Thursday, June 11, 2009

We're All Looking at a Different Picture Through This New Frame of Mind

Here is a guy I don't know with a bag of CD's attached to his ass.

Jinkies! I can't believe the week is almost over. I guess time flies when you're busy creating strange dark scenarios in your head, huh? The last couple of nights, I've gone to cookouts with my friends who all seem to have tons of kids. My girls even went with me tonight. They babysit our friend, A.'s son. He was there and was all excited that his babysitters were there, but got a little confused because he thought they were the same person(they usually babysit him separately) and all of the sudden there were two of them. My girls don't think they look that much alike, but everyone else seems to.

Here is a friend of mine sitting on an orange cone. Just because.

Sooo, this weekend? I'm not sure. Everything seems to be shaping up for it today. I got an invite from the owners of the Dublin to come to their house for a cook-out on Saturday night. It also looks like the girls will go to the Quad Cities with their dad that same night. It will be weird not to have them around then.

Friday night should be pretty mellow. I'll run after work, if the weather permits, then I'll hang out and watch a movie with Coadster. She has to take her ACT test on Saturday morning, so I'm sure she'll go to bed early.

It's funny how clearly I remember taking the ACT. I was sicker than a dog that day. I had had a track meet the night before, which didn't help. I was okay at the beginning of the test, but by the time I had to do the math section, I was fading fast. I think I had answered only a few questions when they told us we had five minutes left to finish up. Shit! I did what I could and got a decent enough score to get into a state school, which is all I could afford anyway. I didn't bother to take it again. Coadster is already planning to take it again in September. She doesn't do the best at standardized tests. She gets awesome grades, but she second guesses her answers and doesn't trust her knowledge and doesn't test that well. I just hope her ACT experience is a million times better than mine was.

What are youse guys' plans? Will you be cooking out or testing yourselves in any way?


laura b. said...

There is something so cute about your friend's son thinking the girls were the same person :-) I can only imagine his surprise.

Your weekend sounds great. If anyone gives me a test this weekend I'll fail it for sure. I bet Coadster does just fine though.

Remiman said...

No tests planned, but the kids are coming.

Tara said...

That first photo cracks me up - at first I had no idea what he had there and am relieved that it's just a bag of CDs.

Well let's see - plan to go to a flea market tomorrow morning and then either buy a hotdog and chips there or make a hamburger for me and my mom. Sunday will probably be a lazy day.

Pamela said...

No, but I'll be sitting on some bright orange cones! Looks like an orgasmic experience!

Pamela said...

oh, ps, those guys are twins, right? or are they a couple? wearing the same outfit and all...

mighty jo said...

i'll be on the ferris wheel flirting with the carnies this weekend.
i was satisfied with my first ACT score as well, even though it was lower than my 3 older (genius) siblings. my younger sister couldn't believe i'd settle for my score which was still a very decent score--just not genius. she made fun of me & then scored even lower! ha!
have fun with the weekend!!

Mnmom said...

Book club tonight, housework and gardening tomorrow. Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

I'm having grilled pork chops and a nice salad for dinner. I haven't decided if I'm going out tonight.

The rest of this weekend is a blank slate, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Ananda girl said...

Your photos are a hoot!

We are having a family BBQ. That's always fun. Our family is a bit crazy.

Other than that, I have to cut my lawn. It is in dire need.

Poptart said...

i don't think the girls look alike!

that is all. happy weekend churlita!

MrManuel said...

Poker on Saturday night and family stuff on Sunday. Not much else.

I never took the ACT. I took the SAT and SAT II and was so happy with my score the first time on each of them, I never took them again.

sissy said...

My kids have thought that the girls were one person in fact they used to say their names all together really fast so that it was one word. They know now that they are two people.

booda baby said...

It is the sad lot of the freelancer to be able to test herself on any day she damned well pleases which happened to be last night. I'd have had to lay my aching hungover head on any test that I took today. Moroccan feasts are HIGHLY recommended; the tons of wine being poured, not so much.

Do you get nervous for your girls when they have a big test? I'm guessing probably not since you have so much practice with their other competitions.

I hope your head holds out for all the bbq-ing!!

Brando said...

LOL at the caption to that first picture.

I did much better on the ACT, which I did zero preparation for, than the SAT, which I prepared quite a bit for. Not sure why because I thought the social studies and science questions made the ACT harder.

Worst was when I took the GRE. Got to the end of one of the math sections and was off by one answer. I had skipped a question but forgot to skip it on the answer sheet. These kids don't know how easy they got it, with all the fancy computers and what not.