Sunday, October 14, 2007

Honey If I Get Restless

Here is a leaf in the grass.

I wouldn't call this weekend awesome. it wasn't horrible, it was just really busy and social and I am a girl who needs her downtime.

On Saturday we went to Ottumwa and it was fine. We celebrated Stinky's birthday...Again. The best part was checking out my sister's new house. It was so 70's, in that good kitschy way. Everything about it was totally mod. If I could have played with Mod Hair Ken and my Malibu Skipper in the Barbie Dreamhouse and listened to Elton John and Kiki Dee, I would have felt like I had been transported back to 1975.

By the time we got back home, it was close to six. Some of my friends were drinking wine, and my friend M., from NY was on her way back from drinking with her family at a bar in Tiffin. Basically, it was an evening of me being EXTREMELY sober and hanging out with people who had been drinking for hours. Since I've been getting a cold, the smartest thing I could have done, was stay home, order a pizza, lie in bed and watch a movie, but I appreciate the hell out of my friends, and I hadn't had a chance to really sit down and talk with M. for many years.

I met them at George's and I got to hear about their lives and the story of how they met. Then they asked about my relationship status. Man, I hate that question. Usually when someone asks me how my love life is, I just respond by saying, "Imaginary." I explained my latest ridiculous situations, and M. nodded, knowingly. Her husband said, that he would like me to start punching guys in the throat when it seemed that they were going to jerk me around. I told him that wasn't really my style, and he told me that I needed to think about adopting a new style. I'm sure he's right.

At ten, I still hadn't eaten, so I grabbed some Chinese take-out from around the corner and went home to chill-out by myself and eat.

Today was supposed to be a day where I didn't do much, but it wasn't to be. It was rainy when I woke-up at ten to my sister's phone call. She told me she had been waiting since 6 to call me, and she couldn't imagine waking up at ten. I told her to think back to the forty years of her life, before she had children.

I ran Stinky to the mall, then went to the Co-op for the things I get there and to Hy-Vee for the things I get there. When I finally made it home, the sky had cleared, so I ran my eight mile route through Coralville. My run was fairly uneventful, except at the end when I ran past a guy who is running for city council, who I used to call Peter Frampton when he frequented one of the coffee shops I worked at for many years. He said, "Way to go, Churlita, " and put his hand up for me to give him a high five.

My friend S. came over for dinner, and I was totally drained by then. I felt bad because I knew I was babbling and not making any sense. Finally, at nine, I had to excuse myself in an effort to try to keep the weird and lame in me from infecting her. Believe me, it was for her own good.

Now, I will attempt to sleep in hopes that I will be more socially functional tomorrow. Thank god I don't have to work a visit day this week.


Remiman said...

Going to work on Monday to get some rest. Hmmm....I've had those weeks before. Mine was quite laid back this week.

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

We had a fairly laidback weekend and I was busy installing some games on the PC that I hadn't played.. I felt like going out but didn't go anywhere special..

Tara said...

When someone asks you about your relationship status, you could always tell them that you're on a hiatus at the moment. One of my brothers used to ask me if I have a boyfriend just to bug me, and I'd tell him I haven't found anyone worthy yet. ;) A little overboard, but it quieted him down.

minijonb said...

i like 70's flashbacks almost as much as 60's or 80's flashbacks... ya know, since it was an odd numbered decade i can't totally get into it.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I LOVED Elton John when I was a kid and had a 45 of Don't Go Breakin My Heart that I played on my Close N' Play.
Also, people asking about your love life may be the worst aspect of being single. The worst aspect of being married is people asking when/if you're going to have children.

laura b. said...

I think I know how you feel Churlita. It is nice to have a social life, but I too love my downtime pretty desperately.

Dagromm said...

Did you complete the hi-five or did you leave him hanging and mutter the word "douchebag" as you passed. That would have been awesome. Mean but awesome.

Margaret said...

here's to chinese alone, delectible

Churlita said...


I'm jealous of your weekend.


What games did you install?


I think that is the perfect reply.


Yeah, you had to have grown up then.


...And then if you have one child, then they ask when you're going to make them a sibling. I don't know why people even care.


Especially on a night when the girls are supposed to be with their dad.


I was too high from running to think of it, but next time, I;m doing that.


It was nice once I had it.

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

I reinstalled Sims2 on the PC... With a few is GOOD!

Neil said...

That's an uneventful weekend? You did more than I do all week.