Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oh, My, My. Oh, Hell, Yes. Honey, Put On That Party Dress

Here is a windmill peeking through some trees.

Ahhhhhhh. It's almost Friday, which is almost the weekend. I can almost relax and all I have to do is get through one stinkin', measly, eight hour work day. I should be able to do almost anything for eight hours, right? Please feel free to remind me of that throughout the day. Thank you.

So, this is the high school homecoming weekend. Coadster has her dress, and shoes and I just cut and layered her hair a little. All that's left is for me and Stinky to curl her hair and slap some make-up on her and drop her off at her pre-dance party on Saturday. Oh yeah, I'll have to take some photos of her and the boy and say lots of dorky and embarrassing things just to see exactly how hard she can roll her eyes. Maybe I'll even get a "God, Mom!" Out of her. That would totally be icing.

I finally made an appointment to have my hair cut and styled (whatever that means) this Saturday afternoon. Here's what I'll promise you, if I think it looks okay, or if it looks so bad it's funny, I'll be sure and post some photos of the finished product. If it just looks dork-ass but not in that funny way, like when I was in junior high and I tried to feather my hair but it wasn't the right kind for that, so my bangs just curled up and my brother called me gutter head. If it looks like that? Y'all are shit out of luck at getting to see a picture.

I have no idea what I'm doing this weekend. I know the girls are both going to the game and Stinky is sleeping over at a friend's house and Coadster is going to IHOP - apparently, that's where they hang now. I guess it's better than hanging out at a kegger on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere like we did in high school.

Okay, then. I'm off before I get all excited and tell you I beat Stinky's high score in Centipede by over 4,000 points tonight.


Remiman said...

You enjoy the weekend. I see lots of opportunity for fun.
Me? Gotta pay the piper; On call x 3 days.

dmarks said...

You do like Centipede, don't you? Yes. this could be a fun weekend.

Coadster going to IHOP is better than a kegger? Well, I seem tor remember the tables at IHOP aways being sticky with syrup. Hopefully you never ended up sticky after one of your keggers.

not fainthearted said...

have a blast. Enjoy being who you are.

Tara said...

I'm hoping that today you have enough stuff to do so that the work part of Friday goes by fast! I also hope you have a fun weekend, either staying in or going out. Oh and your haircut will look great, I'm sure of it.

Stepping Over the Junk said...


fringes said...

And remember, whatever happens, it will grow back.

Neil said...

Since you cut Coadster's hair, wouldn't it be fair to have her cut your hair?

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Yeah! Haircuts! Have a great weekend! I'm very exclamatory today...

Churlita said...


Sorry about how much you have to work.


Ha ha. I don't think I ever did.


I usually do.


Thanks. I hope all of those things for you and myself too.


We'll see.


I know, but it could take a while and ruin my self-esteem in the meantime.


She has before. This is the first time since I was 17 that I'm letting a professional cut my hair.


Good for you. Exclaim it!

Margaret said...

that seems unfair, to taunt us with a gutter-head picture and then not show it

laura b. said...

Can't wait to see those haircut photos...I am guessing you left the gutterhead look behind and will now have...whatever the opposite of a gutterhead is....

Churlita said...


If I had a gutter head picture of me, I might just post it. Too bad I don't.


That would be the very straightened hair photos.