Saturday, October 27, 2007

Here I Go, Here I Go, Here I Go Again

Here are some leaves in the gutter.

This weekend my plan is to lie very low...Unless, of course, something changes. I've just been feeling like I've been too social lately. I'm sure it could make my posts even more tediously boring than usual, but it's either chill-out for a bit, or write my blog from my padded cell on tons of mood stabilizing meds...Say, though, a quiet room and legal drugs, that doesn't sound all bad, does it?

The girls were both gone for most of the night and I used my wonderful alone time to full advantage. I finally finished BioShock. It seems that I treat video games like I treat novels, where I basically devour them and can't do much else, until I'm done and then I feel a little void inside where thoughts of the novel or game used to reside. I know, I know, I can hear my padded cell calling me too.

After I finished my game, one of the things I did was finally burn my friend K.'s mixed CD. It's so different and easy, making them now. Back in the day, after I walked to school and back barefoot, in the snow, uphill and shit, I would come home drunk and/or high after bar close and decide to make mixed tapes using my turntable and cassette deck. It took forever and then I'd fuck it all up because I was too messed up to pay attention to when songs ended or I'd bump the turntable or some other dumb thing. But now, all I have to do is make a playlist and click a few things and voila! I've created a goofy, girly mix - a kind of angsty, estrogeny, fun girl cocktail, if you will. I'll share the list of songs with you, but you have to promise not to judge me too harshly. Many of them are very, very bad...No, really. I'm not even kidding around this time. If you think you can handle it, read on:

1. "Pop Star" - Lipstick Homicide - this is a local band made up of high school girls that totally kicks ass.

2. "Kid in America" - Kim Wilde.

3. "Nutbush City Limits" - Ike and Tina Turner.

4. "On the Radio" - Donna Summer.

5. "Milkshake" - Kelis. When this song comes on during my run, I laugh the whole way through. Because when I'm jogging and sweaty and my hair's all frizzy, my milkshake sends the boys running and screaming from the yard.

6. "These Boots are Made for Walking" - Nancy Sinatra.

7. "Cannonball" - The Breeders.

8. "Magic" - Olivia Newton John. Some may poke fun because it's Olivia Newton John, (except guys in their thirties - almost every guy in his thirties seems to have had a thing for her growing up) but it's from Xanadu, so it's okay.

9. "Tell Me Something Good" - Rufus with Chaka Khan. Oh, yeah. Chaka. Fucking. Khan.

10. "Operate" - Peaches.

11. "Cherry Bomb" - The Runaways. Remember how hot you thought Leta Ford was before you saw her interviewed on VH1 and found out how annoying and crazy she was?

12. "Push It" - Salt n Pepa.

13. "Say You'll Be There" - Spice Girls. Don't worry, I already checked with K. and she is totally fine with the Spice Girls, so don't even try and give me shit.

14. "Smile" - Lily Allen.

15. "No Scrubs" - TLC. I can finally listen to this song again, now that it isn't on the radio one hundred million times a day.

16. "Right Back Where We Started From" - Maxine Nightingale.

17. "Half-Breed" - Cher. Don't get your panties in a wad, it's seventies Cher. Remember? Back when she was fun and kitschy? Before she had an Oscar and sang on an aircraft carrier?

18. "Atomic" - Blondie.

19. "Dancing With Myself" - The Donnas.

20. "Shoop" - Salt-N-Pepa. I have two songs on here by them, because K. said I should put on as much Salt-N-Pepa as I could find. I'm sure she'd do the same for me too.

21. "Maps" - Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.

22. "Harper Valley PTA" - Jeannie C. Reilly. An essential part of any cheesy girl's diet.


evil-e said...

I like the interesting mix you have going on's like a musical salad.

You are turning into the obsessive video game queen of the midwest!!

I have a few Buildings up at my place....

Tara said...

I love "Nutbush" by Tina & Ike. Oh and you can't go wrong with a Spice Girl song or two. The one song on a mixed CD I have of Salt-n-Pepa is "What a Man", but I love "Shoop".

Brando said...

What did you think of the end of BioShock? I was actually kind of disappointed -- I thought the end was kind of anti-climactic. Videogames have gotten much better at storytelling over the years, but most of them still don't have great endings.

And a nice mix, with a lot of very fun songs.

Remiman said...

Oh dear I only recognize 4 of your titles: 3,6,17,and 22.
What does that say about me?
Don't say it...Don't ;)

not fainthearted said...

Quite the mix. Some of it I even recognized. Ha!

Hey! Look at me! I'm able to get on my blogspot friend's blog and comment!!

take it easy to night, girlie.

Churlita said...


I'm obsessive about anything I do. It seems to be my M.O.


See? I'm not the only one who likes the Spice Girls.


Yeah, it got a little cheesy at the end. I still want to know how it ends when you harvest the Little Sisters.


It's probably more a reflection on me. I like weird music.


Yea! for you. I've missed you on here.

laura b. said...

I can't imagine what sort of person wouldn't love that mix! I have a special love for "Shoop" because Girlie Girl and I used to sing it together when she was, like, 18 months. She had her own little part...I'd sing "Girls, what's my weakness?" and she'd say, "Men." in her little baby voice. It was cute.