Sunday, June 14, 2009

Even My Shadow Leaves Me All Alone at Night

Well, this weekend pretty much just flew by. I did get to watch Wall-E on Friday night and I loved it. I was so glad I got a night to watch movies and veg out on Friday, because the rest of my weekend was insane.

Saturday afternoon I went to the Dublin Underground owner's cookout. My original plan was to stay for an hour or so, and go home and clean and have some wonderful alone time. The girls had left for the Quad Cities with their dad, and this was the first time in months and months that I would have 24 hours to myself to do whatever I wanted.

At one point during the cookout, I got cornered by a woman who wanted to talk about all of her shoes. She was speaking in designers and dollars and I don't really speak that language. The only thing I could think of to say was, "I spend a lot for running shoes...". It seemed like the perfect time to make my exit, but when I went to say goodbye, the hostess and my friend G. dragged me into a room and they started playing dress-up with the hostess' scarves and making hilarious outfits, so I ended up staying until 9 in the evening.

I went home for about an hour to relax and get ready. Originally, I was going to meet my friends out at the Industry where my friend G.'s co-worker's band was opening for a Tool cover band. Since we got going so late, her friend's band was almost done, and I couldn't see paying any money to see Tool, let alone their cover band, so I went down to the Dublin and waited for them there.

The rest of my night was nice and mellow. One of my ex-boyfriends showed up and we had a nice talk. We've been friends since he was 17 and I was 19. Sometimes we get along swimmingly, and sometimes he feels the need to prove that he can still push my buttons and piss me off. Luckily, this was one of the swimmingly times.

My friends left to find after hours fun, and I went home. I woke up on Sunday to find that someone had called and left me a voicemail at 4 in the morning. The voicemail was just someone breathing and then a quick hang-up. I checked my missed calls and it was from Mr. B. Wha? I wonder what the hell he thought he was going to say to me. "I'm sorry I'm a sociopath?" or "I'm sorry I was such a lying little skeez?"


Ananda girl said...

Boy, caller ID really takes all the mystery out of obscene phone calls!

Wall-E was a great little film.

People like shoe woman make my eyes spin! Great photos, make me wish I was there.

DJSassafrass said...

He was probably outside your window.

Anonymous said...

A cookout, a crazy shoe lady, a bunch of Tools and an obscene phone call. Sounds like a great weekend.

Tara said...

I have not seen Wall-E yet - maybe that's my next rent.

I hate it when someone starts talking about stuff I don't know anything about - the shoe thing would've bored me to tears.

Pamela said...

He was calling to say he'd dumped girlfriend #4 and wanted you to be his #4.

laura b. said...

Wasn't Wall-E great?
Your Saturday certainly had a good variety of people and activities.
As for Mr. B...he had to know you'd see it was WTF?

Johnny Yen said...

When my last marriage broke up, somehow word got through the ex-girlfriend grapevine that I was single again. It took very little time to remember why they were ex-girlfriends.

Sounds like someone was doing a little drink and dialing.

Poptart said...

But then what did you do Sunday? Ha ha. I love your the 4th pic. I can almost hear the sound effects! Sounds like a fun wknd!

Churlita said...


I don't think it was obscene. I think he was drunk and wanted attention. But who knows? I never understand how boys brains work.


That would take effort on his part, so I doubt it. I was thinking he was probably at his girlfriend's house and she was asleep, so he thought he'd call me.


Ha ha. I guess it's all in how you look at things, huh?


Oh yeah. My eyes were totally glazed over. I'm sure there were plenty of people who'd be into that, she just had the wrong girl is all.


I figured he was calling to tell me I was the 5,461st thing he thought about every day...You know, after he thought about his penis a bunch of times and his son, and all 753 of his other girlfriends.


Wall-E was awesome. thanks for the heads-up on that.

I'm sure he was drunk and thought I'd answer. Or maybe his girlfriend got hold of his phone and was dialing numbers to see what other women he had on there.

Johnny Yen

I mistakenly recycled boyfriends when I was younger, but I would never be that dumb anymore. They're all exes for very good reasons.

Definitely a drunk dial at 4 am.


yeah, I'm sure Pete loved me screeching in his ear behind him.