before, so I think she knows what to expect.


The money thing is hard. I want them to be able to buy the things they need to enrich their lives without living above their means. I guess I'd like the same thing for myself too. Ha ha.


You know it. Coadster has been addicted to this song lately. I put it on my running playlist and it makes me happy whenever it comes on.


I think so too. It's Stinky I worry more about. I bet you're not surprised by that.


Thanks. The food is really good. it's nice to just heat stuff up for the rest of the week.

Mn Mom,

Then we lived here for much the same time. I worked at the Mill and Amelia's Deli and The Farmer's Market and Bakery and Great Midwestern. I wouldn't be surprised if I waited on you a time or two.


I was happy I got a bunch of running in too. I'm sure my girls were pretty excited, as I'm a much better mom with my endorphins.

Mighty Jo,

That's it exactly. People who had everything when they were growing up have weird entitlement issues and don't seem to appreciate what they have.


I like the girl art piece the most.

Mr Manuel,

IT was good. yeah, I'm not sure why those pics are so crazy expensive.


That and it helps you learn how to handle money as an adult.