Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Get Down Ladies You've Got Nothin' to Lose

I know I've mentioned several hundred times that I've never been lucky in love (yeah, I know - wank, wank, wank) but I've made up for it by having amazing friendships. In this post I'm not just going to tell you how awesome my friends are, I'm going to show you. This is also a post where I use the phrase, "not only" ad nauseam. I'll just go ahead and apologize for that now.

My friend A. lives in Texas and it makes me so sad. She has had to deal with me throughout both of my pregnancies. I've been told that I wasn't super bitchy while I was pregnant, but I was annoyingly spacey. If you know me, and think I'm ditzy in general, you would have hated me when I was knocked-up. Not only did A. live with me while I was pregnant with Coadster, she stayed with me during most of my labor with Stinky. She also has about the cutest boys to come out of Texas. If you thought your children were the most beautiful there were, you were wrong.

These two are the rightful owners of that title.

I've known my friend J. since we worked at The Mill together in the eighties. Not only did she coach me through the births of both my daughters, she also gave me some of her income tax refund, so I could afford to move away from my abusive ex-husband. Just so you don't think she's lost any of her awesomeness in the last ten years, here is an e-mail she just sent me this week:

Since I hadn't seen you in ages and then did, you invaded my dreams last night. You were pregnant, we were with other friends in an old hotel, kinda Shining-like, you went into labor and quickly had twins (Guadalupe and Lance???). Easy, quick deliveries (like Stinky - since I saw her too I guess). Very interesting. What do you think it means? :-)


One of my many friends named Sara, just emailed to ask about a post that I wrote on the old blog and deleted in a fit of paranoia. I told her that it was gone, but that I saw her searching for words that were related to it on my site meter, and told her I was sad she didn't search for "rimming"(a private joke from years ago - believe me, you don't want to know). So, today she got on my blog, and not only used "rimming" as a search term, but also looked for: "scrotum", "delicious poops" and "wave like the bus driver". It made me laugh so hard in my cubicle, that I'm sure all my co-workers looked at each other, pointed to me and twirled their fingers around the sides of their heads, making the crazy lady sign.

On Saturday, my friend K. texted me this:

I have in my possession a size 4 skirt w/ yr name on it.

When I went over that night, not only did she and T. make me try it on, they both made a big point to tell me how cute my butt looked in it. I'm sure, they were probably being extremely charitable with their compliments because of all the wine they had been drinking, but I'll take them anyway I can get them.


Remiman said...

Friends make living worthwhile!
I'm glad your friend from Texas has boys 'cause my grand-daughters are the cutest girls to come outta Texas. ;)

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

A size 4 skirt? On me that would be a lovely hat.
My friends are my real family and I can't imagine how I could ever get through a day without them.

Margaret said...

friends are way more awesome than boyz, lucky girl

Tara said... slipped into a size 4? That makes my stomach hurt imagining myself fit into one. I'm totally jealous. That's what running does, hm? I'll have to try it!

Great post, I have a post about friends in the "draft" bin that I haven't finished writing yet.

fringes said...

Beautiful post, Churlita. I love your friends, too, and, yes, those boys are the most beautiful. They win the title.

booda baby said...

Size 4! Hell, I'VE got all sorts of stuff with your name on it!! Come over, come over!!!

A said...

I think its just lucky for them my boys don't know about remiman's granddaughters because even at this "tender" age they do love the cute girls - good thing Texas is a big state.
Size 4 skirts Do not exist ! so go on...

laura b. said...

Your friends sound incredible :-) Of course you are lucky to have them, but something tells me that they are even more lucky to have you.

DJSassafrass said...

You go girl! (That's maybe the most overused phrase ever by white women). So--yeah, my size 4 days passed me a couple months back...I had TONS of stuff I just gave away! Still-I think I have some cool pants...

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I miss having good girlfriends

Churlita said...


REad down in the comments to see her response.


It was a big size 4. Right now I'm about a 5/6. I feel best at 7/8 and I'm trying hard to get there. I'm sure a couple more cold months and I'll be past that.


I heard that. I am very lucky.


Put up your friends post. I can't wait to read it.


I think they'd have to fight your kids for it. Maybe they could just all tie.

Booda Baby,

Believe me. I wish I could come over.


Whatever. I doubt you wear much over that.


That's nice of you to say.


Like I said, I don't like being a size 4, and I'm working my way up...But cool pants, you say?


Yes, but you have a great guy and I doubt I'll ever have that. I guess it's always something.