Sunday, June 28, 2009

You Could Say I Am Tired

This weekend was full of wonderful. If there was any way I could have rolled up a dollar bill and snorted all the events into my nose for the head rush, I would have. It was that fun. Since I packed so much in it, I'm just going to discuss Friday night tonight.

I got home from work and spent time with the girls and got them where they needed to be. Then around 9, I met my girlcrush and other friends at the Foxhead where Mr. Meister was working.

We had been discussing how big our arms seem to look in photos. I suggested we just banana clip our upper arms, so we tried it out, and look how much smaller they are here.

After a bit, we headed to the Dublin and tried to mass our troops before we made it to the Mill to see the House of Large Sizes play.

We got to the Mill just as the band was starting and found out the show had sold-out. None of our guy friends had a ticket, so we said our good-byes and went into the bar.

It was populated with mostly old people - which is my kind of show. Luckily they weren't too mature NOT to make a beautiful pyramid of PBR tallboys.

The show itself was awesome. The band could still rock and boy howdy, did they. A few of my friends had never seen them before, and they were really impressed. With so many people, it was super hot and stuffy. So, after being in the thick of the crowd for a while, I went back to the bar and stood by my friends Bronson and Craig, where I could actually breathe.

Once the show was over, we went back to the Mill, where I took photos of my adorable friends and talked a bunch of shit.

Mr. Meister was nice enough to give us all a ride home after he got done tending bar. When we were in front of the bar waiting for him, this gigantic six year old looking guy (that's how some of my friends described him) kept bugging me about taking a photo of him. I obliged, just to shut him up, but while it was being taken, he started yelling, "I don't know what to do with my hands!" and then tried to get me to take another picture with him. Luckily, Mr. Meister drove up and I jumped into his car.


laura b. said...

Oooohhhh, I love your dress Churlita! Sounds like an excellent Friday night to me...and makes me eager to hear about the rest of the weekendy goodness.

And oh my gosh...that guy does look like a super sized six year old! So funny...

Ananda girl said...

You seem to have so much fun!

Yeah... that guy...hummmmm. Yikes.

I'm anxious to hear about the rest of the weekend now.

Remiman said...

Sounds like a soul refreshing night with friends, music and atmosphere.

Tara said...

That is such a cute dress!

booda baby said...

That was a fun night! I'm pretty impressed with the 'gigantic six year old' guy. You have to like friends who not only notice, but can name, too.

Anonymous said...

Your Friday night sounds like it was some kind of wonderful (I made a Grand Funk reference). I always like an evening of quality, live entertainment.

Pamela said...

you are brave to hug a giant 6 year old.

mighty jo said...

reading your blog is how i get my iowa city fix. i can't believe how much i miss it! so close & so far away!

Mnmom said...

Great pics!!!
I miss the Foxhead, the Mill, etc.

MrManuel said...

Giant six year old....that's hilarious, and yet, so true...

Churlita said...


Thanks. It's my daughter's. Thank god they have cute clothes, or I'd be running around looking even slouchier than I already do.


Thank god he was only 6, or he'd make me a little nervous.


It was very nice.


Thank you. See my comment to Laura.

Booda Baby,

I know. It cracked me up when someone said that, because it was so well called.


Me too. I love going to see bands.


Yeah. I'm a real daredevil. I hope I'm never that brave again.

Mighty Jo,

It's true. You aren't that far away, but when you have kids, it's harder to go somewhere else and hang out.


The crazy thing is, none of those places have changed one bit since you last lived here.


It was a perfect description of him.