Monday, June 22, 2009

In the End the Path is Clear

As promised, here are the pics from Stinky's day at the Wapello County Fair. She went with her two friends. She said the lion cub beat her with its tail.

Well, kids. My 5 day weekend is officially over now. Wah! I love having all that time. I always say that I'd never get bored if I didn't have to work...At least if I had enough money. I have way too many hobbies and I do love to spend time by myself.

She and her friend's brother rode the camel.

The only thing is, I have no idea if that's really true. I don't think I've been unemployed longer than a month during my entire adult life. Up until a few years ago, it felt like a luxury to only work 40 hours per week. Plus, I've been a parent since I was 26 years old, and we all know what a time suck kids are.

Here she is looking back at her friends.

These five days have been really nice. It's not that I hate my job or anything. It's fine. It's more that I'm not the best time manager in the world. I try to do WAY too many things in a day and can't get through all of them. So, having 8 and 1/2 extra hours, really took away that stress. I was able to balance everything so much better. It was also a huge treat to be free when other businesses were open. I got my car registration renewed, Stinky's social security card ordered, paid my dentist bill, and went to the bank. Weird.

You can tell by how spazzy she is that we share the same DNA, can't you?

I only went out one night during those 5 days. Since it's Summer, it seems there was something to do every night I was off, but I'm such a homebody. I was really happy just to hang out at my house with my girls and eat dinner and watch movies. Especially with Coadster, I am painfully aware that time is very limited, so I try to take it whenever I can get it.

So it is, that I go back to work tomorrow. My house is looking pretty good, most of my errands have been run, I had tons of time with my girls, and many miles were run. I guess I can handle working four more days until the next weekend.


Remiman said...

It is nice to have time off. After three weeks into my summer off, I'm covering a week at the hospital for a friend and guess what; it gives credence to the adage, variety is the spice of life. All that leisure time, training and such was tiring me out, so going bact to work for a week is a nice break. Now that's weird.

jenny said...

Wow - your county fairs are a heck of a lot more exotic than the ones I've been to, with your everyday goats and chickens and such.

Hope the return to reality isn't too painful!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Glad you enjoyed the time off.. Somehow we always want more time to recupe from having a vacation..

NoRegrets said...

Well, good for you. Glad you had fun.

Tara said...

I need to go to our county fair this Summer. I skipped it last year and I missed the smelly animals and the toothless carnival ride operators. And the food..Oh I miss carnival food..

booda baby said...

It's wonderful that you know how to USE that free time. Weird, isn't it, how time can be spent avoiding the spending time beautifully.

Just saying, whenever I get some days in a row, I can almost be guaranteed to waste at LEAST the first one relaxing into the world. Do you think having kids actually helps you focus? Maybe I could rent one or two?

Ananda girl said...

Stinky must take after mom... up to trying new and exciting things! That lion cub is really something and so was the camel.

Sounds like a great vacation to me. You gals do know how to have fun!

laura b. said...

It is so hard to go back to work. I could totally live the life of a trust fund baby. haha!
I love that one picture of Stinky and her friend on the camel...they look very excited by the experience, so cute.

thisnewplace said...

I love the camel photo! priceless! I hope you enjoyed your time off. Mine comes over July 4th. Ten days to basically get work done and relax too. The kids being gone is a vacation, everything else remains.

Anonymous said...

I seriously need to find a job already so I can appreciate a long weekend. I used to enjoy a nice day off to get things done.

By the way, I'm jealous, I want to ride a camel.

MrManuel said...

Time off is nice and I am glad you enjoyed yours. I would have never thought of you as a homebody though. You always seem to be out partying somewhere. I guess those are the things that stick.

Churlita said...


I feel like that too. It's nice to get some rest at work.


I've never seen one with such exotic animals here before either. I'm not sure where they got those.


I'll take as much vacation time as I can get.


Thanks. It was fun.


Do you guys have funnel cakes in Ohio?

Booda Baby,

The first day or two, I did some easing into my time. I think that's just as important as actually using my time though.


Stinky is a little daredevil. She's very brave when it comes to new experiences... More than me even.


Me too. Where do you think we find these trust funds, anyway?


10 days? That's probably both good and bad. I bet you really miss the girls by the end of it.


Me too. I think it would be fun to ride a camel.

Mr MAnuel,

I really have to make myself go out. For years I stayed home, and didn't date and rarely had conversations with adults I had anything in common with. My instinct is to stay home and live in my own little world.

Tara said...

Funnel cakes? Ohhhh yes we do. They're my favorite treat.

Sebastien said...

How does one go about trying to purchase a camel? I could really go for owning a camel here, would be a good mode of transportation for the Phoenix desert.

Poptart said...

I love the Stinky spaz pics and I love that you got so much done and had a great 5DW. I am exactly the same as you re: time off. I have lots of unemployed friends who actually get bored and/or don't do shit with all their free time, and I am like "WHAT??" I would love to be gainfully unemployed for an extended period. I'd take over the world with all the lists of things I'd want to do with that time!