Monday, October 22, 2007

Why Do I Find It Hard to Write the Next Line?

Here is a picture of some unsightly, end-of-the-season sunflowers that I took yesterday.

Hey, now here's something I spaced-out this weekend - I forgot to tag the next person to think of a word to photograph for next week. I choose, Laura B. Let's see if she can come up with something better than I did. At least she won't be half-drunk when she thinks of it.

Okay, I'm going to try really hard to keep this much shorter, if not sweeter, than yesterday's post. It should be easy, since I didn't do jack today. (who's Jack, and did I miss something by not doing him?) I promise to spare you any details, but work was crazy again. By the time I got home, I had already decided to do as little as possible, and I think I met my goal. My ex's car is all messed up again, so I'm now the sole member of our family taxi service. I did a bit of driving and then I did a lot of playing BioShock.

I have one question for those who read my blog and have played the game. I'm not completely done with it yet, but can anyone tell me what happens, when you harvest the little girls instead of saving them? I'm dying to know, and I'd be happy to share what happens the other way too. Okay, enough of my illness. On to the next thing.

Tomorrow I have to...Uh, I mean, get to go watch Stinky do some kind of marching band extravaganza that they apparently refer to as a "follies". I'm envisioning a Busby Berkeley style show, where they wear outlandish costumes and everything is perfectly in sync. But if it's like the band geek stuff was at my high school, there should be a bunch of surly teenagers, shuffling and looking uncomfortable.

Okay, I think that's enough drivel for one post.



evil-e said...

Jack is still waiting for you....

I want to know about this game and how it ends now....I vote for harvesting instead of saving...

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

Jack be nimble, Jack be sounds like you got it all under never heard of the game so I can't help you there...

Margaret said...

poor jack, no-one does him

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I don't play BioShock, but I think it's hiliarious that a mom with 2 daughters plays a game where little girls are harvested. You do rawk.

PS - I did Jack. You're better of not doing him, but he is nice to know.

Tara said...

I don't play BioShock either, but one just doesn't read the question "can anyone tell me what happens, when you harvest the little girls instead of saving them?" too often. That has got to be an interesting game.

Michelle said...

follies?? I have no idea! Please take pictures of this event, maybe they'll dance around in formation instead of march?

David in DC said...

I don't play Bioshock, and I'm pretty sure RFB would object if I started harvesting little girls.

Your post title has turned into an earworm already, but its ok, I love that song.

Have you ever read Wally Lamb's book "I Know This Much Is True"?

Both that one and "She's Come Undone" are pretty damn spectacular writing.

I'll bet the Follies turn out to be fun.

As for "doing Jack", I'm pretty sure Marilyn Monroe had that one covered for you when we were but infants.

Mr Atrocity said...

Harvesting little girls? Erk. At least I know where I stand morally with zombies.

laura b. said...

I am not a gamer, as I mention now and again, but dang! Saving or harvesting little girls! Good stuff.
I bet Stinky's band thing turns out to be awesome. I'm so sad that none of my kids are into the band thing.

Killer said...

I would prefer to see them all sort of a goth style band performance. Maybe they could all wear black and with sullen faces shuffle, while looking at their feet, to some Siouxsie and the Banshees or the Cure.

Churlita said...


Check out the website. Just google "BioShock" game.


I never have it all under control, but I like it that way.


I know. It kind of breaks my heart.


Stay away from Jack - check.


The game is amazing - full of twists and turns and the graphics are so cool.


It was marching band and drumline stuff and totally cool.


If only Marilyn were still alive, she could let us all know what it actually felt like to do Jack.

Mr Atrocity,

They're genetically modified to be evil little girls, so it's okay. I obviously couldn't hurt them, but I know people who have played it and gone that route.


You'd like the game and the band concert.


That would be totally awesome.