Monday, June 29, 2009

This Band's Curse Inflicts All Its Members

So, here's one thing I forgot to mention yesterday. On Saturday the girls and I went to Trek Fest in Riverside, Ia. - the future home of James T. Kirk. It was the 25th anniversary. We missed the parade in the morning, and weren't about to go to the casino and pay $25 or more to see Uhura, Sulu and Chekov. We, did however, catch enough Star Trek kitsch to last a lifetime. Oh yeah, there was also a car show at the same time, so we had lots and lots to look at.

Here I am getting attacked by the Horta on one of the floats leftover from the parade. Trek Fest can be very, very dangerous, you know.

Here is Coadster getting ready to board the Starship Enterprise...

...And here she is on the bridge with her finger on the contols.

Apparently, being in charge of all the controls really freaked-out Stinky. That was not the only time she made that face while we were there.

Eventually, we tried to escape the oppressive heat and humidity by entering the Star Trek museum place. Only in Iowa, do Trekkies and farmers co-exist so peacefully.

The girls were hanging with Spock and Kirk for a while, but then we quickly moved on. As far as I'm concerned, I don't trust the captain around my daughters.

I thought we'd be safe when we entered the next room, but were suddenly faced with a gigantic shrine to The Shat. This photo doesn't do it justice. I wish I had one of those panorama cameras, to show you all the crap they had in this room to pay homage to the man.

The rest of the day, I spent running and showering and dying of heat exhaustion and dehydration after my run. Then I got the girls to their respective places and headed out into the night.

Here are the Meat Puppets seriously kicking ass.

At first, I went to the Dublin to hang out with a few friends. We were having a great talk and watching baseball, when a bachelor party arrived, in an advanced state of innebriation. I was invited to the corresponding bachelorette party, but was too lazy to go to all the bars with them, so we were waiting for them to show up at the Dublin too. They eventually did, right when I was supposed to go to the Meat Puppets show. My doppleganger who also shares my name, kept trying to get me to stay. She told me the show was canceled because the whole band had diarrhea, but I didn't believe her and finally took my leave.

The band didn't have diarrhea (that I could see, anyway) and they were so awesome, I could barely stand it. Like the temp in my office said, they looked old, but they didn't play old. It was one of the best shows I've been to since Dinosaur Junior last year.

Here is Dexter and LN.

The show was sold-out and packed and hot and suffocating. Lucky for me, my friends Dex and LN, found the very best seat in the house. It was booth with really bouncy seats, located directly under the air conditioner. Basically, I jumped up and down with the air blowing on me for over an hour. If you ever get to see the Meat Puppets, I highly recommend bringing a mini trampoline and your own air conditioning unit. It's truly the best way to see them.


Poptart said...

Great post plus all the pictures! You're a busy lady and I love living vicariously through you.

Remiman said...

Meat Puppets?
OK, I'll keep an eye out for them. ;>)

NoRegrets said...

I think they are playing around me sometime soon... gotta look.
So, this town attracts tourists because it's the birthplace of Captain Kirk as noted in the new movie? Amazing.
Do the farmers bunjee jump into the grand canyon in Iowa?

Tara said...

There's a blogger in England who would love that Shatner shrine.

There was an art gallery in Canada set up for William Shatner - It was a room full of artwork created by fans. One thing there was a Shatner head made from Legos.

Anonymous said... ex.....citing...wayto....spend.....the day. Beam....meup....Scotty.

OK, I will have to check out to see if and when the Meat Puppets are coming to CLeveland. They probably already did, but I'll check.

Ananda girl said...

What a fun post!

"the Shat" hahahaha I like that.

The farmer and the trekie... too funny.

I love the Meat Puppets!

You seem to have such a great life Churlita. Thanks for sharing it.

mighty jo said...

mini trampoline & air conditioner...i might just make it a habit to take those two things with me always to enhance every experience.
shan's the trekkie--im into luke skywalker. i never got the alure of kirk...(shan & i never agree on men--except david duchovny & jake gyllenhaal--guys with last names i can't spell)
ive never seen the meat puppets. hopefully my kids will let me leave the house again soon so i can start going to shows again! i miss live music.

laura b. said...

Awesomeness everywhere! Billville! Love it...and you are so right not to trust that wily ladies man around your daughters :-) The Meat Puppets show sounds great. They are coming back to LA in Sept. and I'd love to see them.

crazy4coens said...

You know how to have some fun! Be my new hero?

MrManuel said...

That Star Trek fest looks like it would have been fun. They have big ones here now and then, but have never been.

Churlita said...


I wish you could just come and hang out with us.


They are actually pretty good. You might like them.


Trek Fest has been going on for 20 years. I'm sure the movie may have helped to promote it. I would love to see farmer bungee jump into the imaginary Grand Canyon in Iowa though.


I wish we had a Shatner Lego head here. That would be awesome.

Alien CG,

You should. Too bad The Shat won't be in Cleveland anytime soon. I love your WS phrasing.


Thanks. I love my life most days. Of course, we all have days where we don't, but in general...Things are pretty good here in Iowa.

Mighty Jo,

You should be set if you just bring those two things everywhere you go.


They put on such an amazing show. The old stuff and the new stuff is all amazing.


Anytime. We can all take a vow of fun for the Summer at least.

Mr MAnuel,

I had never been to this one before either. They filmed a little bit of one for the movie Trekkies, but it made Iowans look so dumb.

crazy4coens said...

I like it! Yes, let's all take a vow of summer fun! Yeah!

Brando said...

Star Trek and the Meat Puppets? That is a rocking day indeed.

booda baby said...

How weird and fun! A Trek Fest in Iowa might be just the introduction someone like me needs (vs some big old convention center without a farmer in sight). Of course, it also helps that you can follow up a Trek Fest with air conditioned bouncey-castle stuff.

That's just one of those sweet days life gives up.