Monday, October 08, 2007

If You Don't Work Then You Don't Eat

This weekend it suddenly occurred to me that it was the middle of October and I hadn't really taken any Fall foliage shots. So, on Saturday when I was taking a little break from Coadster, I walked around the neighborhood and photographed some shit. Here are pretty leaves for my readers who don't live where they change color. Pretty, pretty.

Of all the many problems I do have, I'm eternally grateful that I don't have serious control issues. It seems almost everyday I have an idea of what might happen in my head, and then it all goes much differently than I had initially planned. Luckily, that kind of thing doesn't knock me to the ground in the fetal position, sucking my thumb. Although, don't get me wrong, there are plenty of things that do.

Today was another one of those, "figure out what the hell is going on and deal with it" days. As these things usually work, the end result was even better than I had anticipated. Me and another woman from my office were supposed to work in the recruitment area most of the day, but several people in our office called in sick and we were needed back at base camp. It was Monday and I wasn't in the mood to be perky and helpful and fun, so I was pretty happy that our time was cut to about two hours on the front lines.

Basically, we got down to the union and I talked to my favorite IT guy about video games and he, like everyone else, told me I should play BioShock. I told him I knew, but I was already saving up for Guitar Hero 3 and I could barely afford that. Then he got really excited and told me about another game called Rock Band, but it requires that you buy all these instruments too. I told him, I'd have to sell one of my kids to get that, and if he had mentioned it to me two hours before Homecoming last Saturday, I probably would've offered Coadster up to the highest bidder.

The rest of our time was spent taking people on tours of the dorms and answering questions and then we went to lunch at one of the dorms. Dorm food is sooooo much different than when I went to school. You can get pretty much whatever you want and it's good. One of the student tour guides who was VERY conventionally attractive, showed me and the other woman I was with, the hidden dining area they reserved for the honors students. He sat with us and told us all about his days working at Disney World. He had some great stories. He said he used to have to do the voice of Kermit the Frog, so of course, I made him do it for us. I have to say, I was pretty impressed. The conventionally attractive student and I directed parents and students to different places and answered questions and talked a bunch of shit before it was time to get back to work. I was back in the office before one, the afternoon just flew by, and I only had to be perky for a couple of hours. Sweet, sweet and sweet.


Remiman said...

Lunching with conventionally attractive, (what IS conventionally attractive?) is good for one's heart, and exercises the smile muscles.

Margaret said...

glad you were saved from additional hours of perkiness

not fainthearted said...

I agree with remiman: Lunch with conventionally attractive jail bait who can do good kermit the frog voices is hard to come by. And good for one's....everything!

Tara said...

I visited my college union about a month ago to buy a shirt at the gift shop/bookstore. The lobby always smells like popcorn because the concession ladies pop up batches now and then. I have a friend who would imitate the Woody Woodpecker laugh, but I don't have any friends who do Kermit impressions.

dmarks said...

There used to be a guy on the local TV news who did the sports who sounded just like Kermit the Frog, all the time, without trying. At least he got his lines right, and was articulate, so he was at the station long after many others much less competant came and went.

booda baby said...

They should have different tours. The Disney-land, Kermit-talking kind that goes so over so well in Iowa and the snippety, sassy, funny and slightly sarcastic kind. That goes over so well in Iowa.

laura b. said...

Sometimes the "performance" part of my job is what I love the most and sometimes it is so, so dreaded.
I'm glad you ended up having a pretty darn decent day :-)

Brando said...

Of all the many problems I do have, I'm eternally grateful that I don't have serious control issues.

That belongs on a bumper sticker. Or in a prayer book.

Sorry we missed you last weekend. It was a crazed blitz into the IC. We will definitely get together next time we're in town.

Rock Band is a big temptation. Adding drums to the Guitar Hero formula may be too much for me to pass on, even at kidney-selling prices.

Chance said...

What a great day that was!

Also: Coolio? really?

Churlita said...


Conventionally attractive means the kind of people you'd see in a magazine. For me, they are the people I'd check out on a totally superficial level, but I'm generally not that interested in looks in general - except when it doesn't mean anything but flirting.


You and me both, sister.


You are so right.

I didn't know anyone with a good Kermit voice, before yesterday.


I don't know if it would be as impressive if it wasn't intentional.

Laura B.,

When I'm in the mood for it, I kind of like the performance part of my job. When I'm not, smiling so much just makes my cheeks hurt.


No, dude. That's my mantra.

It was fine. I've been emailing your lovely wife about the next time we can hook-up.


Come on. You've read this blog long enough to know that if someone asks, Coolio? I'm gonna say, Absolutely! He's too funny to pass up.