Thursday, October 25, 2007

She Looks Like She Don't Know Better

Here is a photo of the story of my life.

So, I was thinking that I might go out this Halloween. Yeah, it's on a school night, but I'd try to come home at a decent hour and not really drink that much. I think I could make it work. Some people I know are doing a Misfits cover band at the Picador. So, K. and I were kicking around the idea of seeing that. Now, the big problem is figuring out a costume. I have this crazy pair of black, knee high boots I could work with. Any suggestions from my readers?

When the girls were younger, I would dress-up to go trick-or-treating with them. One year, when I was still working at the clinic and doing a lot of phlebotomy, I dressed-up like a vampire - even to work. The patients loved it, and Coadster was happy because she suggested it, and even at that tender age she had control issues.

Another year I went as a skank bar hag. That costume was probably the most fun. I found this nasty, sorta slutty dress at Goodwill, that also had weird pit stains. Then I wore ripped-up nylons, heels that were scuffed and broken, I made sure to wear too much make-up and smear it around, and took my hair as big as it's ever been - which, if you know me, you understand just how out of control that was. The nurses I worked with at the time, had so much fun at lunch one day remembering the outfits of every skanky bar hag they knew to try to give me ideas for my costume.

I went to a lot of parties that year, so I don't remember a whole lot from that night. I do recall, being at an after hours party and sitting on a couch between two women, who kept trying to feel me up - one was dressed as Slash and the other dressed as Axl Rose. Come to think of it, that was kind of fun. Maybe I'll bring back the skank bar hag costume again this year.


evil-e said...

I would have to see photos of that costume....hmmm.

Crazy black knee about getting a riding prod and a whip and doing the leather dom thing?? That could be interesting and entertaining.

I will be posting photos of my Halloween get up probably Monday. Me an Renee did the costume shopping this evening for the weekend festivities.

Mr Atrocity said...

You could up the ante by going as a zombie skank bar hag. Same as before but with blue make-up.


Trevor said...

"Some people I know are doing a Misfits cover band at the Picador."

On Halloween? Yes. Points will be deducted if the Danzig double is above 5'5".

The boots = Aeon Flux.

Tara said...

Do you perhaps have a photo of that bar skank costume? That sounds awesome. :D The vampire costume at the hospital was also a great idea! Coadster is wise.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

Halloween, to me, is alot of effort. Especially since my kids freak out. I just kind of try and get through it

booda baby said...

Me too, me too. I want to see a photo of skank bar hag before I vote. We DO get to vote, don't we?

laura b. said...

Love the bar skank idea! Success once could mean success again.
Then again, black boots would be great for being some sort of sexy super hero.

DJSassafrass said...

Ha! I was Axl Rose one year at our Hoosieto party (half Hoosier, our Missouri word for hicks an dhalf ghetto). We had tall boys, Hamms and Alize. We also wore our 'house shoes' with curlers in our hair and there was more than one Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt.
I also remember that we had a bunch of Cabbage Patch Kids that we kept calling our 'baby cousins' and there was a cadillac parked on the front lawn.
Oh--and maybe the best was the fact that we had a whole box of Trojans left from Ozzfest!

Chance said...

Were you wearing red eye shadow and green mascara?

Churlita said...


Thank god I have no photos of that costume. No one needs to see that.

Mr. Atrocity,

Oooh. Blue make-up would be fun.


Awesome costume idea. I don't suppose you'll be at the show...


Don't tell Coadster that, she already has a big enough head. Hee hee.


It gets better as they get older.

Booda Baby,

You do know that a blog is a dictatorship and not a democracy, don't you?


You're a genius. I'm running with the super hero idea.


I definitely need to see pictures of that.


She's too much.